Meta’s owned WhatsApp is focusing more on its desktop version, and recently, WhatsApp was found to have added an early-access “Join the Beta” option. The company aims to offer a native solution for WhatsApp users, as they predict it will be used more. Additionally, the company wants users to use the WhatsApp Web client downloaded from the Microsoft Store.

Now, the company has recently started experimenting with a green tint color on Apple computers. The new feature of the device for WhatsApp Beta for Mac has an updated new green tint color in its interface. The visual appearance of the app has more green color elements and could also be used to highlight certain elements on WhatsApp, just like the company’s offering on the WhatsApp app on mobile.

The new app is built with Apple Catalyst, following a previous web-based version, which brings the three-panel interface to make it easier for users to navigate and use. Meta has yet to announce the official WhatsApp iPad app, which has been rumored to be released for years. With the release of the new Catalyst-based macOS, it is a sign that the iPad app could still be on the way.

WhatsApp Beta on macOS to improve user experience with more green color

This update is available for beta testers with the macOS 23.7.0 and newer versions of the app. With the recent update, Meta has made several changes to improve the WhatsApp user interface to its native application on macOS. One of the most notable improvements over the previous build is the title bar from the app appearing on the top of the app that displays the name, minimize, maximize, and close buttons. This gives more room to WhatsApp with space to display messages and conversations.

The WhatsApp Beta app now has a green-tinted interface on macOS
[Courtesy: WABetaInfo]

To make the app more native to WhatsApp on Mac, the company has redesigned several icons of the app, like the settings, call icon, and some other icons that match the design language of macOS. This gives users a more consistent and cohesive visual experience. Additionally, there are other changes like the font or layout that could be introduced with the beta update. The new green color for the interface will be available to everyone after installing WhatsApp Beta for macOS from the TestFlight app and the official website, as they are also available in the stable release of the app.

This makes the app more clutter-free and easier to use with the WhatsApp Beta on macOS. Green is now the primary color on WhatsApp, which is the most noticeable change. The primary color of the app has been updated. Previously, the buttons and the interface elements were blue on iOS, which now appear green on macOS. The changes on the app affect the entire visual appearance of WhatsApp, keeping the app fresh and updated. It also looks more pleasing to the eyes. As always, green color always has a positive response to the eyes, and this is suggested to users.

The WhatsApp app on macOS has undergone changes to differentiate it from the iOS app, which also has its own distinct visual design. Additionally, the macOS’s WhatsApp app is built using Catalyst, which allows developers to use iOS code to create WhatsApp for macOS. The app is still based on iOS code, but Meta’s developers have undergone significant code rewrite to ensure the app has better compatibility with the macOS environment. Developers have also made several adjustments and optimizations to work better on macOS. This will lead to the app having an overall improved user experience.

The WhatsApp native macOS app will continue to receive updates, which will allow users to expect ongoing improvements that could further enhance their experience when using the app on their Mac computers. This update is to improve the user experience of the app on macOS. This update will be available for some beta testers with the update. Do note, this isn’t available to everyone and will be enabled for your WhatsApp account.