Recently, some users noticed that the WhatsApp icon changed from green to grey. The company plans to end its support for the WhatsApp Desktop. It is advised that users download the latest version of WhatsApp from the Microsoft Store. Don’t worry; the latest version of WhatsApp is released for the public and has all the features of the WhatsApp Desktop app.

Meta’s owned chat service, WhatsApp, is experimenting with Beta Programming for the WhatsApp Web Client. This will allow WhatsApp users to try features before the company starts rolling out the update to the general public. So, by doing this, the company can start testing and gathering feedback to address issues before public release. The company wants its users to move to the native version, a different version of the WhatsApp Desktop app but designed for Windows OS with better performance and optimization.

WhatsApp Desktop added “Join the Beta” under Help Setting.

The company has added a “Join the Beta” button in the help settings. This will allow users to try out the new features before they are released to the general public. However, this feature wasn’t previously offered for the web client. With the button, you can sign up for the WhatsApp Beta program for the WhatsApp Desktop client. However, it still needs to be confirmed which features are reserved for Beta and how long it takes to have this option on everyone’s WhatsApp. But surely, as Beta aimed, some features will be reserved for the testers.

WhatsApp is testing a feature that lets users join the beta program for the web client and report messages to group admins.

Despite the uncertainty, WhatsApp still values the feedback and bug reports that beta testers provide by offering a beta testing program for WhatsApp Web. Users can join the Beta directly from the WhatsApp Web Client, and this update will likely be expanded to more users over the coming days.

As the company has recently introduced using WhatsApp on up to 4 devices, this Desktop Web client is particularly important because the WhatsApp Desktop app will soon be officially deprecated. This means that in the future, WhatsApp Web will become the primary way for users to access their WhatsApp account on a computer or laptop.

Admin Review in WhatsApp Beta

WhatsApp rolled out the new version of WhatsApp Beta, which you can download from the Google Play Store by joining the Play Beta Program. With this new feature, users can report messages to group admins so that if some users have any issues, they can report any violations of WhatsApp’s policies or if the message is offensive to the group admin for review.

WhatsApp is testing a feature that lets users join the beta program for the web client and report messages to group admins.

This feature is yet to be released and will be added in a future app update. This feature can only be enabled by the group admin for better moderation of the group, and all the reported messages will only be visible to the group admin within a new section of the app located within group info. Reports will not be visible to other group members. After the admin gets a report for review, they can delete the message for everyone in the group if they believe it is inappropriate or violates the group’s rules.

Lately, WhatsApp gives group admins more control over the conversation within their group and allows them to maintain a safe and respectful environment for all members. This feature is currently in Beta, and once this feature is officially ready, it will be available to all WhatsApp users. This feature will empower group members by allowing them to report inappropriate content to the admin for review, ensuring that the group remains a safe space for everyone.