Samsung’s Unpacked event is coming, and it’s mostly confirmed that it will be held on July 26 in South Korea instead of America, where they will unveil their tablets, foldables, and smartwatches, totaling 7 devices. Even the build for the Android 14-based One UI has surfaced, tested by Samsung. Let’s take a closer look at what Samsung has been working on.

Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra

According to reports, the Unpacked Event is scheduled for July 26th, where Samsung will launch seven devices, including foldables, smartwatches, and new tablets, which means the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra. @OnLeaks X @MySmartPrice shares the render of the device, which gives us a glimpse of the device. It looks quite identical to its predecessor, except for the new camera layout, which looks similar to the universal design.

The screen size of the device is similar to the last generation, which means the device still has a 14.6″ WQXGA. Under the hood, the device will have a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8Gen 2 for Galaxy paired with 16GB of LPDDR5X RAM, and it is packed with an 11,200mAh battery, which can be charged with a 45W Samsung Fast Charging solution.

Despite the resolution remaining the same, it will feature a 120% DCP-P3 display, which means it will have a wider color standard than the sRGB. The advantage of an sRGB display is that it shows 25% more colors, so games, especially HDR content, will look much better on this display. Another thing is that it will have an IP68 water and dust resistance rating.

After Google announced the new software-designed layout for tablets, you can expect this device to have a better software experience with Android 14. In simple terms, the Android app will no longer look like stretched apps, and Android will also let users run multiple instances of the same applications, separated across different windows.

On top of that, Google is also trying to give a true computing experience by letting apps support keyboard shortcuts, which are inline with those you get on Windows and macOS. Also, Google is prioritizing desktop-style menus and context menus wherever deemed so, basically making it the best mobile OS for large screens. So after Android 14, these will come with the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra with an update later this year.

One UI 6.0

Google is ready to ship its major software upgrade, which is not only important for users but also for developers. On the same note, Samsung is developing its OneUI 6.0 based on Android 14, and this software will be running on the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S24 Series and Galaxy S23 Series. The company has shared some of the features that are coming with the One UI 6.0.

  • Camera Upgrade: Optimization for the camera that will give even better photos, because Android 14 will come with Ultra-HDR. This means you can view your HDR photos in HDR on the HDR screen of your smartphone display, which means users can now view the full details without the loss of quality. Also, Android 14 will have less processing time, which results in faster shutter speed. This isn’t only for the stock camera but also includes the other cameras like zooming, ultra-wide, and also for the app which uses the camera.
  • In-Sensor Zoom: According to reports, the next update of the Galaxy S23 Ultra will feature a 2x zoom, which will be a 50MP cropping solution and is also expected to be extended to video with a 2x zoom.
  • Better Camera Support for Apps: To make the social media experience better, there will be native night mode support for the apps.
  • HDR10 Video Playback Support: Apps like social media, such as Instagram, TikTok, and more, will offer HDR10 video playback. This feature was already available on iOS, where it automatically brightens up the whole scene. The whole experience is coming natively on Android 14.
  • Generative AI Wallpaper: This was announced during Google I/O. With this, users have to describe a scene, and based on the prompt, AI will deliver a pretty good wallpaper.
  • Compose on Google Message: To make the message app better, there will be an AI-powered message compose that gives good suggestions.
  • Improved Material You Theme Engine: The company is updating its Material Theme engine, which will improve overall theming. Not only this, but the company is also making changes with the lock screen customization, as well as shortcuts, which is something Samsung has already been a part of in Samsung’s One UI 5.1. With Android 14, Samsung will enhance the existing functionality to a whole new level.
  • Live Activity: Google hasn’t shared any details on this, but with the rumors, it is said that Samsung is working on Live Activity similar to iOS. This will be implemented on the AOD, which really looks better, and this is one of the most exciting things.
  • Lock Screen Customization: Google has announced the Emoji wallpaper for the Google Pixel and the Cinematic wallpaper based on device machine learning. Currently, Samsung’s lock screen customization doesn’t have Emoji wallpaper or cinematic wallpaper, so Samsung could implement this.
  • Better Data Privacy: Android 14 is also improving data privacy. With the new prompt screen for privacy, you can see how, where, and why your data can be shared by any particular third-party app.
  • Developer Specific: There are some internal changes for developers so that they can make their app launch faster than ever and have even better control over more sophisticated graphic scenarios in games because Android 14 unlocks better GPU potential.
  • Split-Screen: Android 14 will bring native app pair, which is already available on Samsung, but it will not come natively to Android 14. This means after creating app pair in multitasking, you can appear it from the recent smoothly.

Google is also working on bringing AI functionality with Android 14. Apple is also experimenting with iOS 17, which will have AI functionality. We can expect Samsung to bring some AI functionality to One UI 6.0. Hopefully, Samsung will bring even better AI features. In case you missed it, One UI 6 build is already supported on Galaxy S23 Series, which means Samsung is already experimenting with Android 14-based One UI 6.

Galaxy S24 Design

Samsung has finally achieved a brand identity design, and all the current designs are shared among all their devices, whether it’s Samsung Galaxy M-Series, A-Series, F-Series, S-Series, Fold, or even tablets. Not just that, Samsung’s software also gives the company a whole brand identity and universal design. Rumors already point out that for the Galaxy S24 design, there will not be a major change to the design. Instead, it’s going to be cleaner than ever before.

Samsung is working on continuous zoom, which eliminates the need for a separate zoom camera sensor, which means there will be one less camera. Samsung already has one of the best designs at this point, and they are likely going to keep this design. As for the front, there is no under-display camera, and this technology is going to take at least 2 to 3 years before Samsung decides to make this on their flagship series.

Consider that the front camera is really important, and at this point, devices like ZTE, who released an under-display camera device, can’t offer a great selfie shooter. We are still going to see a punch-hole camera on the front of the Galaxy S24. However, it’s also said that the device will have an upgrade on the display panel. There will be higher brightness and possibly a 144Hz refresh rate display panel.

Galaxy Fold Might Happen in Late July 2023

Galaxy Z Flip 5 and Z Fold will be unveiled on July 26 in South Korea instead of the United States, and the sale will go a week later.

  • Galaxy Z Flip 5: Samsung Dex is coming to the Galaxy Z Flip this year. Despite having the same form factor, the Snapdragon 8Gen 2 will be able to offer Samsung Dex.

Before the Galaxy S24 series, we will have a Galaxy foldable series. According to rumors, these devices are likely to be revealed two to three weeks before as expected. The official launch of the Galaxy Z-Series could happen in late July 2023. Samsung wants to boost profit sales, and there is some really good competition from Google Pixel Fold and Vivo X Fold as well.