OneUI 6 appears as the latest iteration of Samsung’s custom Android skin. It brings numerous features and improvements to the queue. However, it is currently in beta stage but is sure to be released publicly in 2024. There are numerous features craved by every Samsung user, such as the New DeX (using your phone or tablet like a PC), privacy improvements, and a focus on personalisation, among others.

Apart from the skin, you know a new Android version, Android 14, has arrived. You will be glad to know that this Android version is efficient in numerous ways, such as granular permission control, the Nearby Device API, clipboard protection, background resource management, and many more. Fortunately, by introducing OneUI 6, you will get the benefits of Android 14 alongside it. Here, we will let you know everything about Samsung’s OneUI 6 rollout.

Samsung Unveils Exciting Upgrade: One UI 6 with Android 14 Set to Roll Out Officially in India

Most of the things you know are well known about OneUI 6 and Android 14 because this fact has been in rumours for a long time. But recently, Samsung officially announced some specific details. This includes the exact rollout date and confirmation that your favourite Samsung device will get this opportunity. To elaborate better, we are sharing details in the given sections.

Announcement of the official rollout

Samsung announced the OneUI 6 rollout in late November, and they mentioned that the rollout would start in phases. Specifically, they said it would begin rolling out in phases from December 1st onwards. However, initially, only selected devices were eligible to get this UI, but the number of eligible devices later increased. And now we have plenty of devices to try OneUI 6. All you need to do is find your device in the queue below.

The rollout process in India

You know that OneUI 6 started rolling out in different phases on December 1st. Initially, devices like the Galaxy S23 series, the Galaxy A53 5G, the Galaxy A34 5G, the Galaxy A24, and the Galaxy A52s 5G got to explore this UI. The rollout process is based on OTA (over-the-air) updates that are gradually pushed to eligible users. They need to check for updates in the software update section under settings.

Compatibility and Eligible Devices for One UI 6

As of now, the first phase of the rollout is still ongoing and includes a plethora of devices. However, after looking at the official rollout schedule, we have compiled an inclusive list of devices eligible for OneUI 6. Below is a list of eligible Samsung devices and their scheduled dates.

Scheduled DateEligible Devices
23rd December 2023 Galaxy F54 5G 
Galaxy Tab SG
Galaxy Tab sg 5G 
Galaxy Tab S9+ 
Galaxy Tab S9+ 5G 
Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra 
Galaxy Tab s9 Ultra 5G 
Galaxy Tab S6 Lite 
Galaxy Tab So Lite 
Galaxy A33 5G 
Galaxy A53 5G 
Galaxy M33 5G 
Galaxy M53 5G 
Galaxy Tab S8 
Galaxy Tab S8 5G 
Galaxy Tab S8+ 
Galaxy Tab S8+ 
Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra 
Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra 5G 
Galaxy A52 
Galaxy A52s 5G 
Galaxy A72 
Galaxy Z FliP3 5G 
Galaxy Z Fold3 5G 
Galaxy S21 FE 5G 
Galaxy S21 5G 
Galaxy S21+ 5G 
Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G 
Galaxy A14 
Galaxy F14 5G 
Galaxy M14 5G 
Galaxy Tab S7 FE 
Galaxy A24 
Galaxy Tab sg FE 
Galaxy Tab sg FE+ 
Galaxy Z Flip4 
Galaxy Z Fold4 
24th January 2023 Galaxy A23 
Galaxy A23 5G 
Galaxy F34 5G 
Galaxy M34 5G 
Galaxy F04 
Galaxy M04 
Galaxy Tab A9 
February 2024Galaxy A04
Galaxy A04e
Galaxy A04s
Galaxy F13
Galaxy F14
Galaxy F23 5G
Galaxy M13
Galaxy M13 5G
Galaxy M14
Galaxy M23 5G
Galaxy Tab A9+ 5G
Galaxy Tab A8
Galaxy Tab A7 Lite

User feedback and expectations

Since a few users have already had hands-on experience with OneUI 6, numerous user impressions have been made public. Users praise DeX for tablets and split-screen multitasking, which makes a significant difference. People are seriously enjoying the assistance they receive with it. Many people appreciate the customisation options that OneUI 6 offers for the home screen, notification panel, and more. One notable thing is that people are highly impressed with this UI’s battery life and performance. Overall, the user reactions are positive, except for a few negatives, like bugs, which will be fixed shortly.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the rollout of Samsung One UI 6 with Android 14 in India marks a significant advancement in the user experience. The key features and improvements discussed promise enhanced functionality and performance. Users can anticipate further updates, community-driven enhancements, and continued innovation as Samsung navigates the evolving landscape of mobile technology. The future holds exciting possibilities for the ongoing development and refinement of the user interface, ensuring that Samsung devices remain at the forefront of cutting-edge experiences.

Frequently asked questions

Q1. What is the next UI version?

Ans. OneUI 6 is currently in the beta phase and is expected to be publicly rolled out after February 2024.

Q2. When was One UI launched?

Ans. Samsung introduced it in late 2018.

Q3. Which phones will get Android 14?

Ans. Phones that are flagship in nature will get this.

Q4. Will the Note 20 Ultra get One UI 6?

Ans. Yes, Notet 20 Ultra is included in the list so that it will get OneUI 6.