If you have a monitor that supports HDR (High Dynamic Range), it means that there is a wide range of color and contrast available. An HDR monitor gives you more realistic color tones and detail in the white and black areas.

However, you have not enabled HDR on Windows 11 to take advantage of better color, contrast, and luminance. This article will share a guide on improving your viewing experience.

Windows 11 HDR functionality

There are a lot of improvements in Windows 11 compared to Windows 10. With a capable monitor, you can get the best experience it can offer. HDR is not something you need for regular computing, but it is recommended to enable it if you have an HDR-capable monitor. Windows 11 also has the Auto HDR feature.

How to enable HDR on Windows 11

To use this feature, you need to have an HDR-capable monitor. Follow these instructions.

  • Open Windows Settings and go to System.
  •  Select Display and choose the monitor on which you want to enable HDR.
  •  Under the Brightness & Colour section, you will find an option to toggle the Use HDR switch. You can also toggle Use HDR Settings.
  •  You can also toggle to enable HDR video streaming and Auto HDR, which allow you to play compatible video streaming and enhance SDR games with HDR quality, respectively.
  •  Below is also a slider for the brightness of SDR content to adjust SDR content.

You can use the same steps to disable HDR on Windows 11. To better use Windows 11 HDR, you should calibrate the display. You can also use wallpaper to apply on Windows 11.