Samsung rolled out the June 2023 update to the Galaxy S23 Series at the beginning of the month, making it the first smartphone to receive the update. It is packed with the July 2023 security patch. All Indian users have started receiving the update on their devices, and it is also rolling out around the globe, including locked devices.

This update has an installation size of 423.89 MB, and we have included the firmware to download and manually update to the latest version to enjoy all the improved features. With this update, users will have a better experience, and the firmware fixes existing bugs and enhances the overall functions.

  • Galaxy S23 Plus (SM-S916B INS): S916BXXU2AWF3
  • Galaxy S23 Plus ( SM-S916B INS): S916BXXU2AWF3
  • Galaxy S23 (SM-S911B INS): S911BXXU2AWF3

The update is pushed via OTA, which means users can update their device to the latest version by navigating to Device Settings > Download and Install and then clicking on Download and Install. Once it finishes downloading, your device will reboot to the latest version. The changelog for the device doesn’t mention any new features for the camera or gallery, which are most anticipated.

June 2023 Security Patch

The company has brought 50 fixes related to CC Mode, Exynos, and Knox ID alongside regular updates. The changelog doesn’t suggest any new features or improvements to the Camera and Gallery app, as most users have anticipated. However, this update has updated several stock apps. Samsung has made it official that they have updated the Camera and Gallery on the Galaxy S23 Series, adding Photo Mode, improved 2x sharpness for portrait mode, a Zoom icon, and the ability to delete a video clip from a gallery of motion photos at once.

Apart from this, the update has also added Wide-Distortion correction to Photo Remaster and an adaptive Pixel off-camera assistant. Yes, there is optimised camera quality and performance of the application processor to improve sensor characteristics and image quality. You can try out the new 2x Zoom icon for 2x Portrait mode shooting and improved sharpness for 3x shooting in low-light conditions.

What’s New with the July 2023 Update on the Galaxy S23 Series?

These updates have been delayed. They were initially expected to be released in May 2023, but due to some technical errors or bugs, Samsung released this update this month. The update focuses on 2x zoom for portrait mode, fixed camera autofocus issues, better night mode processing, smoother OneUI transition animations, and subtle improvements to haptic feedback.

  • Motion photos can now be deleted from the gallery at once.
    • To use this feature, simply open the gallery and tap on the magnifier that appears in the upper-right corner.
    • Tap on “Select Motion Photo” from the photo type and then select photos.
    • Choose the “More” menu, and then tap on “Delete Video Clips.”
  • The photo remaster has been updated.
    • This is another new feature where they have corrected the distortion of people at the edge of the image with the wide-angle lens.
  • Correct the distortion of people at the edge of the screen while using 1.5x zoom to 1.5x zoom with the wide-angle lens.
  • Allow users to disable adaptive pixels.
    • This feature is used to automatically adjust the optimal pixel to the characteristics of the landscape and brightness environment when taking high-pixel shots in Camera Assistant.
  • Improved HDR composition.
    • Previously, there were errors where the camera on the device would occur intermittently when shooting in backlight conditions after selecting speed priority in-camera assistance.
    • To use this feature, open Camera Assistant and then head over to Capture Speed.
    • Next, choose “Select Speed Priority.”
  • The update also improved the sharpness when recording at 0.6 Super Steady.
  • Also, an updated optimised near-sharpness mode preview moves smoothly when moving the device left and right in low light.
  • Improved colour and sky expression in high-pixel shooting in Photo Mode.
  • Optimised to minimise colour shift when switching lenses from wide-to-telephoto on certain solid-colour backgrounds.
  • Samsung also fixed the camera’s viewfinder, which appeared to be jittery, and this update fixes it. Also, for high-resolution images, the rendition of colour and sky has been improved, and this also minimises the colour shift on certain solid colour backgrounds, which brings consistency in colour when switching primary and telephoto cameras.
  • Furthermore, this update also made improvements to the Emergency SOS feature, which always remains active and gives users the option to enable or disable the countdown function. This enhances the location confirmation accuracy feature that helps with an emergency rescue.
  • Samsung also changed the requirement for power key presses from three to five for emergencies, which is directly in line with Google’s stock Android applications.

Samsung Galaxy S23: Users Report Battery Drain after the June 2023 Update

The Galaxy S23 series has been well-received by its users for its all-day battery life. However, after the recent updates, some users have reported that the performance and efficiency of the device are not as great as they used to be. Additionally, users have been experiencing battery drain after installing the latest update on their devices.

June update draining battery
by u/dalower72 in GalaxyS23Ultra

A lot of people have reported the same issue, which occurs after installing the June 2023 update. This issue is occurring across the Galaxy S23 series, including the Galaxy S23, Galaxy S23 Plus, and Galaxy S23 Plus. The screen-on-time (SOT) on your device has decreased compared to before and has a major impact on battery life.

Download Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus S916BXXU2AWF3 INS Firmware | July 2023 Firmware Update

If you prefer a manual update, you can download the official Samsung Firmware from the button below to upgrade your device using a Windows PC.

Note: We strongly recommend waiting for the OTA (Over-the-Air) update to upgrade to the latest version. Only use manual flashing if you are confident about the risks involved. The AndroidGreek Team will not be responsible for any damage caused by using this file.


Galaxy S23 Plus

To use the OTA update, you will receive a notification. If you missed this notification, you could check for the update by going to Device Settings > Software Update. You will likely find a Download and Install button if your device has received the update.

The device will receive more improvements over the update in the coming months. The device will receive monthly security updates for at least three years, and after that, there will be bi-monthly continuing updates for the next 5 years.

How to Flash your Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus (SM-S916B)

So let’s begin, starting with downloading the latest Odin:

  • First, you need to enable USB Debugging. After that, download Odin. | Read Detailed Guide here.
  • Download the S23 Stock Firmware.
  • Now move Odin and the Firmware into the same folder on your PC.
  • After that, extract both files in the same folder.
  • Next, connect your device to your PC using a USB cable, press Volume Up, and then use the Volume Down + Power button to boot your device into Download Mode.
  • Use the Volume Up button to continue, and your Odin will now show an IDCOM ID with blue, indicating that your device is connected.
  • Now add the firmware by browsing the firmware files into the designated slot, like AP in AP, BL in BL, CP in CP, and HOME_CSC in CSC.
  • Don’t tick any other option in the options; the only option you need to beat is F. Rest time and Auto-Reboot in the opportunity.
  • Click on Start, and it will begin flashing.
  • That’s it!

It takes some time to load. After it finishes, click “Start,” and it will begin flashing. Your device will now start installing the firmware. Finally, on your ODIN, you will see a confirmation which means you have successfully installed the lates