If you have been an iPhone user for a long time and are wondering whether you should upgrade to the latest iPhone or the greatest Android smartphone, Samsung’s Galaxy S23 series, you may have noticed that this year they have done so well that many people are considering the Galaxy more than before.

Considering that the Galaxy S23 series beats the iPhone’s battery and display and has a more modern design than the outdated iPhone, the Galaxy S23 Ultra is as good as the iPhone Pro Max. Let’s check out the differences and why you should consider switching to the Galaxy S23 series from the iPhone 14 series.

Transfer all your information.

First, you may wonder what happens to all your data if you switch from an iPhone 14 Series to a Galaxy S23 Series. You can transfer all your data from your iPhone to Samsung.

  • It all starts with removing the SIM card. That shouldn’t be an issue for anyone since it’s definitely one of the easiest parts.

Now, let’s transfer all your data. Open Smart Switch will help you migrate all your data from your iPhone to Samsung. You need to connect your Samsung device to your iPhone via a USB cable for faster storage transfer. However you can even transfer your data wirelessly, but I recommend a USB cable because it’s faster and more reliable.

It can take some time, depending on your data size. The process is seamless. However, we suggest you be patient because it could take longer. Also, you need to re-authenticate all your banking apps for security reasons.

Note: Unlocking all your notes and hidden albums on your iPhone before transferring. If you lock them, Samsung’s Smart Switch won’t transfer data.

Honeymoon Period with the Galaxy S23 Series

We all love experiencing new things when we first get them, and the same applies to your Galaxy S23 device. You won’t have difficulty using the Galaxy S23 because navigation is similar to an iPhone.

  • If you choose the Galaxy S23 Ultra, this is something different for iPhone users. The S Pen is handy and can help you take screenshots with Smart Select and do many different things. However, most users use it less than they initially thought.

Camera settings

Yes, you have camera settings baked into the camera software itself. Unlike the iPhone, where you must go home, open settings, find the camera application, and then tweak settings.

  • However, there are some things that the iPhone does better, like adjusting the flashlight, which you can simply do with the control center. However, on Samsung, you must first tap, hold, enable, and adjust.
  • Tap anywhere in the status bar to automatically navigate to the top. This is something we need on Android too. Samsung says you want to scroll up, so you must scroll to the top.

Although the Galaxy S23 series lacks those features, it compensates with its customization options.


This part is similar to the others. Last year, Samsung and Apple both released massive customization updates. You can get similar customization results, but Samsung has more customization options than Apple. Even basic settings allow customization options, like custom call screen backgrounds.

  • Keyboard customization: This is another area Apple has criticized, and even Android phones don’t have it. A custom keyboard can be created with the KeyCafe to add to your Good Lock Modules.
  • Customized Ringtone: It’s easy to customize a ringtone.
  • Gallery widget: This is another area where Samsung leads. Besides adding custom images, you can also use PNGs that look cool and original without downloading a third-party app.

Samsung’s Stocks App is better than Apple’s.

It comes packed with native apps like these. Some iPhone apps feel outdated, while Samsung keeps updating their stock app with new features.

  • Custom Icon and Name for Folder: Create a folder with a custom icon and name. This is similar to a locked app where you can hide sensitive information. You can even lock it and customize it to blend with other apps on the home screen.
  • Samsung Note: There are many features, like highlighting text, changing text size and alignment, and more. However, Apple Notes wins in one area: syncing notes to the Mac. The Galaxy S23 can’t sync your notes.
  • Multiple Timers: This year, iOS 17 brings multiple timer options, but until then, only the Galaxy S23 and other Androids have this feature. They all run simultaneously.


Apple is improving its camera, but the Galaxy S23 Ultra wins. Let’s talk about this cool feature.

  • Double-tap to open Camera: I generally use the double-tap power button to enable the flashlight, but you can actually double-press the power button to open the Camera app. The 200 MP camera will surprise you as it holds more details and clear shots of low-light and daylight images without any problem.
  • 100x Zoom: Whether you use it or not, you have 100x Zoom with the Galaxy S23 Ultra.

Where the Galaxy S23 Ultra loses is the iPhone 14 Pro Max video. To date, the iPhone wins the video-recording game, and that’s not to say the Ultra’s footage is unprofessional. It’s just that the iPhone’s exposure, stabilization, and image quality are better. This is the default mobile camera for most content creators.


In comparison, both phones are large, but the Galaxy S23 Ultra is slightly taller than the iPhone. Even though it’s only fractionally larger, it feels much more substantial because of the iPhone’s “Dynamic Island” notch. I only heard a few reviewers mention that it’s useful in more ways or that they’ll miss it if they switch to an Android device or even an iPhone that doesn’t have Dynamic Island.

  • Despite the Galaxy S23 being larger, its weight is less than the iPhone’s. The Galaxy S23 weighs 237 g, whereas the iPhone 14 Pro Max weighs 251 g.
  • Faster charging: The Galaxy S23 Ultra charges 2x faster than the iPhone, with the Galaxy S23 taking 1 hour and 10 minutes instead of 2 hours and 15 minutes to charge from 0 to 100%.


Samsung has really improved its ecosystem over the years. For example, you can easily share content from your Galaxy S23 with another Galaxy Tab.

  • Quick Share: This is another very helpful feature. If you want to share something with your iPhone or computer, you can use Quick Share to generate a link or QR code. The other person can then scan the code or use the link to download the content.
  • Dex: This is another advantage of Galaxy S23 phones. You can use your phone to connect to a TV or smart monitor and use it as a computer. It is even well-designed to compete with the Chromebook. Your go-to computer is really useful in many situations. If it can handle your daily tasks easily, it’s an excellent device.

The Samsung ecosystem is feeling good. If you use a Windows computer, you are even better off. Phone Link works better with Samsung devices, helping you run apps, make calls, read messages, even send iMessage replies to your friends, and view photos. But if you have a Mac, you will struggle.

What’s missing from the Galaxy S23 Ultra or Galaxy S23 Series?

  • Face ID: Even with the Face Unlock feature, iPhone Face ID has better accuracy and speed. Certain apps don’t function with Face Unlock because Samsung’s ultrasonic fingerprint scanner is more secure.
  • Quick Search: You can search instantly on your iPhone, whereas on the Galaxy S23, you can only search by opening the drawer and then searching. This actually makes a difference, even though it’s small.
  • Mute Button: Having a mute button on the iPhone is so useful. You can mute the Galaxy S23 from Quick Settings, but having a dedicated mute button is handy.

There are few things to mention. If you have extra benefits over some minor things you don’t need, the Galaxy S23 is great. If that doesn’t matter to you, thanks for being with us. Share your queries in the comment section.