In this comprehensive guide, we will take you through an in-depth step-by-step process for installing Samsung Stock Firmware using the Odin flash tool and Sideload OTA updates on your Galaxy devices. If you’ve been pondering the idea of restoring your device to its original software state, either for enhanced stability or to address software issues, this guide is tailor-made to assist you in achieving just that.

Some users favor the inherent stability and simplicity offered by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) software. If you find yourself wanting to revert back to the stock Samsung firmware, the process is remarkably straightforward. All you need at your disposal is your Galaxy device, a PC, a reliable USB cable, the relevant stock ROM, and, of course, the Odin flash tool.

Preparations Before Flashing

Download Mode in Samsung
  • Downloading the Necessary Samsung Stock Firmware

A Step-by-Step Guide for Installing Samsung Stock Firmware using Odin

  1. Extract and Prepare Firmware Files: Unzip the firmware files you previously downloaded and place them in a convenient location on your PC. These files should ideally be in either .tar or .tar.md5 format.
  2. Launching Odin and Establishing Device Connection: Execute the Odin3.exe file from the extracted folder to launch Odin. Subsequently, connect your Samsung Galaxy device to your PC while it’s in Download Mode.
  3. Choosing and Loading the Firmware Files: In Odin, meticulously click the relevant buttons (e.g., ‘AP’, ‘BL’, ‘CP’, and ‘CSC’) and load the firmware files that you previously extracted.
  4. Fine-Tuning Odin’s Configuration: Ensure that the ‘Auto Reboot’ and ‘F.Reset Time’ options are duly selected within the ‘Options’ tab of Odin.
  5. Initiating the Firmware Installation: Once all the prerequisites are met, initiate the flashing process by clicking the ‘Start’ button within Odin. The process may take some time to complete.
Odin v3.14

Troubleshooting Common Issues

  • Device Not Detected by Odin: Should your device fail to be recognized by Odin, ensure that Samsung Kies is disabled, and that you have correctly installed the requisite USB drivers. If issues persist, consider using a different USB cable or port on your PC.
  • ‘FAIL!’ Message in Odin: If you encounter a ‘FAIL!’ message, it may be attributed to incorrect firmware or issues related to the USB connection. Restart the process beginning from step #1.
  • Bootloop or Software Issues After Installation: Should your device get stuck in a bootloop or exhibit any other software-related anomalies post-installation, performing a factory data reset from the stock recovery is advised.

How to Sideload OTA Firmware Updates Using ADB on Samsung Devices

We’ll walk you through the process of manually flashing OTA (Over-The-Air) firmware updates using ADB Sideload and the stock recovery. Before you begin, make sure to review the Pre-Requirement Section carefully. Follow the instructions below to successfully install OTA firmware updates using ADB Sideload.


  • Download the OTA update .zip file on your PC and rename it to “”.
  • Ensure that you have the necessary ADB drivers and tools installed on your PC.
  • Make sure your device is connected to your PC and USB debugging is enabled.

Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Boot your device into recovery mode by running the following command in the command prompt on your PC:
    • adb reboot recovery
  2. Once your phone is in recovery mode, use the volume buttons to navigate and the power button to select “Apply update from ADB.”
  3. Open the folder where you saved the OTA firmware update .zip file in Step 1.
  4. Open the command prompt from the location of the firmware file.
  5. Run the following command to initiate the ADB Sideload process:
    • adb sideload
  6. The OTA installation will begin, and you’ll see the progress on your device’s screen.
  7. Please be patient as the flashing process may take some time. Avoid panicking during this period.
  8. Once the flashing process is complete, your device will automatically reboot.
  9. Congratulations! Your device is now updated with the latest firmware.

By following these steps, you’ve successfully manually flashed an OTA firmware update using ADB Sideload and the stock recovery. Your device should now be running the latest available update. If you encounter any issues or need further assistance, feel free to reach out for help.

In Conclusion

The process of installing Samsung Stock Firmware using Odin may appear intricate initially, but with the guidance provided in this guide, it becomes a manageable undertaking. Whether you’re seeking to restore your Samsung Galaxy device to its factory state or aiming to update it with the latest software, this guide equips you with the necessary insights to accomplish your goals.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: Why would I need to install stock firmware on my Samsung Galaxy device?

A1: Installing stock firmware can help fix problems and bring your device back to its original state.

Q2: Can I install stock firmware on a rooted device?

A2: Yes, you can, but doing so might remove the changes made through rooting.

Q3: Is there a risk of damaging my device during the process?

A3: There’s a small risk, so it’s important to follow instructions carefully.

Q4: What if my device gets stuck on the Samsung logo after installing?

A4: You can try restarting in recovery mode and doing a factory reset.

Q5: Can I go back to custom software after installing stock firmware?

A5: Yes, but it might be more complex and could involve re-rooting and installing custom software again.