Google released its first public Beta of Android 14, Which brings a lot of new functionality to the next major version of the Android Operating system; there is four major release before Android 14 starts rolling out to users. Google Pixel 4a 5G, Pixel 5, Pixel 5a, Pixel 6, Pixel 6 Pro, Pixel 6a, Pixel 7, and Pixel 7 Pro are compatible devices to install Android 14 Beta 1. Beta release as it predicated, Google Android Development cycles seem quite well.

There were two Developer Previews released in February and March, and if you are already in Beta testing or even for the Android 13 QPR Beta program, you can receive the update via an over-the-air update. If you are waiting for the stable release, then expect it to drop in June ahead of Final Release in August. The company hasn’t shared all the improvements; these are shared by professionals, and features have been spotted by users and shared online, Have a look into what’s Android 14 Beta 1 Actually brings.

What’s New in Android 14 Beta 1

Starting with the material, you are now expanding to other parts of Android OS; along with this, there is more customization to look more native to OS. With better privacy features, like now, users can revoke permission at any time and can see the total time of the access microphone and camera by which app.

Giving users more data transparency and graphics capabilities are two of the most notable feature of Android 14 Beta 1.

“Show Weather” in Lock Screen

You can toggle to enable the Show Weather at a glance from Lockscreen settings from Android Settings. However, Android 14 Beta 1 isn’t working on some devices. Alternatively, you can check this from Glance Widgets by toggling “Show Widgets” from Preferences. You can navigate to the Google App > Assistant > Persoonialization > Glance.

Glance Two Lines

In the previous Android 13 Developer preview, Glance weather and time used to be in a single line, but Google reverted it back as users weren’t liking these options.

Transparent Navigation Bar

There is a New Transparent Navigation bar, This support across all applications. This isn’t enabled by default; for this, you need to enable the Developer mode and then enable the Transparent Navigation bar to make the bar background color transparent by default.

Dedicated NearBy in Share Sheet

Google has recently launched NearbyShare on Windows, Looks like the company is now more focused on making a geat-way to share files. Apps can add custom actions by its signals to determine the ranking of the direct share target, as Google has added the ability to add a custom action to the system share sheet. It is said to be more convents and useful with relevant contacts and apps.

Pause and App info switched their place.

This change was also seen in Android 13, as the Pause and App info now switched their place. When you now tap on the App icon, it will show a context menu with some options; the place for the Pause and App INfo switch their places.

Prominent Back

It improves the gesture controls and experience; it now has a Material You designed. Yes, it does include the prominent back while interacting with apps. It’s an addition; it will allow you to see what’s on the next screen before you finish swiping the back.

Per-app language Perfenence

This is one of the major improvements that are likely to b come with Android 14; now, users can choose the language specific to apps. The app will dynamically customize the set language and display it according to the per-app language.

Data Sensitive

Developers can now limit the visibility of their apps’ content to only those accessibility services meant to help users with disabilities, and it is also Mentadent to protect users’ sensitive data from malicious apps. This means Aps can now limit the specific View to only visible for the accessibility service that claims to be helpful to a user with disabilities.

App Cloning

Now you don’t need third-party apps or custom skins to use the clone app as Google will bring the app cloning to Android 14, but it will support a limited number of apps.

Guest Phone app

Now admin users can grant permission to have access to the Phone app and will be able to view all their call history and also be able to make calls.

Secondary Admin Users

In addition to the Guest Phone access, there is an option to make secondary users on a device which is quite useful for tablets that multiple people in the household uses.

Background app installation Page

Now you can uninstall and remove permission from the third-party apps, As Android 14 will now show the app installed by Manufacture pre-installed bloatware and by your carrier.

Game Controller Support

There is support for console controllers like the PlayStation DUalSense Edge and the SteelSeries status plus controller, WHich will improve playing games on Android devices.

Health Connect app

Now Samsung and Google partner to have a native health data hub in device settings; it is quite similar to what Apple has Apple Health. Google is also coming for your Fitbit account this summer, with the transition mandatory by 2025, allowing them to manage the data in the Google Privacy Center to keep track of their data.

Improve Photo Picker

You can now let Android know what photo you allow access to; however, only some apps support this functionality, but Google is likely to enforce the use of the new Photo picture even if an app requires full access to your Photos.

Hearing Aids Page

As a company like Samsung developed an earbud to improve hearing aids, google now adds a dedicated hearing aids page. This gives users improved audio for some hearing devices like Samsung Galaxy Earbuds 2 Pro.

Better Scaling for Fonmts

You can now scale the device text to 200%; apps will dynamically adjust. The battery has major improvements; you can save up to 20% battery with the power-saving mode. Apart from this, For developers, there are new tools for new resizable emulators to test their apps on different screen sizes. Apart from these, some new APIs also include updating apps at less-disruptive times and adding support for grammatical gender. Apart from these, there is a new split up of the ringtone and notification volume slider at long last, and the company is working on Android 14 to kill off the password in favor of passkeys.

Join Android 14 Beta 1

Unlike the Developer Preview, users can join the Beta to install it directly on their device. You can join the program by visiting the Official Beta program or sideloading the Beta on your device. Log in with your Google account and then click on View Eligible device. From there, click on the Opt-in button. After that, Check the checkbox for the I agree to the beta program terms and then hit the confirm and enroll button.

Once you enroll in the Beta, you can check the update by navigating to the Device Settings > System and then the system update from there. With the OTA, you can update your Android 14 Beta 1 without losing the data.

Download Android 14 Beta 1

Beta is available for Pixel device owners and likely to be available for other Android devices in the coming months.

DeviceDownload OTA
Google Pixel 7 ProDownload OTA
Google Pixel 7Download OTA
Google Pixel 6aDownload OTA | Verizon Download OTA
Google Pixel 6 ProDownload OTA | Verizon Download OTA
Google Pixel 6Download OTA | Verizon Download OTA
Google Pixel 5aDownload OTA
Google Pixel 5Download OTA
Google Pixel 4aDownload OTA
Android 14 GSIsARM64+GMS (

ARM64 (

x86_64+GMS (

x86_64 (


Fix: Wallpaper & Style Crash on Android 14 Beta 1, If you encounter this you should head over to device settings and then go to Apps. From there tap on See all apps, and scroll to find the Pixel launcher. Next, Tap on Storage & Cache and then Clear Storage. Now, Choose Delete. Thats it!

Know issue

As this is a beta, there are a lot of bugs, and issues which to be fixed in the coming weeks and with the future build. As of now, there are some known issues with the Android 14 Beta 1, Some of them are listed down below.

  • Credential Manager Platform APIs may cause instability, Fix is been released by Google which causes instability in Apps that used them.
  •  PiP Mode causes a crashing system UI when a video is playing in Picture-in-Picture Mode, This leads to screen flicker when you launch any app. Also, it could be causing issues with gestures within the PiP settings screen as it reverts to the main menu.
  •  Google Play Store hang or crash with Work Profile.
  •  Black screen display after selecting Message option for Recent caller in Google Phone app.
  •  Google Camera Preview doesn’t show a right-preview of an image we just capture instead there is a Green coloured Shade over the image.
  •  As for Developer-Reported issues, Here are the issue ticket #270542759, #270086124#270421757, and #272413362.
  •  Visual Media Permission, Google fixed an issue which caused the app to flicker, Free or media permission when granted partial access to Photo/Video and then later denied the access. This issue was caused by a bug in Android Handles visual media permission. If you still face the issue clear data and cache to resolve this issue.