BGMI is officially back online and available for download to play on Android and iOS starting May 29th. The game is generally available and playable for everyone, but Krafton is staggering the playability of BGMI to ensure a seamless gaming experience for all players. The latest update comes with playtime restrictions, a new map called Nusa, in-game events, weapon upgrades, and new skins.

This game was recently given permission to operate in India by the government and is available to download and play on Android and iOS. The game has released a new update called 2.5, which brings improvements to the gaming experience.

Jewel Exchange Center

Today in this guide, we will be sharing all rewards and how you can get Phantom Jewels and more.

Jewel Exchange is a new feature that allows players to exchange Phantom Jewels for rewards, which include cosmetics and emotes. This will go live from today and will be live until June 28th, 5:29 IST. Players can collect Phantom Jewels, which is an in-game currency, to collect artifacts, emojis, and mythic cosmetic available in the event by playing the game and completing missions to collect rewards in the Jewel Exchange center, but these are limited, so players should hurry if they want to get them.

RankPhantom JewelsReward
Artifact3 Phantom JewelsSpectral Swan Cover
Artifact6 Phantom JewelsSpectral Swan Set
Artifact3 Phantom JewelsCosmic Inquisitor Cover
Artifact4 Phantom JewelsCosmic Inquisitor Set
Mythic4 Phantom JewelsCosmic Inquisitor M416 (1-day)
Mythic2 Phantom JewelsLuminous Galaxy Scar L (1-day)
Mythic2 Phantom JewelsLuminous Galaxy Backpack
Mythic2 Phantom JewelsNebula Trail Helmet (1-day)
Mythic1 Phantom JewelsSpectral Swan Emote
Mythic1 Phantom JewelsCosmic Inquisitor Emote
MythicEndless Glory Parachute (1-day)

With Galaxy Crates, players can get Phantom Jewels by spending 60 UC and a crate bundle (containing ten crates) by spending 540 UC. You can use a discount voucher to get a discount on opening Galaxy Crates at a discounted price.

Tips for Battleground Mobile India

We would like to note that you should use the Phantom Jewels in the Jewel Exchange center before they expire.

Win more matches in NUSA

BGMI introduced a new map called NUSA. To win more matches and earn more points to rank up, apart from choosing a good landing spot, playing aggressively, using the Auto Recall feature, and being aware of your surroundings, practice makes perfect. Here are some tips that you can check:

  • Fast landing technique
    • Choose a drop location closer to the plane path. It gives you the most time to land before the other players.
    • Dive down at full speed: When a plane reaches a distance close to 375 meters, this gives you the fastest possible landing speed to reach the ground faster.
    • Maintain your speed until the parachute opens: While descending at full speed until your parachute automatically opens, this will help you land as close to your target as possible.
  • Use NS2000 and Tactical Crossbow for more kills
    • NS2000 is a shotgun that you can use in close-range. When not ADSed, it fires nine pellets without which makes a single powerful bullet when scoped in. It is capable of knocking down an opponent wearing a Spetsnaz helmet and dealing 99 damage with a single shot when an enemy is more than 10 meters away.
    • Tactical Crossbow can be used to get long-range kills, and it can fire flames that deal additional damage to opponents. It can fire arrows up to 300 meters.
  • Zipline
    • This is the best way to quickly move from one place to another. If two players use the same zipline from opposite ends, they will collide but can unhook themselves at any time. While using the zipline, do remember that ziplines can be damaged by bullets but they can be repaired by players.
  • Auto Recall
    • This feature is only available in NUSA Map. When you are eliminated early in a match, you will see a helicopter symbol beside your name. Click on it to be automatically transported back to the place where you were initially finished. The auto feature only stays active for the initial few minutes of matches.
  • Level 3 Supplies
    • Get Level 3 Supplies from Mecha Soldiers. These are types of bots found exclusively on the 7th floor of tall buildings in Telpak town. Players can take advantage by defeating them to get Level 3 Supplies, and defeating Mecha Soldiers won’t increase a player’s kill count.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Can we expect PUBG Mobile Lite as BGMI Lite?

Both are different games. The Lite version is developed for low-end devices, while BGMI is designed for high-end devices. The Lite version has a smaller map and fewer players than BGMI, and also has lower graphics. PUBG Mobile Lite isn’t available in India. To run Lite, you need 1GB of RAM, Android 4.1 or higher, and this has a download size of 600 MB.

BGMI iOS Download Link after Ban

It is possible to sideload the game on Android, but it is a complicated process for iOS users. You can visit the official BGMI on your Apple device, find it in the history of your purchased apps, and download it again without any issues. It’s not available on both Android and iOS.

The latest 2.5 update offers a refined and immersive experience for gamers. You can download it on Android from Google Play Store, and iOS users can download it from the App Store. Do ensure you have 2.4GB of space, and BGMI has been available on iOS since May 29th to download and play the game.

Top 5 BGMI’s Greatest of All Time (GOAT) Players

These players have all had unforgettable esports careers so far, and they are sure to continue being at the top of their game in years to come.

  • Jonathan
    • MVP titles: Skyesports Grand Slams 2022, VE Winter Masters 2022, Battlegrounds Mobile India Masters Series LAN event
    • LOCO: War of Glory Grand Finals, Ranbhoomi
    • Season 1, Skyesports Championship 3.0
    • Runner-up finish in BGMS
  • ShadowOG
    • Played for Team SoloMid and GodLike Esports
    • Excelled with different teams
  • Omega
    • Known for leadership skills as IGL
    • Led Team SouL
  • Goblin
    • Skilled player and IGL who has performed well in various tournaments
  • Saumraj
    • One of the IGLs in the BGMI esports community
    • Helped Skylightz Gaming win the first official BGMI tournament
    • Helped Skylightz Gaming win the first official tournament – Battlegrounds Mobile India Series 2021

BGMI Controls and Settings for 4-Finger Setup

With these, you need to practice, experiment with different settings, and be patient. Do note that you need to adjust to your individual preference.

SettingsCameraADSGyroscopeADS Gyroscope
Third Person/First Person No-Scope135% – 140%135% – 140%300% – 400%300% – 400%
Red Dot and Holographic aim assist65% – 75%65% – 75%300% – 400%300% – 400%
2x Scope35% – 45%35% – 45%300% – 400%250% – 350%
3x Scope25% – 31%25% – 31%175% – 240%175% – 235%
4x Scope24% – 26%24% – 26%185% – 125%190% – 240%
6x Scope15% – 18%15% – 18%85% – 125%80% – 110%
8x Scope11% – 15%70% – 100%50% – 90%

BGMI Sensitivity Settings for Headshots

These are general recommendations and need to be further adjusted to your individual preferences. You need to practice, experiment with different settings, and be patient to earn more eliminations in classic mode and TDM matches.

SettingsADSGyroscope/Gyroscope ADS
3rd Person No Scope120%350% – 400%
Person No Scope105% – 110%350% – 400%
Red Dot, Holographic sight, and Aim Assist2%350% – 400%
2x Scope3%350% – 400%
3x Scope24% – 28%320% – 350%
4x ACOG Scope, VSS10% – 30%320% – 350%
6x Scope15% – 22%120% – 140%
8x Scope24% – 28%84% – 88%

Beginners, Avoid These Mistakes in BGMI

You should avoid these mistakes in BGMI:

  • Don’t team up with random squads.
  • Avoid hot drops.
  • Stay away from supply air drops.
  • Don’t be too aggressive.
  • Use vehicles for mobility.