Apple has recently announced the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro Series, bringing minor upgrades over the predecessor. With this device, the company has used a Titanium frame, which does have some issues, such as being more prone to scratches and the paint coming off quite easily. On the other hand, the Dark Version of the device also holds fingerprints for too long, but a simple wet wipe can clean everything off.

Additionally, some concerns have been raised about the device’s overheating issues, which have been fixed with the recent updates. This time, the company has also opted for the USB Type-C. Today, in this article, we will discuss some troubleshooting for the issues mainly caused by several quality control issues from the beginning, which are now rising quite significantly.

iPhone 15 Problems

This year there are many problems, more than usual. Having issues with the new device is understandable, but having issues that cause instability is serious.

Overheating issue

This year, the company has been using the 3nm-based SoC, which is said to be causing the issue. The SoC is not optimized to control the temperature to keep the device as cool as possible. Overheating issues related to Apple’s A17 Pro 3nm are because the other Apple’s A16-powered regular iPhone 15 series works fine.

Apple iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro: In-Depth Analysis, Trials, and Troubleshooting Tips

One of the major reasons for overheating is that the device does not have a good heat dissipation or cooling system, which causes some unexpected heating issues. Apple does acknowledge these issues and has already released a patch via a software update. The company will further optimize the apps and OS to keep the device’s temperature down.

Camera Freezing

Due to direct exposure to sunlight, some devices are causing iOS failure. Both overheating and iOS are contributing to the camera freezing issues on the iPhone 15 series models. Additionally, some reports indicate that Apple has been using bad device batteries. Furthermore, lens flare issues with the iPhone 15 Pro series can hinder the quality of night photography and other low-light/harsh-light shots.

Some users have found that this issue appears when the device uses a telephoto lens. We can expect Apple to fix this issue as soon as possible. Some devices also have rainbow lines in the camera app, which are flickering. App crashes cause this and may be fixed with a software update.

Battery Swelling

This often occurs when you use your device sparingly. Some users have reportedly experienced battery swelling issues. It has not even been a month, but battery swelling is already present, which raises concerns about quality control. As we have already mentioned, there are reports that Apple is using bad batteries in the latest iPhone 15, causing these issues.

Furthermore, the battery percentage also starts dropping significantly after a restart. Apple has not acknowledged these issues yet, but it is a software issue that will be fixed in the coming updates.

Screen and Rear Panel Cracking

Regarding durability, the iPhone 15 Pro series is fragile compared to the previous generation. This year, the company has even used titanium, but it still cannot offer the same level of durability as last year.

In addition, Apple has reduced the repair cost of their devices from $500 to $200. Apple is aware of this issue, so they have reduced the price. It does not mean the device is not strong; it is just that the iPhone 15 Pro series can crack when a certain pressure level is applied.

The green-line issue is another major problem with a software update, where Apple devices start showing a greenish hue all over the screen. You can contact Apple to get a replacement if you have this issue.

Apple interface does not Fill.

Many users need help to go full-screen, especially with apps like Snapchat or similar. This software issue is said to be resolved in the coming months.

Charging Power Bank

Reverse charging is not supported on iPhone 15. However, for some reason, the iPhone charges the power bank instead of the power bank charging the iPhone. This issue is caused by the intelligently recording device, which is lower. So if the power bank has less than 50% charging, then your device will charge the power bank instead of charging itself.

iPhone 15 Series Wi-Fi issue

If you cannot use your device with a Wi-Fi network, restarting Wi-Fi assistance will help you resolve the Wi-Fi connecting issue.

iPhone 15 Series Touch Detection Issue and Ghost Touch

Some users, after booting their phone, iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro Series users, encounter the touch detection issue. Users said the touch is not registering, which mostly occurs in the corner of the display. Some users also said they have encountered Touch Detection issues on the entire screen.

Touch Detection issues and Ghost touch most likely occur because of the software, which means this issue will get fixed by the next or upcoming software update. This issue is not acceptable since it is quite frustrating.

The issue further expands as iPhone 15 Series users face Ghost touch issues. This prevents users from touching or getting registered without touching the device. To resolve this, some said you can fix the issues by replacing the screen guard or contacting Apple Support to get help.

iPhone 15 Pro Screen Burn-in

iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max have a peak brightness of 2000 nits. One of the most common issues with the OLED panel is the ghost image, even when the content has been removed. Even after restarting, this does not disappear.

Apple iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro: In-Depth Analysis, Trials, and Troubleshooting Tips

Screen burn-in issue normally occurs after a long time. Unusually, the recently released iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max started encountering such issues. The issues may happen because of the Display panel. Many raised concerns about the Quality Controls, but the suppliers’ end caused the issues.

If you are one of those who have this issue, then do not worry. A batch of panels has this issue. Some reports indicated that the heating issues cause it as the display panel cannot handle such excessive heat. Due to this, these displays have a sign of burn-in. Apple has not released any report on why this issue is causing it. Users who have this issue can contact Apple Care Services or Warranty to resolve this.

iPhone 15 Pro Series Stuck at 80Hz

The device supports a refresh rate of 120Hz but does not go beyond 80Hz. It mostly runs at 80Hz because the iPhone ProMotion display locks the refresh rate at 80Hz. This causes a lot of jitteriness and inconsistency due to the device’s refresh rate being stuck at 80Hz. This makes the whole device less smooth.

There are several concerns about the iPhone 15 Series, which is concerning. The hardware and software, this time, are not optimized to get the most out of it. However, Apple acknowledges and is trying to resolve or address the issues as soon as possible.