Google is continuously pushing AI integration into its platforms, putting effort into making its services AI-powered. Recently, they have expanded the SGE to new regions, including India and Japan. Now, the company has integrated its latest AI generative model into Google Keyboard, aiming to fix grammar and punctuation.

The update is available for GBoard v13.4, currently in beta. You will find a new tool in the toolbar. Tapping on it will pop up a disclaimer that shows all the important details. By tapping “Continue,” you can start using the Proofread and Fix It features on Google Keyboard.

How to Use GBoard AI-Powered Proofread

This feature is known as the Proofread option, similar to Grammarly. It helps fix spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors. Proofread appears on the board’s toolbar. From the toolbar, tap on Proofread, and it will process your existing text and give you options to insert.

Along with proofreading, it also shows errors in grammar and punctuation when you write something in the text area. By tapping on the error, it suggests a fix that you can insert. It still needs to be determined how Fix It and Proofread will work when they become available to all users.

Gboard has been updated with an AI-powered feature to proofread and fix text.
Courtesy: 9To5Google

On the right are feedback options like thumbs up and thumbs down. This feature has yet to be rolled out; it is only available to some users in beta and is expected to be available to more beta users in the coming weeks. We can expect Microsoft to have a similar feature rolled out to SwiftKey, as it is one of the most popular keyboards, and Samsung has integrated SwiftKey into their devices.

Google is one of many to release AI into GBOARD. Microsoft recently launched AI into its SwiftKey keyboard, where it offers to change the tone. Meanwhile, Google aims to fix your grammar for you. As always, Google collects and stores your text, and they will train their AI models to improve the experience.