The UI is the only thing that attracts people to buy a phone. I agree that people also look for the processor and other things, but whatever they see, they consider that only. We all know how the Google Pixel is powered, but the UI could be better, and that’s why very few people prefer it. Taking note, Samsung rolled out another UI update, OneUI 6, and people are eager to know what’s new now.

Because a UI is not only an appearance but also carries more functionality, repositioning options, and others to ease the user, OneUI 6.0, based on Android 14, was released in beta for the Samsung Galaxy S23 and is presently rolling out to other phones. And in between, a few users have experienced it and shared their opinions on it. Taking those views into account and looking at the official notification, here we are sharing some of the best features of OneUI 6.

Top 10 features to try with OneUI 6

After reviewing the features and previous bug improvements, we have found that OneUI 6.0 is a significant improvement for all supported Samsung devices. It includes new widgets with customization options, improved privacy and security features, and many other similar things. From appearance to simplifying the user experience, OneUI 6 is designed to accomplish all these things. To explain to users what is more interesting about OneUI 6.0, we will explain the top 10 features.

Custom Camera Widget

OneUI 6 had significantly changed widgets, especially for the camera, as shown on the Galaxy S23. You can launch the camera in specific modes with just one tap. For example, if you want to open portrait mode, you can use this widget, and the camera will open in that mode. You can also save the clicked photo directly from the same device.

Re-designed photo editing

Inu won’t need to download any photo editing features soon. For the past few years, we have seen significant changes to the photo editor on Galaxy phones. Here, you can do almost everything you would look for in an editing app. With OneUI 6.0, new editing features have been added, such as remastering photos and copying edits from one photo to another.

Optimized Auto Blocker

The new UI has an optimized blocking feature that helps users stay secure from unauthorized access and scams. With OneUI 6, users will see the phone automatically switch on the Auto Blocking feature, which blocks spam and unknown authorization attempts to enter the phone. This reduces the chances of hacking or ransomware, making it a significant step towards user privacy.

Better performance and battery life

This is not a specific feature, but because of OneUI 6.0, things are becoming more evident. So, it is ultimately a feature of this new UI. With the rollout of the new UI, the developers have made additions and designs that have resolved previously reported bugs and improved performance as well as battery life.

Detailed digital well-being

Digital well-being is the best way to track screen time on specific apps. However, it lacks some features. For example, it does not show a particular timer for each app. But with OneUI 6, it is now possible for users to set timers for specific apps. In addition, a new focus mode has been added to help users remain focused while using their phones.

class="wp-block-heading">More personalised assistance

Of course, being a new UI, there will be some changes in appearance. Especially with OneUI 6, users have the flexibility to make changes to things like fonts, themes, and similar others. I agree that these options existed previously, but this time, some new features have been added to the phone that entice all Samsung users to use it as soon as possible.

Added features to the Camera app

The camera is the most significant thing on any phone, and it would be even better if we got more enhancements. The same happened with OneUI 6, as they added some features to the camera app, such as improved low-light performance, new portrait modes, and the new Expert RAW Mode, which gives you more control over your camera settings.

More Cool Lock Screen

OneUI 6.0 has introduced new changes to the lock screen feature, allowing users to add widgets. Along with adding new devices, OneUI 6 enables users to access more features with just one click. For example, the weather app widget on the lock screen provides a more detailed analysis than the previous version. Similarly, other devices can perform various tasks on your phone if they support this UI.

Re-designed Quick Settings

As mentioned earlier, the new UI changes the arrangement of options in the Quick Settings. With OneUI 6.0, users will notice that the toggles are more significant and bolder. Additionally, there is a brightness slider to enhance the user experience. Moreover, users can customize the Quick Settings menu according to their preferences.

More stable multitasking

Multi-tasking has always been a feature of Samsung phones. However, the addition of OneUI 6 has become even more efficient for users. With the new UI, users can run their preferred apps in split-screen mode and receive pop-up notifications. This is especially useful in today’s fast-paced environment, where multi-tasking is required in various situations.

So, we found these features of OneUI 6 to be game-changing, which can change users’ perspectives. If you have a Galaxy S23, you will receive it. For other phones, it is rolling out gradually. Check for updates manually, or the phone will show such updates with its automatic update mechanism.

Frequently asked questions

Q1. What is the highest UI version?

Ans. As of now, OneUI 6.0 is the latest one.

Q2. Why is Samsung’s UI the best?

Ans. Samsung UI focuses on new features along with more security and customization.

Q3. Which is the heaviest UI on Android?

Ans. Of course, Samsung UI because it loads up with new features, improvements, security updates, and many more things.

Q4. Is OneUI better than stock Android?

Ans. Yes, OneUI is better than stock Android, as the difference between Pixel phones and Samsung phones is easily visible.