So recently, Machine Learning has created a stir all over the world. In a way, the AI-Tech war has already begun. You must know how this happened and how you can use AI to increase your productivity. Which tools are there, and how to access them?

Because they are Invite only, it will take some more time for everyone to reach. Microsoft has just announced its New Bing. Suppose you’re still living under a rock like a caveman, then know that people are calling it a replacement for GoogleIn just 4 hours, 1 Million Beta-Registrations were done for it.

New Bing

Along with New Bing New Edge has also been released, Microsoft is aggressively investing in OpenAI to integrate AI into its products and services. Okay, what does it do? Just ask it something, and it will start doing it for you. The text translation from Hinglish to English is: “Whose language is quite natural, and it will also be integrated with your search. For example, Valentine’s Day is coming up, so ask for a love letter for my girlfriend, and it will write you a love letter.

Everyone must use these AI-Powered Productivity tool! - Best AI Tool for Productivity (For Free, For Normal People)
Satya Nadella, chief executive of Microsoft (Yonhap/EPA, via Shutterstock)

It’s just a matter of saying, and it will answer your question in detail, in very simple language, as if someone is telling you because it can understand human language and prepare answers from itself.

Everyone must use these AI-Powered Productivity tool! - Best AI Tool for Productivity (For Free, For Normal People)
Courtesy: mygreatlearning

Remember that sometimes AI can be wrong because AI doesn’t know if it’s true or false. After all, it doesn’t understand. And it creates a new word with keywords, AI doesn’t know what it’s saying, and AI doesn’t fact-check, okayyyyyyyy! Test yourself too, ask the question whose answer you know and see what result comes!”

Microsoft has promised to bring it into its services. Although it is similar to ChatGPT, the difference is that ChatGPT was limited to data until 2021, while New Bing can access the internet and use the latest information.

The thing doesn’t end here, but as much as you know, this story is bigger.

Apart from Bing and ChatGPT, many other Artificial Intelligence can help you make your work easier and faster. So let’s understand which software they are and how you can use them. Like New Bing, there is other AI-powered search engine called and And Google’s Bard is also coming, which has already been demonstrated at Google I/O 2021 and will be officially released soon. Check this out!


Our Notion is no less than anyone else’s. The Notion has also launched its NotionAI, currently avaialble for everyone. With this, you can make your work quite precise such as Spelling & Grammar Correction, Translation, Social media Post creation, Story, Essay, Poem and Email writing.

Apart from this, how creatively you can use it depends on you. Best case scenarios, by using it, you can touch those topics and things that you didn’t even know about. So to use it, you have to apply for your NotionAI, and once enabled, can use it.

Quora Poe

Okay, the question-answer discussion platform Quora has also stayed caught up. They have also launched their AI called Poe, which is currently only available for iOS devices. It not only uses OpenAI but also Anthropic. This is because different AI models are used for different tasks. It will be quite similar to ChatGPT, but its special feature will be its high-quality answers because it has Quora’s expertise.

Image Creation Tool

For creating award-winning images, here are some tools that you can use. Everyone must have heard of Dall-E 2. Similarly, many text-based image-creation tools exist, such as Lexica, MidJourney, Astria and GFPGAN (GitHub). With their help, you can remove a person from an image, increase its quality, and restore old images. These are not editing tools, but some things will make Image Designing and Inspiration easier.

Adobe Podcast

Adobe has already released 2 AI-based tools for audio, such as a Noise remover and a Mic checker, which will help you set up your microphone. ‘With its help, you can make your audio like this; let me know in the comment how it sounds.’ Back to Adobe Podcast AI, an advanced version of these will also give you transcripts of your audio so that you can edit audio from text. 

Adobe is already testing this thing with its other service like Premier, but it is still in beta. If you want to make a podcast, you can use it, and the fun thing is that this feature will also be seen in other Adobe, and you can make normal audio sound like it was recorded in a studio.

One thing to remember is that AI has side effects ‘Job will go away’. It is also a bit dangerous like Cybercriminals wrote a Malware writing telegram bot using OpenAI’s API. New Bing spoke a lot about censorship regarding the 2021 US Election and revealed Microsoft’s secret codes. Even Bing can write malicious code. You can ask questions from all these, and if you want, you can also create something from scratch.

We haven’t already touched on popular AI tools like ChatGPT, and Github Copilot because everyone already knows and is using them. In addition to this, such as AiPrisima.

There is still a lot to work on. So now companies are inviting people to come and test so that the company can improve its AI. I’m cool that it’s not perfect, but whatever it is right now is quite amazing.

In the end, I suggest that AI do it well when you use it. Don’t trust if you’re taking medical advice, then double-check with a doctor. Be careful with financial advice. AI can help you a lot when you don’t know anything about something, but if you want to do in-depth research, then AI can’t help much as it doesn’t have expertise in it. So AI is out! This is the future, but the future isn’t ready yet! Stay Geek with AndroidGreek, Okay Bye.