Microsoft has released an update to SwiftKey that brings the Bing Chatbot to its keyboard, allowing you to rewrite the text, change its tone, or search the web for your query. The company has been integrating its AI capabilities across its services and offerings. With the latest update, you can easily access Microsoft’s Bing Chatbot from the keyboard bar. This is quite similar to the Co-pilot functionality. This feature is currently in beta on Android and will receive updates over time to improve stability, and performance, and optimize ahead of stable rollout in the future.

You can have Bing AI-Chatbot access on your mobile device with Microsoft Edge or Microsoft Bing. Now some of its capabilities can be used via Microsoft SwiftKey, such as Chatbot, Tone mode, and the ability to rewrite any text in the text box. This will allow users to express themselves in different conversation tones. This is quite useful, especially for those who only use Microsoft Bing AI Chatbot to access the chatbot, making things easier with the latest integration to SwiftKey. However, Edge Browser and Bing have their unique set of features, such as Voice Search, Image Search, or News, but it depends on users’ preferences.

Microsoft has added a Bing chatbot to the Swiftkey Keyboard for Android.

You can download the latest beta version of Microsoft SwiftKey on Google Play Store. At this time, this functionality isn’t available on the App Store. If you don’t see this feature appear on your Microsoft SwiftKey, then wait for some time because this feature is rolling out in phases, so it might take some time before it’s available on your device. Do check it later. After downloading the app from Google Play Store, continue logging in to your SwiftKey with your Microsoft Account.

Microsoft has added a Bing chatbot to the Swiftkey Keyboard for Android.

Microsoft SwiftKey beta keyboard users can now open it everywhere after this update. Microsoft first integrated Bing Search on its keyboard in 2018, allowing users to perform searches on its keyboard directly from the keyboard, which was later followed by Google, which introduced this same functionality with the integration of Google Search into its board. You can access the new Bing Chatbot by tapping on the Bing icon that appears on the toolbar. All your search results will appear in a pop-up window, allowing you to share or copy them into the clipboard.

Microsoft is investing heavily in its keyboard and AI. The company hasn’t updated its keyboard on the App Store for a while, but they are likely to push an update ahead of the AI-powered keyboard powered by ChatGPT on iOS. Recently, Paragraph AI gained a lot of popularity. This app allows you to generate text everywhere with its unique interface.