In the world of smartphones, staying up to date with the latest software is essential to ensure your device functions optimally and you have access to the latest features and security enhancements. The stable One UI 6 update has finally arrived for Galaxy S23, Galaxy S23+, and Galaxy S23 Ultra, bringing with it the long-awaited Android 14-based One UI 6. This update is gradually rolling out to users in all regions. If you’re eager to get your hands on this latest software but don’t know how to install it manually, this guide is here to help. We’ll take you through the steps to sideload Android 14 on your Galaxy S23, even if it hasn’t officially reached your region yet.

Why Should You Update to One UI 6?

Before we dive into the installation process, let’s understand why updating to One UI 6 is a great idea. Galaxy phones have been awaiting an exciting update, and the major Android 14 update is worth the anticipation. With One UI 6, you can look forward to a host of new features, including an improved Quick panel, enhanced animations, increased customization options, and much more. It’s a significant leap forward for your Galaxy S23 series.

Updating Galaxy S23 to One UI 6 from Settings

If you’re among the lucky users who have already received the stable One UI 6 update, you can follow these simple steps to install it on your device:

  1. Connect your Galaxy S23 to the internet via Wi-Fi or your carrier network, ensuring you have at least 5GB of free data on your device.
  2. Open the ‘Settings’ on your phone.
  3. Scroll down and look for the ‘Software Update’ setting, usually found at the bottom of the list. Go to ‘Software Update’ > ‘Download and Install.’
  4. The system will search for available updates, and if One UI 6 is available for your device, it will appear. Simply download and install the update.

Manually Updating Galaxy S23 to One UI 6 (Sideload Firmware)

If the update is rolling out slowly in your region or you’re eager to experience the latest software without waiting, you can opt for manual sideloading. However, please note that this process is not as straightforward and requires careful execution. Make sure to back up your device before proceeding.

Steps to Manually Update:

  1. Download the correct One UI 6 firmware for your Galaxy S23. Ensure it’s compatible with your device, specific to your model, and designed for your region. You can find the firmware on reputable sources like Samsung Firmware Downloader, SamFrew, or SamMobile.
  2. Identify your device’s model and CSC (Country Specific Code) to select the appropriate firmware.
  3. Download and install the Odin tool on your PC, making sure you also have the latest Samsung drivers.
  4. Extract the downloaded Odin zip file and run Odin.exe.
  5. Power off your Galaxy S23 and connect it to your PC using a USB cable.
  6. Put your phone into Download Mode by pressing and holding the Volume Up and Down buttons simultaneously. While holding both keys, insert the other end of the USB cable into your phone.
  7. Release both buttons when you see a Warning screen. Press the Volume Up button once, and your Galaxy S23 will boot into Download Mode.
  8. In the Odin tool, click the ‘AP’ button and load the AP file from the extracted folder.
  9. Follow the same process for ‘BL’ and ‘CP’ files. For ‘CSC,’ load the ‘Home_CSC’ file (this is crucial to preserve your data; selecting ‘CSC’ will result in a fresh OS installation).
  10. Double-check all the settings and ensure they are correct, then click the ‘Start’ button.
  11. The flashing process will commence, and you can track its progress in the Odin tool as well as the Download Mode.
  12. Once the firmware flashing is complete, you’ll see a ‘Pass’ message.
  13. Your phone will auto-reboot into the system after flashing. If not, manually reboot it by pressing the Volume Down and Power buttons together for a few seconds.
  14. Congratulations! You can now enjoy the latest Android 14 and One UI 6 on your Galaxy S23, Galaxy S23+, and Galaxy S23 Ultra. This guide will also come in handy for future updates.


Updating your Galaxy S23 to One UI 6 with Android 14 is an excellent way to ensure your device is up to date with the latest features and enhancements. Whether you receive the update via the official channel or manually sideload it, this guide has you covered. Enjoy the new, improved experience on your Galaxy S23.


1. Is it safe to manually sideload the One UI 6 update on my Galaxy S23?

Yes, it’s safe to manually sideload the update as long as you follow the steps carefully and use the correct firmware for your device.

2. Can I revert to the previous software version if I encounter issues with One UI 6?

While it’s possible to revert to the previous version, it’s not recommended, and doing so may result in data loss. Make sure to back up your device before any major software changes.

3. Are there any risks involved in sideloading firmware?

Sideloaded firmware can be risky if not done correctly. It’s crucial to ensure you’re using the right firmware for your device and following the steps precisely.

4. How can I check my device’s model and CSC code?

You can find your device’s model and CSC code in the device settings. Go to ‘About phone’ and check the ‘Model number’ and ‘Software information’ sections.

5. What can I expect from the One UI 6 update on my Galaxy S23?

The One UI 6 update brings numerous new features, including an improved Quick panel, enhanced animations, increased customization, and more. It’s a significant upgrade for your Galaxy S23.