Do you know? Samsung has its own font called SamsungOne, but it’s not a default font for Galaxy smartphones and watches. However, it is available to use directly from Samsung Galaxy phones and watches. The company might not have made this default because they want to offer a wide variety of font choices by making SamsungOne an option but not the default font.

PSA – Give “SamsungOne” font a try
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It gives users more flexibility to choose the font they prefer. Also, Samsung wants to make this compatible with all different apps and services that are available on smartwatches and Galaxy phones, as they might not think that it is suitable for prime time. So if you want to make SamsungOne your default font, as it looks pretty awesome and it’s a great font that users can enable on their mobile phones, tablets, and wrist wearables.

Samsung Design

The company wants to deliver a connected, universal experience for all products and the website across a variety of contexts. It covers scripts that cover 26 writing systems, which is in more than 400 languages and over 25,000 glyphs. This is quite easy to read and understand with a versatile design regardless of language or writing system, which makes it an amazing choice to be used in products and websites designed by professionals from all over the world.

It’s a modern and stylish font that comes with a clean and simple design language that most professionals and sophisticated images appear by many. Let’s check on how you can enable SamsungOne on your device to use on typeface everywhere.

Which font do you use on your Samsung phone?
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How to Enable SamsungOne Font on Galaxy Phone

  • Open Device Settings and head over to Display.
  • Go to Font Size and Style and from there tap on Font Style.
  • Next, tap on SamsungOne from the list.

That’s it. It takes some time to change the font and style from the same menu. You can also change the font size with the slider by dragging you can adjust the size. So if you want to enable SamsungOne on your watch, then here is the guide mentioned down below.

How to Enable SamsungOne Font on Galaxy Watch

You can enable the SamsungOne Font on your Galaxy Watch4 and Galaxy Watch 5. However, this option isn’t available on the Galaxy Wearable watch. For this, there is a workaround to enable the font on the smartwatch. You need to use WatchMaker or Facer app, which allows you to create and download custom watch faces and also allows you to change fonts. You can also use a custom font that you have installed on your device and from the File Manager app to copy the font file to watch internal storage. Once the font file is on your watch, then you can use the Watch Settings to change the font.

  • Starting with swipe-up or down on Watch Face to open the App Screen and then tap on the Setting icon.
  • From there, scroll down and tap on Display.
  • Next, tap on Font Style and then select the SamsungOne Font.

Tap on apply to change the font size and style from the menu. Similar to mobile, you can use the slider to change the font size according to your preference.