Continuing the same ritual, Apple released the successor to their previous model, the iPhone 14 series, on 12th September. According to them, the iPhone 15 series will receive pre-orders from 15th September onwards and go on sale on 22nd September. This time, the iPhone starts at ₹79,900 and goes up to ₹1,99,900 for the Pro Max version that offers 1TB Internal Storage.

After noting the pricing details, you might be surprised about what is special in this iPhone series as it is more expensive than previous models. On that note, we looked over the special features the device got on which it received such an amount hike. Additionally, we came up with all the special features that significantly changed the history of the iPhone. So, let us discuss some of the best ones.

Top 10 Features of the iPhone 15 series

The iPhone 15 series has four variants: iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus are base models, and iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max are pro variants. Each variant has distinct features depending on how much you are ready to pay. Because the base variant is under the cap of ₹1 Lakh while pro variants are outside of it, alongside these price expectations, people have numerous thoughts about what new things have been added to the iPhone. Let us check them one by one, especially the top 10 Features.

USB Type C Ports

The USB-C ports seem common, or I can say standard USB ports. Apple finally added that type of port to go online with the world instead of continuing their lightning cable. I agree that lightning cable has its benefits, but understand that Type-C has the same functionality. With this port’s introduction, iPhone users can have a new connection even now.

A16 Bionic Chip

Continuing the same habit, Apple introduced a more powered processor as the new iPhone came out. Because the iPhone 15 has numerous functionalities, such as Dynamic Island and computational photography, to make the phone’s processing faster, Apple introduced the A16 Bionic Chip. This new chip showed an overall 10% CPU improvement and clock speed.

Dynamic Island Display

I agree that this feature was introduced in iPhone 14. Nevertheless, this time, developers tried to nurture it more. Because that feature has multiple functionalities and accessibility, Dynamic Island uses more battery, as previously noticed. To treat these issues, Apple made some silent improvements with Dynamic Island and presented it to the globe.

Improved Camera Configuration

The iPhone cameras are known for their clarity, but you should also understand that the pixels are their strength. Like the previous model, it has everything, but it needs a pixel upgrade somewhere. Noting the iPhone 15, developers introduced an improvement in such a section. iPhone 15 series has 48MP and a 5x telephoto lens on pro models. 

Always on Display 

The iPhone users needed an always-on display feature that could showcase important things over the display. Although the feature was also in iPhone 14, that was the time of low-end processor compared to today. Now, with the iPhone 15, we have a new processor, the A16 Bionic Chip, that can handle and optimize the feature more decently.

class="wp-block-heading">Longer battery life

The iPhones have always complained of short battery life compared to the same segment of Android phones. Like with the iPhone 14 series, it was around 20 hours. However, this time, the processor got upgraded, and so on, the iPhone 15 series has the power to handle multiple things in one go. Meanwhile, the iPhone 15 will run longer than the last iPhone.

120Hz Super Retina display

The iPhone runs over its bionic chip, and this year, with the iPhone 15 series, we have an A16 Bionic Chip. It means somewhere the phone has more capability as compared to the previous one. So, if the phone struggles with any downside, it can handle the load and also experience a smooth display running experience along with eye protection; after all, the iPhone 15 series has a 120 Hz Super Retina display.

New Colour options

In iPhones, Colours matter a lot. They charge some more amount, especially for color. It deserves to because color can decide the person’s mood and for which Apple Play its strategies. This year, the Apple iPhone 15 series has five new colors: black, blue, green, yellow, and pink. Remember, these are just options that are getting more flexibility.

Build with Titanium frame.

Comparatively, iPhones are more strong with their build quality than other phones. They always try to make it more rigid. This year, with the iPhone 15 series, they made a titanium frame around the phone’s display and a tough glass over the display. This development made the iPhone 15 series stronger and more durable for several years.

Added new Software features

With the introduction of Software improvement, the iPhone 15 has new features and accessibility. From now on, users will have a Superfast 5G Experience, improved audio quality on phone calls, improved AR, and decent battery management. Specifically, the software upgrade aligned the phone with features that can handle iPhone operations effectively.

I hope you got to know why you should purchase an iPhone, especially this series. Here, we highlighted all the major changes or a few improvements. To understand whether this series needs an upgrade, these were a few considerations on how the iPhone 15 will behave. For better clarity, you can refer to Apple’s official webpage. Apart from this, if any user has a query, ask them below.

Frequently asked questions

Q1. What is special about the iPhone 15? 

Ans. The Dynamic Island and Camera Upgrades are more special ones.

Q2. Is the iPhone 15 or iPhone 15 Pro better?

Ans. The pro model is much better for graphics and gaming as it has more power.

Q3. Why upgrade to the iPhone 15?

Ans. If you want to experience a more powered iPhone with great camera capability, go for the iPhone 15 series.

Q4. Is the iPhone 15 here yet?

Ans. The iPhone 15 series is scheduled for sale on 22 September 2023.