Microsoft has released the final developer release for this year, and it brings some minor changes to the Windows 11 Preview channel. There could be significant problems with this build, so it is probably not the best time to do it.

Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 25267

Features are disabled by default, and Microsoft confirms there will be no further changes to the final version.

If you want to download the official ISO Build for the Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 25267, you can download it from here. As for this Dev update, it focuses on new search visual changes and fixes. As we have mentioned, there are minor changes but a good set of improvements and fixes for the Windows Insiders.

Download Windows 11 Insider Preview 25267.1000 (rs_prerelease) AMD64 ISO: Complete Installation Guide, Windows 11 ISO Download

Developers continue to focus on improvements for the File Explorer. We now have Focus and the tables. They have also fixed the frequent crash which has been resolved. We also like to mention that the Live Caption feature might not work with this build. This feature is likely to be fixed with the upcoming update.

With the last release, the Taskbar received a major overhaul for the search bar. Now it is more rounded and if you want to adjust the look and feel, you can still do it from the Taskbar settings. There are no other notable changes. You can read more about this patch on the Windows Blog.

Microsoft has now made it possible to copy the error code for failed Windows Updates. Apart from these, Windows 11 Build 25267 still has known issues. The beta update is likely to be rolled out before the end of this year.

Download Windows 11 Insider Preview 10.0.25267.891 (rs_prerelease) AMD64

If you prefer clean installation or manual upgrading, then you can download the ISO Package, and installation guide mentioned down below.


Windows 11 Insider Preview

25267.1000 (rs_prerelease) AMD64 ISO

This is an AMD64 based on the x64 architecture, which is the most-preferred architecture for Windows 11 PCs.

Download ISO from Microsoft Insider Preview Download Page

Here is the guide if you prefer to download the ISO file from the official Microsoft Site.

  • Open the Microsoft Insider Preview page, and scroll down to Select Edition.
  • Choose Build from the drop-down menu.
  • Then select the language and then click on continue.
  • After that, click on 64-bit; that’s it.

How to install Windows 11? 

Here are some pre-requirements to check before installing Windows 11 on your PC.

  • Registered for Windows 11 Dev.
  • Download and install WinRAR.
  • Please check Windows 11 requirements here; if this error cannot be fixed, please refer to the troubleshooting guide here.
  • Keep a backup of all critical documents, data, and apps.
  • One compact flash drive (USB).

How to Create a Bootable Windows Insider Preview-Windows 11 Drive

  • After downloading the Windows 11 ISO, navigate to the download folder.
  • Once connected to a PC, conduct a FAT32 format on your Pendrive (DOS 11 Bootable Pendrive)
  • Pick Extract from the right-click menu on the Windows 11 ISO file, and then select the USB Flash Drive.
  • Once the extraction process is complete, you may perform a Windows upgrade.
  • It’s completed!

How to Install Windows 11 on your Computer

  • After shutting down your computer, perform a boot-up.
  • After turning on the computer, press the Boot key (HP laptop: Esc, Asus: F12; check the internet for the boot key as it appears at the beginning of the PC boot up) to start it (HP laptop: Esc, Asus: F12; check the internet for the boot key as it appears at the beginning of the PC boot up).
  • After selecting your USB Flash Drive, follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Please click Next if you do not have the product key.
  • Select Custom, select Drive 0 (Or the C drive partition) as the partition type and then click Format/Next to install Windows 11 according to your choices.
  • It eventually restarted. Now you can remove the USB drive.
  • Following that, Windows 11 will begin to boot on your computer. Now all that remains is for you to create an account.
  • That is all!