Meta has recently launched its Threads, a Twitter rival, but the app is not fully baked and has many missing features. One of these is that we are missing the feed. Threads are only showing random Threads-Post, which we don’t want. On Twitter, we have a “For You” section where we can see posts we follow.

Threads already have millions of users, and many people want to see posts from the users they follow instead of random posts. You may or may not be aware that Twitter doesn’t allow viewing more than 5000 daily posts. So many users have been posting their content on Threads, and to view more, we have a workaround.

How to Change Threads’ Random Feeds to Follow Feed

To change your timeline to show posts from people you follow, follow these simple steps. Please note that the feature of different feeds for recommendations and people you follow is in a future build.

  • Open Threads and head to your profile from the bottom navigation menu on the bottom right.
  • Open settings from the upper-right burger menu.
  • Go to Notifications and then tap on Threads and Replies.
  • Scroll down to the bottom and look for “Threads First.” Choose “From People You Follow” instead of “From Everyone.”
  • That’s it!

This is how you can prioritize the people you follow. It prioritizes the people you follow, but it still shows random posts. However, it does care more about not sending you random notifications about posts from people you don’t follow, which reduces unnecessary distractions.

Meta aims to have a chronological feed that prioritizes the people you follow on Facebook and Instagram. The company’s CEO has also confirmed that Threads will support ActivityPub, a decentralized social media protocol already used by Mastodon and other Twitter rival social networks.

The CEO of Instagram has already confirmed the feature of seeing the person you follow be coming to Threads in a future release. Currently, the company focuses more on the app’s stability, bug fixes, and infrastructure to offer a seamless experience. Users can also join the Threads Beta via the Google Play Beta Program to get early access to features coming to Threads.

Website for Thread

There is no website where you can use Thread. However, the company has Thread, which you can use to view threads, and an Embed Post feature. It is unclear if the company will be bringing this feature anytime soon, but no desktop app is also available for Windows or Mac. You can still use an emulator or, if you are a Windows user, use WSA for Android to use Threads on your computer.

Also, did you know there is no option to delete your Threads profile? You can only deactivate your Threads account. If you want to delete your Threads, you need to delete your Instagram account since it’s an Instagram feature used for signing up or for your username and other functionality along with infrastructure and guidelines.

Until Meta officially rolls out the feature where you can see a person’s feed whom you follow, this is the best workaround to prioritize the person you follow. Thanks for being with us. Share your valuable opinion and feedback. If there are any queries, do share them with us in the comment section below.