In the last two years, Google has aggressively worked on AI, which they have been forced to address since OpenAI’s ChatGPT got it. A few features are still left, but those who get them should be part of the beta test. Among the different AI-based features, “Help Me Write” is the one that uses your short description and generates emails in just seconds based on AI. I know for sure that you do not know about such things.

However, since some users find it and know the benefits of it, they crave to use it. Nevertheless, you must become a beta tester to be a part of the beta test. You will get approval to use it further in your mail. However, Google has yet to make much discussion of it, but whatever the present things are, all of them we have taken here. Meanwhile, here we will let you know how to use Help me write in Gmail.

How do I use “Help me write” in Gmail?

On the occasion of i/O 2023, Google announced that the Help Me Write AI feature would be available for Android and iOS users. The developers said this tool is based on generative AI that uses user prompts and prepares instant messages based on AI. However, the feature is only available to Gmail Workspace Lab subscribers (A section of users who test AI products). Whether you are an Android user or an iOS user, you can use the Help Me Write feature.

The concern is how to join it because it is limited to such lab subscribers. For this, the simplest way is to apply for Lab subscriptions and join the waitlist. Once you receive the invitation, you can use the Help me write feature. I know that as a newbie, you can’t do such in-depth steps. We have prepared a few instructions to help you understand the process, from getting the Help me write mail feature to using it, so let us get started.

  • Head to
  • Scroll down and find the Google Workspace AI section.
  • From there, Tap on Join waitlist.
  • Next, Agree to the terms and acknowledgment.
  • Lastly, Submit the request.
  • That is it. You are now a Gmail Labs Subscriber.

After doing these steps, you will have access to all the AI features that Google will introduce in the future. Now, of course, you can also access the Help me write feature. On that note, a concern arises about using it; the simple hack must describe what you want to write in the mail. Furthermore, hit the results button to see the magic. If you do not know, follow these steps.

How to use "Help me write" in Gmail?
  • Open Gmail on your phone or browser..
  • Then tap on the compose option.
  • Under there, besides other options, you will see a new icon of a pen that is none other than Help Me Write AI.
  • Tap that icon, tell the AI what you want to write in the mail, and hit the result button.
  • After a few seconds, you will see the entire email written in clear format.
  • This way, you can use the Gmail Help Me Write AI tool.

Besides that, you can refine such mail with a more straightforward tone using options such as Formalise, shorten, and similar Ones. The best part about this tool is that you can use the same steps on iOS or Android. Meanwhile, the steps to join the Labs workspace and usage are the same for iOS and Android. So this was all about using the Help me write tool on your Gmail. Even after such clarification, if any user finds difficulty, please ask them below.

Frequently asked questions

Q1. Is Gmail Help Me Write available?

Ans. Yes, but only for Gmail Workspace Labs Subscribers.

Q2. Does Gmail have AI?

Ans. It has generative AI that is going through the testing phase.

Q3: Is Alexa a true AI?

Ans. Of course, both are true AIs.

Q4: Is Alexa smarter than a human?

Ans. Not so; humans are superior to Alexa.