Android 14-based One UI 6 is officially rolling out to the Samsung Galaxy S23 Series with many changes. All the improvements to the platform include a bunch of new camera updates and optimisations for a better experience.

The update is gradually rolling out to most regions and will soon be available to everyone. It is said to improve the existing user experience further, and there is no difference this time for those eligible for Android 14 and One UI 6. The update brings several new features, improvements, and design changes to the company’s current-generation flagship smartphone.

One UI 6

There are a lot of changes that come with Android 14-based One UI 6 after two months of beta testing. It brings minor visual tweaks like Quick Setting and Emoji and adds new functionality to improve existing features. Many features are also added to the Google Locks Module. You should consider using those if you still need to do so to get the most out of them. The first One UI 6 comes with the October 2023 security patch.

Quick Panel

We have major visual changes with the new Quick Panel, which brings a new layout, allowing easier access to options. Also, frequently used features like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth have dedicated tabs, another Quick tool, customisable areas, and a third section for Dark Mode, Eye Comfort Shield, alongside the Brightness slider. For easier access to the Quick Panel, swipe down from the right side of the top. Otherwise, swiping once from the middle will first pull the notification, followed by the quick panel.

Gallery App

The Gallery also received a significant update: you can now save clipped images as stickers, Documents can also be scanned directly, QR Code and Text Extraction, Enhanced Story View and Editing, Hide details in stories, and a Quick Photo editing option which brings options for Portrait effect, Background Effect, Remaster, and Object Eraser which can be directly opened within the Gallery by clicking on the ‘i’ button on the bottom.

Photo Editor

The photo editor now added a few advanced options like Object Eraser and Style/Filter. Also, the ability to streamline straightening options and one-tap object cropping from photos using Lasso tools to cut objects/subjects. You can also Draw Custom Stickers using drawing tools to make stickers and Undo/Redo individual changes when editing. There is also a new Text background and style option.


The Video Editor has been rebranded as Studio, which has added a few new options. This brings the “Add Studio” shortcut to the app screen and improves the user interface with rearranged icons.

Video Player

It now has an option to save stickers from videos and GIFs. Long-press on an object to save the sticker.


If there is a video opened in a pop-up, you can access the app from the recent app. Coming back from the recent screen, the pop-up continues to stay open; previously it would get minimised. There is even a 2-hand drag and drop from one app to another.


The updated message feature is powered by Google’s Message. There is now an option for the editor to respond quickly, block multiple selected messages at once, and block messages from the trash folder.

Samsung Keyboard

The keyboard, powered by SwiftKey, brings redesigned Emoji and expects some subtle changes to Emoji and visual options for buttons.


You can now sort notifications by time. You can tweak settings for this from the Notification by Time/Priorities. Enhanced layout for notifications, including multiple notifications such as messages in WhatsApp for easy recognition, improved album art display.

Home Screen and Finder

The finder has been upgraded, and the Home Screen now has simplified icon labels and shorter Samsung app names for a cleaner and simpler look—also, the default Home grid has changed from 4×5 to 4×6, including default app drawer grid changes.


The widgets for the Samsung SmartThings app allow users to view their connected devices from the lock screen. You can add/remove widgets from the lockscreen and have the option to move the lock screen. For customisation, there are new fonts and clock styles.

Bixby Text Call

You can enable the Bixby text call during a call to convert the speech from the caller into text and then type a response to the caller in Bixby’s voice. There is also a ‘Clear’ button to switch back to voice calls, and a numeric keyboard can be used as a touchpad to enter numbers.

Modes, and Routine

With the new unique lock screen that depends on the mode, there are new conditions and actions.

My Files

Users now have clear instructions and suggestions when storage is low. Tips include setting up cloud storage and combining trash for items deleted in My Files, Gallery, and some third-party apps.

Typeface/font, Smart Select

There is a new default font, an option to resize and extract text from pinned content, and a magnified view which appears to start and end your selection at the perfect spot.


Users now have the repetition suggestion for yearly events, including titles for suggestions like ‘Birthday’ and suggested settings in a reminder. There is also an option for ‘Schedule at a glance’ for upcoming events, tasks, and reminders, and you can add up to 25 attachments from cloud storage.


It also has a refined reminder list view, new reminder categories, the ability to create all-day reminders, and more options.


The new Weather widget shows detailed visuals like severe thunderstorms, snow, rain, and other events on the forecast. It also includes enhanced illustrations and more information on the weather app.

Content sharing

The picture and video previews in the Share panel, edit pictures from within the Share panel like rotating, extra sharing options, and much more.


The settings app includes the Password show when viewing the Wi-Fi Network’s details, Quick Share icon added to Wi-Fi Network Details, Battery now appears separate from Device Care, quicker access to the battery protection feature, more imaginative Airplane mode, drop-down option for date and time picker.

Security and Privacy

The latest additions include Auto Blocker, Security and Privacy feature on the same screen, Application icon in the list of permissions used in the last 24 hours, No Scan button, and descriptions for each item in the security and privacy menu.

Accessibility and Smart Suggestions

The new Magnification option, customized cursor thickness, and the new look and feel make it more customizable.

Also, there is the One UI Typeface, which is omnipresent, and several first-party apps; however, it does not include any new changes or features. The revised Quick Panel, New Default Font, and Tweaked Toggle, which have elements across the user interface, will rapidly deploy the Stable update to more consumers internationally.

  • One UI Gaming Hub, a cloud-based game platform for selected smart TVs, and a FreeStyle 2nd Gen portable projector. There are no additions or cloud-gaming capabilities that promote the Game Launcher.
  • One UI Home Launcher: Many updates that make the offering experience of the Galaxy Ecosystem more smooth and bring the capability of different tasks like opening applications, arranging, and customizing.
  • Good Lock gets the major upgrade with One UI 6 Support, which includes LockStar, NavStar, and One Hand Operation+. It includes some stability improvements; you can update the app from the Galaxy Store and the Good Lock App. The Samsung Pentastic app changes the look and feel of Air Commands, the S Pen pointer, and the vibration of the S Pen.

Also, the Multistar and other Good Lock modules support One UI 6 and Japanese, which ensures With the first glance of the One UI 7 Update, which brings a few features, enhancements, and significant UI improvements, including Quick Panel, Lock Screen, My Files, Reminder, Calendar, Health, Video Player, Weather, Gallery Camera, Home Screen, and much more,

iPhone-Inspired Image Clipping, Document Scanning, and More in AI-Powered Camera Features

Several features inspired by the iPhone can scan documents, and an Auto Scan Edit Screen now appears automatically on the camera UI. You can also rotate and align documents.

Download Samsung Galaxy S23 (SM-S911B) One UI 6 S911BXXU3BWJM | Firmware Build for India

If it detects any fingers in the frame during scanning, it automatically removes them to capture the best image of your document. This works with or without the scene optimiser.

  • Photo as Sticker: You can save objects as stickers and use them across apps.
  • Select Subjects and Clip have also improved, with more accuracy around objects.
  • Added new emojis, which are more refined. However, it is up to individuals whether they like these features.
Download Samsung Galaxy S23 (SM-S911B) One UI 6 S911BXXU3BWJM | Firmware Build for India

Apart from post-processing, Samsung deeply integrates AI to bring more capabilities to photography.

Download Samsung Galaxy S23 (SM-S911B) One UI 6 S911BXXU3BWJM | Firmware Build for India
  • Enhance X: The company’s app is said to enhance existing AI Camera features like AI HDR and photo upscaling.
  • Sky Guide: Astrophotography AI with analysis to assist with constellation, star, and cluster information.
  • Slow-Mo: You can easily convert your standard frame rate video into slow-motion video. For this, it adds extra frames between shots to make it slower and more dramatic.
  • Other features include an Easier Video Size Option, Quick Access resolution settings in Photo Mode, Camera Widgets, more alignment options for Watermarks, Quality Optimization (Settings » Advanced intelligence), Apply Effects more easily, Auto-FFPS (Switch between enable/disable in different video frame rates), Keep your Picture Level, Turn off Swipe up/down to switch camera, including Motion Flow for long-exposure photos, and Single Take.

In addition, there are subtle upgrades in One UI 6 Camera, like high-resolution Quick Settings, new Camera Widgets, and more.

Auto Blocker

This is a significant step toward an additional security tool which offers the same level of security as using malware protection on a computer. In addition to this, the “Block app installation from Unauthorised source” feature has been moved to this page and is turned off by default. Users can sideload applications with the knowledge that it’s not safe and that whatever app they are sideloading is intentional.

The Auto-blocker checks for third-party programs and also blocks USB Commands if executed. It has a dedicated page that offers three different levels of protection. There is also an option for Message Guard, which protects users from Zero-click attacks and malicious code in direct messages. The company will be pushing the Auto-blocker to every device running Android 14-based One UI 6.

Download Android 14-based One UI 6 for Samsung Galaxy S23.

If your smartphone is eligible for Android 14 and One UI 6, there are a few things you need to keep an eye on before upgrading.


Before upgrading, you should take a complete backup of your device, which you can do using the Smart Switch Program or your Samsung or Google Account. You can also backup WhatsApp messages and media and clear storage space.

Download Samsung Galaxy S23 (SM-S911B) One UI 6 S911BXXU3BWJM | Firmware Build for India
  • Also, charge your device. It should be charged at least 20% to install the update.

Update your Galaxy S23 (SM-S911B) to the October build.

Samsung is rolling out the update via OTA; even the carrier-locked version has received the update. You can check for the new update.

  • Open device settings.
  • Go to Software Update.
  • If an update is available, tap Download and Install to upgrade to the latest version.

Finally, on your smartphone. After that, it will automatically download and prepare to install. Alternatively, you can use the One UI 6 Firmware to sideload on your device.

Download Galaxy S23 Firmware

Alternatively, you can download and manually flash the firmware on your device. The update comes with firmware version S911BXXU3BWJM in the India.

Download Samsung Galaxy S23 S911BXXU3BWJM Ins Firmware | October 2023 Firmware Update

If you prefer a manual update, you can download the official Samsung Firmware from the button below to upgrade your device using a Windows PC.

Note: We strongly recommend waiting for the OTA (Over-the-Air) update to upgrade to the latest version. Only use manual flashing if you are confident about the risks involved. The AndroidGreek Team will not be responsible for any damage caused by using this file.


Galaxy S23

To use the OTA update, you will receive a notification. If you missed this notification, you could check for the update by going to Device Settings > Software Update. You will likely find a Download and Install button if your device has received the update.

The device will receive more improvements over the update in the coming months. The device will receive monthly security updates for at least three years, and after that, there will be bi-monthly continuing updates for the next 5 years.

How to Flash your Samsung Galaxy S23 (SM-S911B)

So let’s begin, starting with downloading the latest Odin:

  • First, you need to enable USB Debugging. After that, download Odin. | Read Detailed Guide here.
  • Download the S23 Stock Firmware.
  • Now move Odin and the Firmware into the same folder on your PC.
  • After that, extract both files in the same folder.
  • Next, connect your device to your PC using a USB cable, press Volume Up, and then use the Volume Down + Power button to boot your device into Download Mode.
  • Use the Volume Up button to continue, and your Odin will now show an IDCOM ID with blue, indicating that your device is connected.
  • Now add the firmware by browsing the firmware files into the designated slot, like AP in AP, BL in BL, CP in CP, and HOME_CSC in CSC.
  • Don’t tick any other option in the options; the only option you need to beat is F. Rest time and Auto-Reboot in the opportunity.
  • Click on Start, and it will begin flashing.
  • That’s it!

It takes some time to load. After it finishes, click “Start,” and it will begin flashing. Your device will now start Installing the firmware. Many stock apps also get updates, and you can update your device apps from Google Play Store and Samsung’s Galaxy Store to access update selection accordingly.

List of Eligible Samsung Galaxy Smartphones for Android 14-based One UI 6

The company has confirmed that more than 20 Galaxy smartphones, including flagship, foldable, and mid-range models, will be eligible for Android 14. These updates will be rolling out in the coming months.

Galaxy S-SeriesGalaxy Z Fold, and Z FlipGalaxy Note, A, and M-Series
Galaxy S23 seriesGalaxy Z Fold 5Galaxy Note 20 series
Galaxy S22 seriesGalaxy Z Fold 3Galaxy A54
Galaxy S21 seriesGalaxy Z Fold 2Galaxy A53
Galaxy S20 seriesGalaxy Z Flip 5Galaxy A34
Galaxy Z Flip 4Galaxy A33
Galaxy Z Flip 3Galaxy M54
Galaxy Z Flip 5GGalaxy M53
Galaxy Z FlipGalaxy M34
Galaxy M33

Note: This is an initial list; there are more devices which will be updated as Samsung’s 4-year Android update policy suggests. However, Samsung has yet to confirm these devices.

Camera Option also added the ability to disable the Swipe Up/Down to switch cameras. However, it is a helpful feature.

List of countries One UI 6 Stable Rolling Out

  • Czech Republic
  • Egypt
  • France
  • Germany
  • Greece
  • India
  • Iraq
  • Israel
  • Italy
  • Kuwait
  • Malaysia
  • Netherland
  • Pakistan
  • Philippines
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • Romania
  • Spain
  • Sri Lanka
  • Thailand
  • Turkiye
  • UAE Region
  • UK
  • Vietnam