Samsung released another major Good Lock Module, which allows syncing Samsung’s device settings to other Samsung devices. This was first announced during the One Ui 5.0 announcement back in October this year.

The Good Lock platform has been updated to v1.0.22.0, and the new module will be called Galaxy to Share. With this, users can customize their devices and change the system settings to a deeper extent. It currently supports the Key Café, Theme Park, LockStar, NavStar, MultiStar, QuickStar, ClockFace, Home Up, One Hand Operation+ and Sound Assistant apps.

Galaxy to Share: Good Lock Module to share custom settings with our Samsung device

In the future, it is expected that the Camera Assistant Good Lock app will be compatible with the Good Lock Galaxy to Share update. This comes in quite handy when you have multiple Samsung devices; however, this module is available in selected countries.

This is region-locked and has not been launched as a standalone app, so it may not be available for your Galaxy Smartphone. There are various Good Lock Modules available, and these actually improve the user experience while using the Samsung device.

Samsung Good Lock Galaxy To Share (GTS) allows you to sync Wallpaper, Theme, AOD, Launcher, and Settings with your other Galaxy Devices. This app is currently available on the Galaxy Store.

Your Good Lock needs to be updated, and the device should be running One UI 5.0, running on Android 13, and other features are being developed. Samsung is currently rolling out this to a handful of Good Lock Contributors; since this is in the beta phase, users can expect minor glitches, and some functionality might not work.