You might be surprised to learn that if you are looking to buy a smartphone Rs 41,000 ($500) and get the incredible Samsung Galaxy A54 5G, you are taking the wrong decision. Because the Galaxy A54 5G has just been out for 3 months, it has a lot of great specs that compete with today’s technology trends. There is something better out there if you look at the newly re-newed Samsung deals to see what is available.

Best smartphone under ~Rs 41,000 ($500) is the renewed Galaxy S22, not Galaxy A54!

Specifically, I’m talking about the renewal Galaxy S22 deals currently at that price, even if you already have your best phone but wish to purchase it as a secondary. According to Samsung’s US CRN, the re-newed online store offers the Samsung Galaxy S22

 128GB variant for $494. While the Galaxy A54 5G can easily be grabbed for $449. I know there is a difference of $45, and S22 is a re-newed version. The $45 difference does not matter; let’s see how.

The best Smartphone under $500 is the Re-Newed Galaxy S22, not Galaxy A54!

Buying a phone feels good, but only when you spend on the right deal. And going through research, we found people are considering buying Samsung Galaxy A54 5G under a $500 budget, and it’s a worth device you should buy. Nonetheless, that deal was worthless when Samsung’s US CRN (Certified Re-Newed) online store did not offer Galaxy S22 for $494. The A54 5G deal seems expensive now because, with just $45, we get a lot with Galaxy S22.

A Galaxy S22 has many more advanced features than the A54 5G, including Wireless Charging, Less Weight (168g), Better CPU, and Different AMOLED support. Samsung Certified Re-Newed inspects the phone with 100+ tests and provides a 1-year warranty. As an average user, it might be challenging to decide which is best. Samsung’s CRN is no doubt the best. So, below, we share a few parameters you can use to determine whether buying Galaxy S22 Re-Newed is better or not.

Build Quality & Premiumness

The Galaxy A54 5G offers several benefits at such a low price point and even looks good. The Galaxy S22, on the other hand, speaks volumes regarding build quality. The Galaxy S22 will last longer than the A54 5G since it is built with a solid frame of tough armour. Apart from build quality, we have plenty of colour options with the Galaxy A54 5G. However, being part of Samsung’s S Series, the Galaxy S22 looks more premium and expensive than ever.

Processing power

With Galaxy A54 5G, we have a decent CPU processing speed of 2.4 MHz Octa-core processor, formally Exynos 1380. I agree with you that this processing speed is sufficient to deliver the best experience. But if we look at today’s normal user usage and application requirements, the Galaxy S22’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 provides excellent processing support. You will be pleased to know that even though Galaxy S22 is one year old, it can process things 2-3 times faster than A54 5G.

Wireless (15W) & reverse charging (4.5W)

Even if you spend $449 to buy Galaxy A54 5G, you don’t get wireless and reverse charging support. But by spending $45 extra along with a better processor, you will get dynamic charging features. With this, your productivity will increase as you get more confidence in using your battery. Galaxy S22 has a smaller battery than the A54 5G, but now that it comes with wireless charging, things have become more manageable, so getting a new Galaxy S22 seems more appealing.

Shoot 8K videos with Auto HDR.

Who wants a new phone that does not bring better quality videos? But if you opt for Galaxy A54 5G, you will surely lose 8K support on your phone. Because with Galaxy S22, you can shoot 8K 24fps videos with Auto HDR Support, and the rest videos’ quality is the same as A54 5G. Spending an extra amount on such an old device for 8K video support seems the outstanding deal ever.

Additionally, the Galaxy S22 has some better features than the A54 5G, including an IP68 rating (0.5m extra water resistance), a 10MP Telephoto lens, an Always On display, a Colour Dynamic 2X AMOLED display, as well as other features. A few things make Galaxy A54 5G stand out, including a 5000mAh battery, memory card support, 32MP front camera, and Wi-Fi. To be honest, I think these things don’t surpass the Premiumness of the S22. After all, it has all the required features of A54 5G, extra features, and Samsung Support.

Best smartphone under ~Rs 41,000 ($500) is the renewed Galaxy S22, not Galaxy A54!
Best smartphone under ~Rs 41,000 ($500) is the renewed Galaxy S22, not Galaxy A54!

From the above analysis, the Galaxy S22 seems more worthwhile. Because there is just $45 extra spent on Galaxy S22. And you can see what can fill the extra gap of $45. These additional features will significantly help you as Galaxy S22 runs longer than Galaxy A54 5G. Now the choice is yours regarding which deal you should opt for. But if you look over the value for money deal, obviously Samsung Galaxy S22 re-newed purchase becomes more worth the deal, so don’t be delayed; just grab the deal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is better than Samsung A54?

Ans. There are many phones better than A44 5G, but if a user plans to buy it, then buying Galaxy S22 Re-Newed seems a more worthy deal.

Q2. Which phone is better, Samsung S22?

Ans. Of course, the successive Galaxy S23 series is a more advanced and feature-loaded variant.

Q3. Which series of Samsung is best?

Ans. Samsung’s S Series looks more interesting, and the premium phones section.

Q4. Is Samsung S22 good or bad?

Ans. Samsung S22 seems the best compact device and has such features as today. Even it’s pre-owned units seem worth the deal.