WhatsApp Web, the desktop version of the popular messaging app owned by Meta, has recently implemented a new feature to enhance its security measures further. Initially released for Android and Windows in 2015, WhatsApp Web has expanded to support iOS and other platforms. This convenient tool allows users to scan their account’s QR code and access WhatsApp conversations on their PCs.

While WhatsApp Web is already considered safe for various devices, Meta has added an extra layer of protection. Recently, they quietly introduced a browser extension designed to provide an even more secure experience for WhatsApp Web users. Although the release of this extension has been kept low-key, we are here to guide you through its features and functionality.

WhatsApp Web introduces a code verification feature for enhanced security.

Since its launch, WhatsApp Web has remained unchanged regarding its security protocols. However, some users have unfortunately fallen victim to hackers attempting to bypass WhatsApp Web security measures by using third-party URLs in their browsers. Recognizing this concern, the WhatsApp web developers have introduced a new extension.

This new extension includes a code verification feature that verifies the integrity of the QR code displayed during the sign-in process. It also scans the entire page for suspicious activity and provides a clear security status indicator in either green or red. A warning will be displayed on your browser’s toolbar if any potential threats are detected.

Moreover, this new extension is an open-source license presently available for Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Mozilla Firefox. From these embedded links, download a particular browser extension and install it. After that, check if the extension settings are active in the browser’s main settings. Following this, whenever you open a WhatsApp web page, it will show a green or red symbol to verify that the page is fine or suspicious.

Which browser is compatible with WhatsApp Web?

As a desktop version, WhatsApp Web needs supported browsers to run it. According to the official page, WhatsApp Web is compatible with all major browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, Opera, and more. So, use these compatible browsers to run WhatsApp Web efficiently.

Does WhatsApp Web work in incognito mode?

Yes, WhatsApp Web can even work in incognito mode. For that, you need to pass through the three-dot button—further open incognito mode. Next, follow the procedure you usually perform to open WhatsApp Web.

Conclusively, WhatsApp Web was already a secured service by Meta. But there were chances to bypass such barriers in your browser. Keeping that in mind, developers have added a code verification feature that verifies your complete WhatsApp web page, including the QR code. Also, it pre-displays the page’s security before using it.