HDR monitors provide fantastic video quality, and Microsoft is also pushing HDR display support with Windows 11. So, if you have been using an HDR display on your laptop or computer, you should know that HDR stands for High Dynamic Range, and this feature is supported on the display itself and cannot be added with third-party support.

Today, in this article, we will share how you can calibrate your HDR display on Windows 11. For some reason, it is now built into the Windows 11 settings. Let us look closer at how you can get the best video quality possible when streaming HDR videos or playing games.

How to Calibrate Windows 11 HDR on Display

There are many tools available for Windows 11 to offer the best HDR video calibration. We recommend downloading and using the Windows HDR Calibration Tool to calibrate the HDR monitor on Windows 11.

How to Calibrate Windows 11 HDR on Display
  • Download the Windows HDR Calibration Tool from the Microsoft Store.
  •  Launch HDR Calibration and click on “Get Started.”
  •  Next, you will see a slider on the bottom for the minimum luminance, which you have to use to adjust until the window is not visible to your eyes.
  •  After that, click “Next,” and then there will be an adjustment for maximum luminance. Use the slider to adjust until the window isn’t visible and is entirely white.
  •  Now, there will be a slider for color saturation. Use the slider until you feel the colors are right for you.
  •  It will create a profile for you to use. Confirm your profile name and click on the “Finish” button.
  •  Click on “OK.” That is it!

Once you set it up, your display will automatically enable the HDR calibration profile. You do not have to worry if you own a dual monitor; in that case, you must run the calibration for that display.