Samsung did introduce the AI wallpaper generator to the Galaxy S24 Series during Unpacked 2024. As of now, it is said to be exclusive to the Galaxy S24, and there is no official announcement when the AI wallpaper generator will come to older Galaxy devices.

Galaxy AI is one of the biggest selling points of the Galaxy S24 Series. However, Samsung has announced that Galaxy AI is coming to older devices, but there is no timeline for when they will roll out. But we do have a workaround to use the AI wallpaper generator on older Galaxy devices. Today in this article, we will be sharing an in-depth guide on using the Galaxy S24’s Generative Wallpaper on your older Galaxy device.

What is AI-generated wallpaper?

It was first announced with Android 14 on the Pixel 8 Pro, followed by the Samsung Galaxy S24 Series. This is one of the coolest features; it allows users to create AI-generated wallpapers using different pre-set keywords on their lock screen, home screen, or both.

We can expect Galaxy AI’s AI-generated wallpaper to arrive on the Galaxy S23 Series but also on other devices. To use this, you require internet connectivity, and the AI wallpaper generator does use “Process (AI) data only on device.”

How to use Galaxy S24 AI-generated wallpaper?

You can’t use your prompt. To generate wallpaper, here are the following instructions:

How to Use the Galaxy S24 AI Wallpaper Generator on Older Galaxy Devices
  • Pinch the home screen, then tap on Wallpaper and Style.
  • After that, tap on Change Wallpaper and choose Creative in the Creative category.
  • From the list, choose categories or themes that you want to apply, like imaginative, night, painting, terrain, mineral, luminous, soft-focus, transparent, and bloom.
  • After this, you have a few pre-defined keywords to choose from, and then tap Generate.
  • Now that you have the wallpaper, tap on Set the wallpaper, either on the lock screen, home screen, or both.
How to Use the Galaxy S24 AI Wallpaper Generator on Older Galaxy Devices

Do note that if you don’t set the wallpaper, that wallpaper will never appear again. In addition to this, you can only generate as many wallpapers as you want, but your device will only show the most recent wallpaper up to 15. The image generated doesn’t appear to be dynamic, but it does look very colorful and sometimes even inspiring.

How to Use the Galaxy S24 AI Wallpaper Generator on Older Galaxy Devices

One more thing to note is that whenever you generate wallpaper, Samsung will put an annoying watermark on it. You can’t save and share the AI-generated wallpaper with anyone, which is a reason why you won’t be able to use the wallpaper on any other device, but there is a sweet workaround.

How to use Galaxy S24 AI-Generated Wallpaper on any Galaxy Device

To use the Galaxy S24 AI on your older Galaxy device, you need to back up your One UI Home Screen, and by restoring the backup on any other Galaxy device, it will then automatically apply.

How to Use the Galaxy S24 AI Wallpaper Generator on Older Galaxy Devices
  • Start by opening the device’s settings, then head over to Account and Backup.
  • After that, tap on Backup Data, ensure the Home Screen Backup is checked, and tap on Backup Now.
  • Next, open your other Galaxy device’s settings and go to Account and Backup.
  • Tap on Access Restore Data, and then select Galaxy S24 Backup.
  • Choose Home screen, then tap on Restore, which will restore the apps to the home screen layout.
  • Once the restore is finished, it will revert. That’s it!

So by using the backup and restore option, you can use your AI-generated wallpaper on your older device.

Galaxy AI’s AI-generated wallpaper does look dope, but users didn’t have the power to generate a custom wallpaper. There are nine different categories or themes to choose from, along with keywords to choose from. You can change those keywords based on your preferences.