BGMI is now available for both Android and iOS devices with the BGMI v2.5 update. This update includes a new map, weapon changes, and more. We will also share information about the BGMI Month 21 Royal Pass, including its rewards, price, and release date.

Additionally, there will be a BGMI: Rising tournament, which is expected to be intense and exciting. Players from all over India will compete for the title of champion. This tournament is a sign of the growth and potential of the Indian gaming community and is sure to be a thrilling event.

BGMI Month 21 Royal Pass

The new Month 21 Royal Pass has been released in BGMI, based on the High Victory theme. This release has been highly anticipated for 10 months by players. It includes various cosmetics, items, and emotes for gamers to collect. Players have access to exclusive rewards until 1 July 2023 at 5:29 AM IST.

BGMI Monthly 21 Royal Pass Rewards, Price and Release Date

Players who have a Royal Pass Voucher can receive a 60UC discount on their in-game purchases, which grants them access to exclusive rewards. The Elite Pass costs 360 UC and provides players with access to all rewards in Royal Pass, including the Raider Outfit, M416 Raider Weapon skin, and Raider Celebration Emote.

However, the Elite Pass Plus costs 960 UC and provides players with access to all rewards, including exclusive perks like a 100 UC daily login bonus, 100 UC for every 10 levels, and exclusive RP missions. The Royal Pass can be purchased from 31 May to 1 July. EZ License cards cannot be used for free games.

How to purchase Royal Pass in BGMI

Passes are not free, and gamers cannot use the EZ License card for free because the link to previous RPs has been reset after BGMI’s urban. The rewards for the new Month 21 Royal pass include the best-ranked rewards. Players who want to level up their RP quickly can purchase the pass.

To purchase the pass, follow these steps:

  • Open the BGMI app and tap on the Shop icon.
  •  Tap on the Royal Pass tab and choose either the Elite Pass or Elite Pass Plus button based on your preference.
  •  Enter payment information and complete the purchase.
  •  Complete RP Missions to earn RP Points and redeem them to level up your Royal Pass.

You can earn UC by completing in-game tasks or purchasing them from the in-game store. You can also earn RP points by completing daily and weekly missions. The higher your Royal pass level, the better rewards you will receive. Krafton will periodically release content that players missed during the ban period, but it may take some time to catch up.

BGMI M21 RP Rewards with Rank

Players can use an Activity Card to quickly increase their ranking by ten levels. It is unknown at this time if the A1 RP will be introduced in BGMI.

RP RankReward
Rank 1Grand Heist Set along with Crimson Agenda P92
Rank 5Grand Heist Mask
Rank 10Cute Clown Finish Aeroplane
Rank 15RP Avatar (M21)
Crimson Agenda Helmet
Bodybuilding Champ Emote
Rank 20Crimson Agenda Parachute
Gilded Roar Stun Grenade
Rank 23Night Roamer Mask
Rank 25Night Roamer Set
Rank 30Dystopian Clown Aeroplane Finish
Dark Reign Emote
Rank 35Dancing Prints P90
Rank 40Wild Guffaw – QBZ
Rank 50Dark Reign Cover Dark Reign Set

BGMI Rising Tournaments 2023

This is the first big esports event for BGMI since its release. Krafton announced a tournament called Rising to celebrate BGMI’s comeback. The tournament will feature top Indian squads and take place over 4 days from June 1 to June 4. 64 teams will compete for a prize pool of Rs 100,000. Many famous streamers and players have already live-streamed their gameplay on YouTube, and the tournament will be live-streamed on BGMI’s official channels, attracting many viewers and more users.

The invited teams competing in the tournament have yet to be announced. This tournament allows players to showcase their skills and compete for the champion title. BGMI: Rising promises intense battles, strategic manoeuvres, and unforgettable moments that define the competition.

ScoutOP revealed the lineup and drop points for Team XSPARK in the upcoming BGMI tournament. The lineup includes Tanmay ‘ScoutOP’ Singh, Sarangajyoti ‘Sarang’ Deka, Pukar Singla, and Aditya Mathe. The team has chosen Erangl (Pochinki and North Georgopol) and Miramar (El Pozo and San Martin) as their drop points. For reference, Sarang and Scout were part of the 7SEA Esports lineup in the PUBG Mobile World Invitational 2022.

How to watch BGMI Rising Launch Party 2023

The Battleground Mobile India tournament will be broadcast live on the official YouTube channel. The tournament will be played in a single-elimination format. Krafton has chosen four casters (Ocean, Anikiibot, Mazy, and Spero) for the BGMI rising event. The event will have 12 matches on the first two days, seven matches in the semifinals, and seven games on the final day.

BGMI Rising featuring 64 Star-Studded Team

A total of 64 Indian teams will compete in a tournament that lasts four days. The contestants’ names have yet to be revealed. The first event will start in June, and the contest’s prize pool is ₹10,00,000. The schedule and order of matches have not been disclosed yet. Several teams, including Team SouL and GodLike Esports, will participate to boost their confidence. 7SEA eSports won the title of the Battleground Showdown.

Trips & Tricks -Editorial

Get Free UC in BGMI after Relaunch

UC is a special currency that lets players buy cool in-game stuff, unlock the Elite Pass, and access other features. Usually, you have to buy UC from the in-game store to get these items.

Be careful of websites or platforms that offer free UC. They often need to be more reliable and can be dangerous for your device. These sites can have malware, scams, or steal your personal information. Here are some trusted ways to get UC:

  • Google Opinion Rewards: This app gives you Play Credits for short surveys based on your profile and activity. You can use this money to buy UC in BGMI. You can earn between Rs 2 to Rs 200 for each survey.
  •  Redeemable Codes: These codes give you free in-game rewards, including UC. They’re often shared on BGMI’s social media and official website. Sometimes Krafton offers redeemable codes that grant players various in-game resources as free rewards, including UC, which you can redeem from the BGMI website.
  •  Giveaways: Popular content creators host giveaways for Elite Passes and UC on their YouTube and other social media channels. Just follow the instructions on their pages or websites.
  •  Custom Rooms and Tournaments: These offer prizes like Elite Royal Pass and UC. Participate in them to earn free rewards and improve your gaming skills. To join a custom room, enter the room ID provided by the organizer. You can find custom rooms and tournaments on various platforms such as WhatsApp groups, Tournaments, and Instagram.
  •  Content Creators’ Events: Some creators host tournaments for their fans where you can compete to win in-game prizes. If you’re a good BGMI player, you can win free UC.

BGMI Livestreams struggle to Attract Viewers

The number of people watching the game is lower than when it was launched in 2021. It needs to be clarified if it will become popular again. Many famous gamers celebrate the relaunch by streaming classic games for their fans, attracting millions of views. Comparing the statistics between the two launches shows notable differences.

Creator2021 Launch Peak Viewership2021 Launch Total Views2023 Launch Peak Viewership2023 Launch Total Views

During the previous ban of BGMI, most streamers experienced a loss of subscribers on their channels. However, Scot was an exception, as he did not lose any subscribers. Dynamo Gaming lost over 100,000 subscribers during the ban period. Mortal, on the other hand, gained around 10K subscribers. Some argue that many BGMI players have left the game during the ban period. During the previous relaunch, creators were given early access to the game. This provided an incentive for players to join streams.

FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions

What is Johnathan BGMI ID, Stats and more

Jonathan Jude Amaral, also known as GxdLJON8THAN16 in BGMI, is a professional esports player for GodLike Esports. He is a skilled player with a 13.4% win rate and a top-10 rate of 64.4%. He has dealt a total of 572010.8 damage and made 544 headshots with a headshot percentage of 16.6%. He is known for his aggressive playstyle and ability to perform well under pressure and is skilled in slating, granade, and close-range combat. He has earned MVP awards in official and third-party tournaments, earning him the title of Universal MVP. His player level is 75, with an Evoground level of 61, and his F/D ratio is 8.75.

Best 5 Ways to Use Generade in BGMI

  • Frag or smoke grenades can be useful in attacking opponents during a match.
  •  When players find themselves overpowered by enemy squads, these grenades can be used to counter-attack and drive the opponents away with explosive damage.
  •  Use grenades to create confusion among enemies when trying to change position on the BGMI battlefield.
  •  Grenades can also assist in escape by creating a false wall that hinders enemy vision and helps players make an easy getaway.
  •  During the final play zone of BGMI matches, it is recommended to throw grenades to ensure enemies are not lurking in the grass or hiding inside a building.

How to download Mortal, Thug, Vaadhiyaar Voice pack in BGMI

Krafton has added special voice packs to BGMI featuring popular creators like Thug, Mortal, and Vaadhiyaar. These can be found in the new Voice of Our Heroes crate and follow the same format as other creator voice packs. Each voice pack has three categories: Discussion, Tactical, and Movements. Thug and Mortal’s special voice packs contain Hindi audio files, while Vaadhiyaar’s contains Tamil audio files.

To install these special voice packs in BGMI, users should purchase the voice pack of their favourite streamer and play any Ranked or Unranked match to check if the purchased voice pack is working properly.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Head over to the Voice of Our Heroes tab in the crate section.
  •  From there, open crates until you get the desired voice pack. (1 crate costs 60 UC, and the bundle of 10 costs 600 UC).
  •  Once you’ve purchased the voice pack, check your in-game mail to collect it.
  •  Visit your inventory, tap Audio Files and select the purchased special pack.
  •  Drag the different audio files to the chosen one.
  •  Play any Ranked or Unranked match to check if the purchased voice pack works properly.

BGMI Server is Busy Error

If you see the message “Server is busy, Please try again later, Error Code: restrict-area” when playing the game, it might be because you are outside of India, using an unsupported device emulator, or have a poorly configured network. If the problem continues, you can contact support through the in-game option to get help.

Change Name in BGMI after unban

To change your nickname in BGMI, you need a Rename Card. The game lets you create a username and avatar when you start playing. But if you want to change your nickname later, you need a Rename Card.

Returning players can get a single-use Rename Card valid for three days. You can claim it by finishing an in-game event.

To buy a Rename Card, follow these steps:

  • Launch BGMI and tap the Inventory button at the bottom-right of the lobby screen.
  •  Look for the card with an ID on it. It’s in the list of icons at the bottom of the menu.
  •  You can buy the card for 180UC if you have enough in-game currency. Otherwise, you can level up your account to level 10 to get the card.
  •  After you have the card, go to your Profile and tap the Use button at the bottom of the details screen. Then click the Edit button next to your name and enter your new name.
  •  If you like the new name, click OK to save the changes. Your new name will be used in all your interactions with BGMI.

Remember, your new name can’t be offensive or inappropriate. And it can’t be the same as another player’s name. You can only change your name once per day with one card, and you must wait a whole day before you can rename your IG name again.