We all have old photos of our family and friends that might not be in good condition. With the help of technology, we can try to fix those classic images. Louis Bouchard and PetaPixel developed a free AI tool to restore old photos.

Former Tencent researchers released the AI tool, GFP-GAN (Generative Facial Prior-Generative Adversarial Network). You can restore any damaged image or low-resolution portrait using this technology.

What is the GFP-GAN?

It’s a conventional AI tool that uses the pre-trained NVIDIA’s StyleGAN-2 version of the existing model for the image generation process.

Comparison of the results with other approaches. Inputs on the left, GFP-GAN on the right
Courtesy: Louis Bouchard

Where its goal is to detect people by their eyes and mouth in the photos, it collects and merges data from AI models to find and fill in the missing details and fixes them with realistic details while ensuring the quality and accuracy won’t be compromised.

This is an open-source project; you can check it out on GitHub. There are some limitations, but it’s quite accurtate.

How to Restore Old Photos

It is available for free and is quite a straightforward method. Here is the guide to restoring your old images and damaged photos.

   Try photo restoration here…

  • Open GFP-GAN.
  • Click on Choose a file which you want to restore.
  • Click on Restore and wait for it to finish. That’s it!

Once it’s finished restoration, you can download the image to save on your device. Some flaws might include the slight change of identity and images that come in low resolution. We can expect significant updates to this project in the future.