Microsoft has officially released the integration of OpenAI functionality into Bing and Edge. Google is planning an event on AI Search functionality, which is more akin to conversational AI in their services. So, in this article, we will discuss the changes and future plans for Edge Browser and Bing Search.

Currently, it’s only available to selected users, but it is expected to expand in the coming weeks. Both the new Bing and the new Edge will be available to selected users starting today and will be available on mobile quite imminently.

New Edge can be downloaded here.


Microsoft Edge Dev

To get direct access to the Bing Chat, you can click on the Bing button placed in the upper-right corner, replacing the user profile icon with it. Co-Pilot here. It has two basic features: chat and compose. It can help you with things and can help you better understand the page you are on, as it is now more conversational-like and can access your browser to do stuff you want. So yes, it is a more understandable thing as of now; it could be the Bing Assistant.

Microsoft has released Bing with ChatGPT and the new Edge Dev | Download and Sign-in

You can check the webpage directly, and it can help you more and can create tables and other things that will impress you. There are more things that other AIs can’t do. There is another feature, Compose, which helps you create things like emails, essays, and more. You can set the tone and length like in ChatGPT Plus, and by doing so, you can create a lot of things that would take a lot of time. It has only been a few hours since Microsoft released it.

There is a lot more. Of course, we will be sharing a lot of things on our website later. We will continue to share things. As of now, if you want to try the new browser, simply download and install the latest version of Edge.

How to use New Bing and sign up for New Bing ChatGPT is in charge of this website.

There are four different things that come up with the search: answer, chat, and create. Search should be the most obvious and direct change when you go to There is now a new, bigger search box that allows you to enter up to 1000 words for a search. This now looks more like a creation or submission box, similar to Twitter or Facebook.

Microsoft is now encouraging users to search more conversationally in their queries, and there is a lot going on under the hood with the updated AI-powered models from OpenAI so it can better understand the search queries. There is also a new column at the right alongside the typical search result box that gives you more input on how Bing thinks about serving you, taking into account your geolocation, previous history, and available sources.

Therefore, it is also going to improve over time. There is also a new kind of feedback box on the top-right of the dialogue box to help give more feedback and help Microsoft gather more search queries and information about it.

Microsoft has released Bing with ChatGPT and the new Edge Dev | Download and Sign-in

There is a new chat window, which has a ChatGPT-like interface. With this, you can have a physical manifestation of what Microsoft calls an AI co-pilot. You can also follow up questions with small keywords, and it will keep all the context until you click the Clear button. This makes it easier and more natural for users to access, and it’s impressive how the language has been made very conversational in the new Bing interface.

Another thing is Create, which is actually a highlight because it now helps you create a lot of things like routes, recipes, and other things that are now accessible in real time on the internet. It gives more accurate and up-to-date information based on the prompt that you ask it to create, and it is better than ever before.

You need to be very precise in your language to get more accurate results, as things may not be accurate. It is better to do your own research. There is some machine learning, and with subsequent attempts, you can get the results you want. At the moment, this is more text-based, but it can link to images and videos. In the end, it will come out of beta, but for now, you can go to to join the waitlist.