Microsoft Bard is now on your home screen on Android and iOS. These changes come after a few days of Google rebranding its AI tool for Docs and Gmail as Duet AI. Microsoft is continuously improving its AI features and functionality to compete with Google. Microsoft is rolling out a new update to the Bing app on Android and iOS devices, which brings new widgets that allow users to pin the Bing Chat AI experience to their home screen.

With the new gadget, you can easily and quickly get to Bing Chat and ask your questions, get answers, and more. With recent improvements, Bing Chat has become quite popular and a better alternative to OpenAI’s ChatGPT because of its exceptional performance. This is partly due to the incorporation of OpenAI’s GPT-4 language model.

With the new update, you can continue conversations on one device and pick up where you left off on another device between the mobile app and desktop experience. Additionally, the company has made new voice and multilingual chat improvements, which means the quality of conversations in non-English languages has improved.

  • Contextual Chat for Edge Mobile: You can ask questions about your viewing page.
  • Bing Widgets for iOS and Android: Users can add the Bing Chat Widget to their home screen and quickly access Bing Chat from anywhere on their phone. Users can ask questions, get answers, or start a conversation with Bing. The widget has a microphone icon for voice input, which includes a Bing icon to launch Bing quickly.
  • Continuous Bing Chat Conversations between Mobile and Desktop
  • Summarize Articles for Documents: Ask Bing to summarize an article or document you read. Tap on the Bing Chat icon at the bottom of the Edge to ask a question about the website or summarize.

The company has also added a feature to export and share chat history to share chat history with others via email, social media, or other messaging platforms. Yes, the platform can now share its responses on social media.

To use the “Continue Conversation with the AI Chatbot across Mobile and Instance.”

  • Open the Bing app on your mobile device and then tap on the triple-dot menu in the screen’s upper-right corner.
  • After that, select “Continue Conversation on Desktop” and scan the QR code on your desktop device.

Additionally, there is an updated copy-and-paste feature to make navigation easier. You can also instantly configure the message and copy it into messaging apps and emails with the copy/paste functionality. Users can save their chat history in various formats, including text, PDF, and Word.

Some new features come with mobile devices, which will be available to everyone within the next week.

  • Images and Video Answers: You can now ask questions about pictures and videos, like “What is this painting?”
  • Restaurant Booking: You can use Bing Chat to book a table at a restaurant. Ask Bing Chat the restaurant’s name, the date and time you want to book, and the number of people in your party.
  • Chat History: You can now view your chat history with Bing Chat.
  • Continuous Conversations: Continue Bing Chat conversations on a PC and can also continue from where you left off on your mobile.

Microsoft is a leading company in the AI wave, and the experience is getting better with these updates. The company recently made significant updates to Microsoft Edge and Microsoft Swiftkey (the default keyboard on Samsung devices) and continues improving the Microsoft Bing app. The updates aim to improve user experience and make Bing Chat more versatile.

As we mentioned, the company recently made changes to SwiftKey. It received Bing-AI, which brings several functionalities, including Compose, Translator, and Tone, making SwiftKey more valuable and versatile and more accessible for users to write, translate, and rewrite messages in different tones.

  • Compose: The new Compose feature allows users to give Bing AI a short prompt, and users can choose various parameters such as topic, tone, format, and length.
  • Translator: This allows users to translate text from one language to another, delivering better translations overall.
  • Tone: With this, you can rewrite messages in different tones. With the recent update, the company has added two new tones, Funny and Witty.

With mobile, there are some improvements with the Edge Browser. With Contextual Chat, users can ask Bing to summarize the webpage or ask questions about what they want. Another is Actions for Selected Text, which allows users to ask Bing for more information about a term or something they are not familiar with while browsing the web. Users can select the text and ask Bing AI for more information.

  • Select Text action: It will highlight a chunk of text on the website and ask Bing to explain or summarize.
  • Improved Voice Input: The company also improved the Voice Input for Bing Chat.
  • Bing Chat in group chats: Skype is getting Bing Chat in group chat. You can tag @Bing in a conversation to use it.

The Edge features will become available to everyone in the coming weeks, and Bing AI Chatbot is also available for every group chat on Skype. However, there is no indication of when Bing AI Chatbot is coming to Microsoft Teams.

We can expect the ability to search for related content online by uploading images, making the process much easier. Some of the mobile features are already available in the Edge Sidebar.