Some interesting new rumors and reports have surfaced that are crazy interesting. Qualcomm’s upcoming flagship processor, which will be powering the upcoming Samsung flagship phone, has been revealed. Also, with the combination of Gen 3 for Galaxy along with new electric car technology for longer battery life, we could see serious improvements in the Galaxy S23 Ultra. The leaks for the device are all over the place, and Samsung is about to make some risky decisions.

Galaxy S24 Series have been leaked online months ahead of announcement.

The decisions that Samsung makes will have a major impact on the future of Samsung’s next big flagship. As you may already know, Samsung’s Exynos chipsets are coming back in the future.


Recently, smartphones have been pretty boring for a long time when it comes to design, and there aren’t any innovative phone designs. The Galaxy S23 looks exactly identical to the Galaxy S22 Ultra, which looks similar to the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. When it comes to Pixel and iPhone, it’s even worse. Similarly, the foldable smartphone, the Galaxy Z Fold6, looks identical to the Galaxy Z Fold 4, which looks similar to the Z Fold 3. Notably, there aren’t a lot of things that companies can do with the design of smartphones because there are now full screens upfront, and the only changes they can come up with are redesigned camera modules. The quality of the camera will get a massive upgrade thanks to new ISP and improved software.

The same goes for the upcoming Galaxy S24 design. It’s going to look the same as its predecessor with an individual camera lens at the rear panel and a punch-hole camera cutout upfront. It’s not surprising that Samsung will continue using this since Samsung uses the design for at least two years before making any significant changes. Notably, there will be some slight changes to the design of the Galaxy S24 Series. This year, on the Galaxy S24 Ultra, there will be fewer camera sensors because the company is aiming to bring the continuous zoom camera, and there will not be any new sensor on the device. Samsung will stick with the 200MP primary camera sensor.

Samsung Exynos

Samsung’s Vice President of DS division confirmed that they are pushing the return of Exynos Flagship to the Galaxy S-series. However, there are no products or time mentioned yet, so there is some confusion regarding this. Samsung has released a statement that they are going to stick with what’s best for the consumers, like this year with the Galaxy S23 Series. Competition is a good thing, and that’s why Samsung is keeping the Exynos alive. At the same time, they are not going to compromise the trust they have built with the Galaxy S23 Series, especially with the 8 Gen2 for Galaxy.

Samsung’s MX Division Vice-president says, “We will not necessarily choose Exynos or Snapdragon, but will decide on the best chipset option that we can provide the best experience to the consumers.” This means that whatever the best chipset that is best for the consumer, even if it’s Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen3, that is the chipset that Samsung will use on their future Galaxy smartphone.

Apart from this, Samsung is also working on their 3nm Architecture for the future. Pretty much, that time they take Qualcomm away from TSMC and extend their agreement to a whole new level. Everything the company has been doing with the Qualcomm doesn’t mean they are going to stop their Exynos Chip because the Exynos Soc is indeed a long-term plan.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen3 Specs

Samsung is planning to bring the best performance to the Galaxy S24 Series. This year, the company already outperformed Apple’s Bionic Soc with the Exclusive Qualcomm Soc. So, the upcoming Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 Specs have been surfaced online, and this Soc is looking absolutely beastly. This is the first 3.8GHz – 3.9Ghz Clock Speed that will be specifically designed for the Galaxy S24 Series.

Samsung's Galaxy S24 Series with new battery technology, Snapdragon 8 Gen3, and One UI 6 with Live Activity, as well as the Galaxy Z Flip5 Surfaced online

Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen3 will have 5 performance cores instead of four, with prime X4 CPU cores clocked at 3.7GHz. This is a regular version of the chip, but there will be an overclocked version which will be exclusive to the Galaxy S24 Series. There will be two small cores for efficiency, which makes it one of the strongest GPUs on a smartphone, possibly the Adreno 750.

The company already has the best GPU and aims to offer much more than this. This is still based on the 4nm TSMC process, but it will be a more advanced 4nm and 4P node. Rumors are piling up that Qualcomm will make more specific chipsets for the Galaxy S24 Series, so we can expect the 8 Gen3 and 8 Gen4 chipsets for Galaxy to have even more perks for Samsung phones over other Android manufacturers.

New Battery Technology

Samsung is considering using new battery tech for their upcoming flagship smartphone. As per reports, Samsung could use electric car technology for battery life that we have not seen on any Samsung flagship before. With the close stacking of the material, Samsung will be able to make a 10% bigger battery in the same footprint as the battery that we have already seen on Samsung flagship phones in recent years.

Samsung's Galaxy S24 Series with new battery technology, Snapdragon 8 Gen3, and One UI 6 with Live Activity, as well as the Galaxy Z Flip5 Surfaced online

We can expect a larger battery without affecting the overall size. This stacking method is superior to the winding method that Samsung is currently using, which is basically rolling the battery components into this form factor. By using the new technology, you will see some big battery gains.

Live Activity on One UI 6.0

Qualcomm will be better next year, and also One UI 6.0 will be running on the Galaxy S24 Series. Apparently, it’s quite similar to iOS 16, but there will be some unique features implementing this on the always-on-mode. This will be based on Android 14, and this version of Android will also have better battery life because this OS will reduce the background activity and save battery. It’s definitely a useful feature that Samsung should bring on One UI 6.0.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5

Samsung’s best-selling foldable smartphone is coming with the biggest design change since the original Galaxy Z Flip. This is said to be Samsung’s most beautiful premium phone ever. Unlike the Galaxy Flip 5, this will have a massive design change which comes on the outside of the device. Here, it has a 3.4-inch display, which is the biggest display on its flip phone, and this is unique as the display looks like a folder shape. This means you are not able to do more with the outer display, except for checking notifications, using the back camera for taking videos and photos, along with normal navigation.

Earlier, people had mixed opinions, but people are now pleased with this design change. It’s going to make the Flip stand out compared to other flip phones like Oppo’s flip phone. There is a new orientation for the camera on the rear panel as it is now in a horizontal shape, looking good. Once again, there is a dual rear camera, but there is no dedicated zoom sensor. Instead, you are getting a primary and ultrawide-angle lens, both of which are going to be 12MP camera sensors. The device still doesn’t have the best camera, but with the latest ISP, there will be improvements.

It’s going to be a lot of fun and comfortable to use. As for the front, the device will still come with a 6.7″ display panel LTPO 120, but it does have slimmer bezels than before. The Z Flip 5 still going to have a boxy design that looks premium and still having volume rocker on the right side along with the power button, which also aims to be used as a fingerprint scanner. Galaxy Z Flip5 looks incredible. Apparently, Samsung has doubled the production of Z Flip5 compared to Z Flip5 from last year.