Samsung not only makes great hardware, but they also made one of the best Android 13-based custom skins, One UI 5. One of the perks of using a Samsung device is that it allows several customization options beyond Android, similar to Microsoft’s PowerToys, which allows you to do things beyond normal Android smartphones. Samsung does offer Good Lock, which only Samsung’s Android smartphones support. I wish this were available on all Android smartphones.

Yes, Android smartphones do have a lot of customization options on their own, but there are still some system preferences that remain unchanged. These customizations go person-to-person, depending on their creativity. Good Lock is meant to make the experience better. You can make and adjust your device based on your preferences.

Good Lock has various software modules that users can download from the Galaxy Store, including options to customize the device’s lock screen, notifications, and task manager. So let’s look at what you can do with Samsung’s Good Lock. Without further ado, let’s take a closer look into this.

Best Samsung Good Lock Modules to Customize Galaxy Smartphones

Recently, Samsung has rolled out various updates to Samsung’s Good Lock and its modules to modify almost every aspect of the user interface on Samsung devices, including the lock screen, notification shade, and menu items. The Good Lock module is exclusive to Samsung devices and is available in the Galaxy Store.

The app has been updated with a handful of fixes and improvements. The app has also been updated to Chinese and with the Badge Logic. Ensure you have updated the app to the latest version to use the latest features. Also, the app is now available in more regions, including Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Denmark, Mexico, Norway, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Sweden, Thailand, the Czech Republic, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Finland, Malaysia, and the Netherlands.

One Hand Operation+

This is a gesture customization module to improve the user experience for those who prefer to use phones with one hand. On the one hand, Operation+ users can extend the gesture control to both sides of the screen, allowing users to assign up to three actions on each side. We recommend using this if you are actually used to Android’s gesture, and after this, you can assign a new set of actions on both sides. With the customization, there are several gesture controls that you can try.

Best Good Lock Modules to Customize your Galaxy phone with Samsung One UI 5.1 - Download plugins and modules.

A straight swipe gesture can be used as a double action, including swiping up and down diagonally, which can be used to open the recent app menu and notification panel. Customize the width and position of the bar on the screen’s edge to activate the gesture control handle. There is also a long-swipe action to provide even more customization options. Handles will automatically go away above the keyboard to avoid interference while typing, and it has a very smooth animation.

   Download One Hand Operation +

Recently, it received an update that adds gesture controls to the left and right sides of the screen, along with several optimizations to new features, UI layout changes, bug fixes, and performance improvements. The company also added an option for a widget page looping option. After enabling this, the first page appears after scrolling past the last page of widgets. To do this, click the settings icon and navigate to Left/Right Handle > Straight/Diagonal Up/Diagonal Down > Widgets Pop-up.

Best Good Lock Modules to Customize your Galaxy phone with Samsung One UI 5.1 - Download plugins and modules.

Another thing is that One Hand Operation+ changes regarding that will get disabled when editing photos in the gallery app, but it does get enabled sometimes during editing photos in the gallery app, depending on the environment. The UI also gets improvements that show all toggles under a single menu, including advanced settings. There is also a Hide Handle Settings to the Advance Settings. You have four options: Landscape mode, Quick Panel, Lock Screen, and Home Screen. The company brought a Widget Page looping option for Widget pop-ups, which you can enable by opening the Theme Park > Left/Right Handle > Select Straight/Diagonal Up/Diagonal Down option > Scroll down and tap on the setting icon that appears next to the widget pop-up. After this, press to toggle to enable the Widget Page looping option.


The device’s keyboard recently got a Bing AI integration on its Swiftkey pre-install the device. Here, the KeyCafe Module allows you to customize your device’s keyboard with different personalization options. You can change the size, colour, and layout of the keyboard. There is an option to add macros and shortcuts to the keyboard, and you can save several custom keyboards on your device to quickly switch between them.

   Download Keys Cafe

With the recent update, KeyCafe adds music functionality when you type, enhancing your typing experience. If you enjoy melodic typing sounds, then this update is for you. Additionally, there is an option to disable the sound from playing immediately when selecting touch sound.

Nice Shot

Samsung’s devices offer a powerful camera, and to complement this, you can use the Nice Shot Module that adds a delete button to the toolbar that appears on the bottom of the screen after taking a screenshot, eliminating the need to pull down the notifications shade to delete unwanted screenshots.

   Download Nice Shot

Best Good Lock Modules to Customize your Galaxy phone with Samsung One UI 5.1 - Download plugins and modules.

It also allows you to disable the crop-snapping feature or automatically enable DND during screen recording. There are few customization features, but it adds basic features to Samsung devices.


This feature came with the previous version of Android, but it disappeared. With this, you can tweak your System UI. This is handy if you want to customize the status bar, including customization and hiding icons. Several icons always appear, like the Alarm Clock and Persistent icon, that you can hide to declutter your status bar. You can also force the status clock to the right side to save more space on the left. You can create your own Quick Panel for customization options.

   Download QuickStar

Best Good Lock Modules to Customize your Galaxy phone with Samsung One UI 5.1 - Download plugins and modules.

As mentioned, you can hide the Modes icons and device care functions from the status bar. To do this, check the Visibility of the Indicator Icon and then toggle to enable/disable the icon based on your preference. To hide Modes and device care indicator icons, use this and then tap on the Visibility of indicator icon. Then, scroll down to see other options, including adding Modes and Device care and toggling to enable/disable accordingly.


If you miss the back-tap option feature on Pixel 7, this feature will enable a double-tap on the back of the device to perform certain actions. Currently, there is no default back-tap feature, but with RegiStar, you can add back-tap actions on your device to the RegiStar module. You can also use it to customize the setting home, allowing you to rearrange the items based on the user’s preference.

   Download RegiStar

Best Good Lock Modules to Customize your Galaxy phone with Samsung One UI 5.1 - Download plugins and modules.

This feature is called sensitivity, and you can adjust this function from Low, Medium, and High. To enable this, head to the RegiStar app and tap the Back Tap action section. From there, check the sensitivity option at the bottom and choose the sensitivity according to your preference.

Nice Catch

The company has added the Accessibility setting change history option. With this, you can check the list of changes made to accessibility settings in the past. To access this, head to Good Lock and tap the Life Up category. There, you will find Catch and Enable this. After enabling the Nice Catch option, scroll to the bottom and enable the Accessibility settings to change history.

   Download Nice Catch

Best Good Lock Modules to Customize your Galaxy phone with Samsung One UI 5.1 - Download plugins and modules.


You can also call this Customize Navigation Bar height, as it sounds. The Navigation bar size can be adjusted with three different levels to get a wider screen experience. Enable the NavStart settings from the NavStar Module to adjust the height of the Navigation bar according to your preference. To use this, open the NavStar Module and then tap on the Button section that appears on the left bottom. Then, tap on the toggle to enable NavStart settings and adjust the height of the Navigation bar.

   Download NavStar

Best Good Lock Modules to Customize your Galaxy phone with Samsung One UI 5.1 - Download plugins and modules.

Theme Park

With this, you can do many new things regarding customization. That includes the background colour of the brightness slider and other parts of the System UI. Open Theme Park, and head over to Quick Panel, which appears in the middle of the bottom bar. From there, tap on “Create New”; when you see two circles on the brightness bar, tap on them and select a colour for each. You also can change the colour palette of your device.

   Download Theme Park

Best Good Lock Modules to Customize your Galaxy phone with Samsung One UI 5.1 - Download plugins and modules.

This makes it easy to change the colour of the app. For this, open Theme Park and tap on the “More” option on the top right. Then, tap “Change Color Palette”; you can customize it by selecting a colour and adjusting the saturation. Finally, press the “Ok” option.


These are some of the best Good Lock modules that you can try to personalize and improve your Samsung device user experience. There are tons of modules that you can use to customize your device, including the Fantastic module that you can use to customize S-Pen behaviour. Apart from this, there is NotiStart and several other native Samsung Good Lock modules that you can use to configure.

You can check out the new Good Lock apps like Pentastic, Wonderland, Home Up, ClockFace, NotiStar, SoundAssistant, Camera Assistant, Dropship, Galaxy to Share, Routine+, Multistar, QuickStar, and many more.