The Android SDK (Software Developer Kit) can be communicated with through USB debugging on an Android device. A mobile device can communicate directly with a computer, thus receiving terminal commands, files, etc. The computer being able to access vital information such as Android log files. In this Guide, We are Going to Share “How Do I Enable USB Debugging”

What is USB Debugging

For advanced operations, Android devices can communicate with computers running the Android SDK using USB Debugging. For Android app development, you need the Android Software Developer Kit (SDK). SDKs provide developers with the tools they need to develop apps for a particular platform.

It is usually installed alongside Android Studio, which is a development environment for Android apps. A debugger for fixing problems and a visual editor are included, which are essential tools for any developer. SDKs also include libraries. This allows developers to perform common functions without recoding them. The Android operating system, for example, has a built-in printing function, so you don’t have to create a new way to print. Whenever it’s time to do this, you simply call the library’s built-in method.

Why I need to enable USB Debugging Mode?

How Do I Enable USB Debugging | What is USB Debugging

The USB debugging mode allows you to access your device at a high level. The ADB command is useful when you have to access system-level features such as coding a new app, transferring data between Android devices and computers, mirroring Android to PCs, rooting devices, flashing firmware, and reading logs.

How to Enable USB Debugging In Android Devices

  • First, Open the the Settings app on your Android Devices.
  • Now, Click on About phone.
  • After that, you can see Build Number and then tap on the build number 7 times.
  • The Developer settings menu will then be visible again.
  • Now, Go back to Settings page on your Smartphone.
  • Tap System and then Developer options.
  • Find USB debugging and OEM unlocking on the Developer settings page.
  • Next, proceed by turning on USB Debugging.

Congratulation, You have Successfully Enable USB Debugging