Samsung has started rolling out the May 2023 software update to its Galaxy S23-series across the globe. The company has already rolled out the update to Europe, and the United States (including carrier-locked phones), and has also started rolling out the update to the Galaxy S23 Series in India. Apart from bug fixes and security updates, there are some new features that will improve the performance and stability of the Galaxy S23 Series, including the Galaxy S23, Galaxy S23+, and Galaxy S23 Ultra.

This update is also starting to roll out in other regions. The company has also improved security by pushing the AWD1 update. Users will be notified about the update, or they can also sideload the update with the firmware. This month, there will be two updates for the Galaxy S23 Series, as some issues still need to be fixed with the update.

Users have been praising Samsung for nearly making the perfect smartphone, especially the Galaxy S23 lineup of smartphones, which features the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gem2 for Galaxy. This also ensures that all three smartphones last impressively long on a single charge. Previously, users have reported issues with the camera, Wi-Fi connectivity, Android Auto, and even the Galaxy Store, but now they are addressing those issues with the latest update.

Samsung’s May 2023 Update to Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus (SM-S916B)

Samsung India has started rolling out the May 2023 update to its Galaxy S23-Series users. The firmware build of the device is PDA build version S911BXXS1AWD1, S916BXXS1AWD1, and S918BXXS1AWD1 for the Galaxy S23, Galaxy S23 Plus, and Galaxy S23 Ultra, respectively. This update was released with a download size of only 350MB, and Samsung might release another update this month to improve the camera performance further, especially the low-light camera performance.


Software update
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 charges. Using Wi-Fi is recommended.
• The security of your device has been improved.
A software update can include, but is not limited to:
- Device stability improvements, bug fixes.
- New and / or enhanced features.
- Further improvements to performance.
To get the best from your device, please keep your
 device up to date and regularly check for software
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Update information
• One Ul version: 5.1
• Version: S916BXXSIAWD1 / S916BOXMIAWC8 /
• Size: 339.33 MB
• Security patch level: 1 May 2023

What’s in the May 2023 update for the Galaxy S23 Series

Several vulnerabilities of the device have been fixed, and it is advised that users update to the latest version as soon as possible because it will offer better optimization and protection against potential security threats. The company has also addressed some Exynos Modem issues, which is a component of the device that allows it to connect to cellular networks and the bootloader that’s programmed to load the device OS when the device is turned on.

This patch includes a total of 72 security flaws, among which 6 of them are labeled as critical and 56 as high. These are considered severe risks to the device’s security. Users who want to download AWD1 in India can download it by navigating to the Device Settings and from there head over to Software Update and then tap on Download and Install to upgrade to the latest version.

After the update, it is said to have improved low-light camera performance, as well as the HDR issue affecting the Galaxy S23 camera experience in some lighting conditions. As some users have reported facing the issue even before this update, the new update should be coming soon, as Samsung reconfirmed this week.

May 2023 Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus (SM-S916B) Security Patch

This security patch was announced and will also be available on other eligible smartphones and tablets that will receive the security patch over the next month or so. This patch includes 4 fixes for 4 Android phones and 2 Samsung smartphones, including critical vulnerabilities, with 56 fixes being high and 10 fixes being classified as moderate. In this, there are 2 vulnerabilities that were also included in the May 2023 security patch by Google, which isn’t applicable to Samsung devices and has already been fixed by Samsung and released in the April 2023 security patch.

  • Galaxy S23 – S911USQS1AWC9
  • Galaxy S23 Plus – S916USQS1AWC9
  • Galaxy S23 Ultra – S918USQS1AWC9

Now, let’s talk more about these security patches. As we mentioned, security vulnerabilities have been found in various components of Galaxy devices and tablets. This includes functionality regarding FactoryTest, ActivityManagerService, Kernel Pointer Exposure in the log file, Theme Manager, GearManagerStub, and the tips app. The May 2023 One UI patch for Galaxy users will fix 21 Samsung vulnerabilities and exposures (SVE), one of which is SVE-2023-0010 (CVE-2023-21489) and allows physical attackers to execute arbitrary code on devices running Android 11, Android 12, and Android 13 with Qualcomm Soc.

SMR May 2023 DO RELEASE 1 didn’t have proper boundary check logic, which allowed the vulnerability to occur. The update adds proper boundary check logic to prevent the vulnerability from being exploited. Another vulnerability is SVE-2022-2946 (CVE-2023-21486, CVE-2023-21485), SVE-2022-2957 (CVE-2023-21487), and SVE-2022-2821 (CVE-2023-21484). Lastly, there is an improper access control vulnerability in App Lock that was allowing local attackers without proper permission to execute privileged operations on Galaxy devices. This includes a handful of more moderated issues fix FactoryTest, Knox Enrollment Service, SemShareFileProvider, ActivityManagerService, ThemeManager, GearManagerStub, Tips, Shannon, Exynos CP chipsets, and more.

In addition to this, an additional security flaw was found in Shannon Modem, Bootloader, Telephony Framework, Call Settings Components, and AppLock access control. This update will bring a powerful and faster experience to the Galaxy S23-Series, including improved battery life. After the update, users haven’t reported any issues that users have experienced lag or stuttering, but it also offers better battery life.

Download Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus S911BOXM1AWC8_INS Firmware | May 2023 Firmware Update

If you prefer a manual update, you can download the official Samsung Firmware from the button below to upgrade your device using a Windows PC.

Note: We strongly recommend waiting for the OTA (Over-the-Air) update to upgrade to the latest version. Only use manual flashing if you are confident about the risks involved. The AndroidGreek Team will not be responsible for any damage caused by using this file.


Galaxy S23 Plus (SM-S916B)

To use the OTA update, you will receive a notification. If you missed this notification, you could check for the update by going to Device Settings > Software Update. You will likely find a Download and Install button if your device has received the update.

The device will receive more improvements over the update in the coming months. The device will receive monthly security updates for at least three years, and after that, there will be bi-monthly continuing updates for the next 5 years.

How to Flash your Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus (SM-S916B)

So let’s begin, starting with downloading the latest Odin:

  • First, you need to enable USB Debugging. After that, download Odin. | Read Detailed Guide here.
  • Download the S23 Stock Firmware.
  • Now move Odin and the Firmware into the same folder on your PC.
  • After that, extract both files in the same folder.
  • Next, connect your device to your PC using a USB cable, press Volume Up, and then use the Volume Down + Power button to boot your device into Download Mode.
  • Use the Volume Up button to continue, and your Odin will now show an IDCOM ID with blue, indicating that your device is connected.
  • Now add the firmware by browsing the firmware files into the designated slot, like AP in AP, BL in BL, CP in CP, and HOME_CSC in CSC.
  • Don’t tick any other option in the options; the only option you need to beat is F. Rest time and Auto-Reboot in the opportunity.
  • Click on Start, and it will begin flashing.
  • That’s it!

It takes some time to load. After it finishes, click “Start,” and it will begin flashing. Your device will now start installing the firmware. Finally, on your ODIN, you will see a confirmation which means you have successfully installed the lates

What We Can Expect with the June 2023 Update to Galaxy S23 Series

Reportedly, Samsung is currently working on software improvements for the Galaxy S23 Camera update that will improve the camera and address the issue regarding the HDR (High Dynamic Range). This update is said to come by the end of June, or it could also come this month, as it’s quite normal for OEMs to release multiple updates over time with some security fixes and optimizations to the device.

Samsung also promises to offer a Double Portrait with the upcoming update. The company is committed to user feedback and tries to incorporate their demands into their product. Looking to introduce the Double Portrait with the update, as competitive as the iPhone camera, it has natural blurs out-of-focus close-up objects and makes the portrait better on iPhone. Apple camera has two zoom modes that include 1x and 2x in portrait mode while Samsung offers 1x and 3x zoom modes. With the Double Portrait on Samsung devices is integrated with enhanced algorithms to deliver better details than regular photo mode.

Download Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus (SM-S916B) Firmware Build S916BOXM1AWC8_INS | INDIA

The June 2023 update uses portrait mode to create a depth-of-field effect in photos, which makes the subject sharp and the background blurred. This gives a similar effect to DSLR cameras. The blurred background makes it easier to focus on the subject of the photos which will please everyone. 2x Portrait mode and the Ultra HDR abnormal issue fix are coming with the next firmware update.

Recently, Samsung confirmed that the upcoming version of Android 14-based custom skin One UI 6 will bring stability, better battery life, and performance that users can expect a better software experience via a major upgrade. This is expected to arrive in the second half of the year.