The Google Pixel 7a is one of the best smartphones in its segment. You won’t find any ads or bugs; it has great haptics. It offers one of the best software experiences and is best-in-class for its camera. However, this device has some issues. Despite this, it is a go-to recommendation for general users.

What’s Best in the Google Pixel 7a?

This device has one of the best cameras, which gives great detail. Skin tones are far better than others. When it comes to dynamic range, exposure, and ultra-wide angle, they are well-balanced and offer great consistency across all sensors. Even with the zoom lens, it performs extremely well regarding camera consistency indoors and outdoors.

You will get a good experience while playing BGMI with smooth settings. You can play games at a consistent FPS (60 fps) for over an hour. However, there could be some brightness decreases or minor frame drops, but that’s a common thing.

Issues with the Google Pixel 7a

When it comes to the front camera, it slightly decreases low-light performance and adds sharpness, but you won’t have any issues with that. The device also has an option for 4K @ 60 fps support but may struggle because, within a few minutes, it switches to 4K @ 30 fps because of heating issues. Because of such heating, it also affects the battery charging, which supports 18W fast charging, but because of the heating issue, it switches from 18W to 12W–13W, which takes almost 2 hours to charge from 0 to 100%.

Heating is an issue with this device. Despite the Pixel 7 has the same SoC, this specific Google Pixel 7a heats up a lot. For this reason, the company has also included a larger heat sink for better heat management. The SoC for this device is a binned processor, which means it has minor defects, as reported.

Some users have also reported having issues with the network. Call drops are a major issue with this device. It won’t resolve if you try troubleshooting, as this is a hardware problem, and only troubleshooting can fix software issues. This isn’t new; Google has had this issue since the Google Pixel 6a.

Google Follows the price drop trend after a Few Months of launch.

This is the only device in this segment that can match the Google Pixel 7a. This device costs Rs 40,000, but within a few months, it is expected to be available for Rs 30,000. We have a proven track record of price drops for Google Pixel smartphones. With the price drop, this device’s value will surely go up.

Don't buy the Pixel 7A now; wait for the price drop to buy it for under Rs 30,000 with discounts.

For instance, the Google Pixel 6a was initially available for Rs 43,999, but later the device was available for Rs 31,999. You can even get the device with a discount for as little as 28K, but the average price is around 30K.

Don't buy the Pixel 7A now; wait for the price drop to buy it for under Rs 30,000 with discounts.

Despite issues related to heating, it handles everything smoothly. When this device comes close to Rs. 30,000, buying the Google Pixel 7a makes more sense. With the camera and software, the value of the Google Pixel 7a is high, and in this price category, there won’t be any smartphone that could compete against the Google Pixel 7a. However, if you want to buy the Google Pixel 7a, wait for the price drop. Otherwise, you can buy the OnePlus 11R or the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE.