Samsung and Google have been working on making an integrated place for your health data storage so it can be utilized, making it beneficial for users. Previously, it was too scattered and still it’s not a seamless experience as we have seen with Google launching their smartwatch, but you do require two separate apps – one from Fitbit and one from Google Health.

However, the main health connect platform from Google and Samsung seems to be better with the upcoming Android version. Android 14, where last year at I/O 2022 Google announced a standardized app that will record health and fitness data and a sharing API that will enable users to manage their data and control service access to the data.

Android 14 is equipped with the Samsung and Google Health Connect platform in the System Settings.

It also lifts the complex programming from the Wearable device manufacture. Since now it is more integrated into Android itself and solely responsible for storing and managing user’s health data, it would be a more seamless experience with apps and services. Samsung Health Connect and Google Health Connected appeared on the Google Play version of Health Connect to the system version.

Health Connect (beta)

You can download the Health Connect app from the Google Play Store, and it is supported on devices running Android 9 or higher with Google Play Services. As it has now moved into the system settings, which used to show the sync service as an independent app. Now, it appears in Health Connect within the Device Settings by navigating to Device Settings > Security > Privacy > Health Connect.

According to XDA, the company is shipping this with a Health Connect APEX File which enables manufacturers to roll out the update through bundled packages as Project Mainline modules within the OS. In simple words, the update is coming through Google Play System updates and, since it already exists, Android won’t allow the installation of other apps with the same package name.

We have seen with Samsung that the Google Messages app has been redesigned by Samsung, where Google only allows Samsung to tweak the Messages app with their own likes. But when you go to the Play Store, you see apps already installed. Similarly with the Health Connect, which is built-in within the Android System Settings with Android 14.

However, nothing is going to have any major impact on how Health Connect used to work. However, you can read more about it on how to use Health Connect to sync data from Samsung Health or any other compatible app to Google Fit. Thank you for being with us. We would like to know your valuable opinion and feedback in the comment section below. Stay tuned for more updates in the future.