Meta has recently launched Threads, a rival to microblogging site Twitter. The company received 10 million sign-ups in less than seven hours and is expected to reach 100 million in a week. This is said to be one of the fastest-growing social media platforms. Meta has chosen the right time to launch Threads after Twitter has implemented rate limits, meaning unverified users can only view 600 posts a day. MrBeast is among the first people to reach 1 million followers on Threads. It is available for everyone on the Google Play Store and iOS Store.

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Many people are already wondering about deleting their Threads account, and you need to remember that once you have signed up for Threads, you cannot delete it without deleting your Instagram account. This is because Threads uses Instagram infrastructure for sign-in and other things.

Do You Need to Delete Your Instagram Account to Delete Threads?

Yes, you need to delete your Instagram account to delete your Threads account since it is directly linked to your Instagram account to sync things, including your username. You may have noticed that you cannot change your username. To do so, you need to change your username on Instagram, which will reflect on your Threads.

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It is only possible to delete your Threads account by deleting your Instagram account. However, the company has confirmed that they are working on allowing users to delete their Threads account without deleting their Instagram account. Also, if you delete your Instagram account, deleting your Threads content from the Threads server may only occur 90 days later.

Deleting your Instagram account will delete your Threads account too.

Likewise, if you delete your Instagram account, it will also delete your Threads account. Since both Instagram and Threads are directly linked, you can deactivate your Threads account if you regret signing up for Threads, which will not delete your Instagram account.

How to Delete Your Threads Account Without Deleting Your Instagram Account

Thread is an integrated part of Instagram, so Threads collects all data, including health data, which microblogging sites usually do not require. However, the company’s CEO, Adam Mosseris, has shared how anyone can delete their Threads account. There is a workaround.

Set Your Threads Account to Private

  • Launch Threads and then head over to your profile from the bottom navigation that appears on the right.
  • From there, tap Edit Profile and then toggle to enable Private Profile.

Delete Your Threads Posts

  • Go to the post, and then tap on the triple-dot menu that appears on the upper-right side of the post.
  • Next, from the context menu, tap on Delete to delete that post.

You need to do the same action for all your threads.

Deactivate Your Threads Account

The company has included a way to deactivate your Threads account within Settings.

  • Open Threads and then go to profile.
  • Tap on the triple-line icon from the upper-right corner to open Threads Settings.
  • Next, go to account and then tap on Deactivate Profile.
  • To confirm your action, tap on Deactivate Threads Profile.
  • That’s it!

After deactivating your Threads account, it will be hidden until you reactivate it by logging back into Instagram. By deactivating your Threads account, your Instagram account will not be affected, and your Threads account will remain private.

On the other hand, some users raise concerns about data collection as the company stated they are collecting data for personalization and improvements to Threads and other Meta products. However, the company needed to clarify whether they could access and use Threads data even after deactivating the account.

Also, you may have seen the Threads badge on Instagram, and if you want to remove that badge, simply long-press and, from the pop-up context menu, tap on Hide Threads badge. To get more in detail, check out this article. Apart from this, several things are missing from Threads, for which the company has also started inviting users to their beta program via Google Play Beta Program. The company’s CEO has promised to bring a chronological feed and prioritize the people you follow. Adjust this from the Threads and Replies notification settings. Check it out.