You may have heard of a report stating that Samsung plans to add Bing AI as the default search engine instead of Google. However, Samsung’s built-in SwiftKey has added Bing AI. Microsoft has updated its popular keyboard, SwiftKey, with Bing AI, which is available on both Android and iOS. With this, users can use OpenAI’s powered ChatGPT ability to BingAI on its keyboard, which allows users to have tone, search, and more.

Samsung devices come with a SwiftKey keyboard on their Android-based One UI out of the box. However, it lacks some functionality like Emoji Kitchen and sticker functionality with the GIF on Gboard. Now, Swiftkey on Samsung devices gives the ability to offer websites, images, news, and more. The company will keep improving the Samsung built-in keyboard, which is available for everyone. Users can update their keyboard from the Galaxy Store.

Bing AI to Samsung Devices with Built-in SwiftKey

Microsoft’s SwiftKey Keyboard now has AI integration with Bing AI designed for Samsung Galaxy smartphones. The company has used the OpenAI-based tool, which uses machine learning to offer you efficient search tools. Samsung Galaxy devices’ keyboard has more functionality like the KeyCafe, which offers various customizations.

Apart from Samsung device users, other Android users can download and install Microsoft’s SwiftKey on their Android devices, including iOS, to use Bing AI on their device. However, if you have not seen this feature on your Galaxy device, you should wait some time since the company will start rolling out the update to Samsung users in the coming days.

Samsung has developed this in partnership with Microsoft. The update is being rolled out gradually with a version number SwiftKey v9.10.11.10. This strategy aims to make Bing Search engine more widely available to users and to integrate it into various software. If you want to change the keyboard on your device, you can switch the keyboard by following these instructions:

  • Open Device Settings and head over to Languages and Input.
  • From there, tap on On-screen keyboard and then switch the keyboard.

Microsoft has also integrated Bing AI into Edge Browser and added a comparison in split-screen on the browser, promoting users to try Google’s Bard on the Edge browser. The company already has several plans to integrate Artificial Intelligence into their products and services. If users don’t like this keyboard, they can change their default keyboard, offering a certain device-level functionality that allows SwiftKey to integrate more deeply with Samsung devices.

Integrated Bing AI on Galaxy’s Keyboard via Microsoft SwiftKey

The SwiftKey keyboard for Samsung devices is expected to improve the user experience. Users will have three different options in the SwiftKey keyboard: Search, Chat, and Tone.

  • Search: You can search for anything on the internet with this. This means users can now search for anything from the keyboard without needing to open the Search app or browser.
  • Chat: Like Bing AI Chatbot, you can have integration of Conversation language feature on SwiftKey which helps you rewrite with generative AI.
  • Tone: With this, you can change the writing style and tone to adjust the language you are using to match the content of the conversation. This will boost communication and reduce misunderstandings.

This is a major update to the Galaxy device, making the keyboard better with search, chat, and tone features to enhance the user’s experience and make typing fun on mobile devices. It is more efficient and effective, allowing users to search for information, communicate, and adjust the tone of messages according to their preferences.

Samsung Keyboard powered by Microsoft SwiftKey with AI-powered features

As we mentioned earlier, Samsung is looking to replace Google Search engine as default with Bing on Galaxy devices. Both companies have a long history of having a good partnership since Microsoft offers services to Galaxy smartphones. There may not be possible repercussions, and Google and Samsung have agreed on licensing agreements for Android OS, which could change in the future.

Microsoft already has advanced generative AI which is far better than Google’s search engine. This is the beginning of an AI war, and there are a lot of integrations coming to several services and products that could bring a more advanced and personalized user experience in the highly competitive mobile market for Samsung Galaxy users. Users can save a lot of time and get information without interruption, which is also useful for on-the-go multitasking.