Google has officially announced Android 14, also known as Android U, aka Upsidedown Cake. One of the most highlighted features of Android 14 is that it comes with the Generative AI Wallpaper feature, which allows users to create generative wallpaper using text prompts in natural languages. Recently, the company has already announced the Emoji Maker and Google’s AI wallpaper, which uses the AI engine Imagine to generate wallpaper.

The company has started integrating these generative AI wallpapers with Google’s latest Pixel 8 Series. Google will be rolling out the Generative AI wallpaper to more devices with the feature update by the end of this year.

Google Generative AI Wallpaper

This is one of the most-awaited features, which is now an integrated part of Android 14 within the wallpaper. With this, you can create exclusive wallpaper using the prompt, which the topic, collection, or preset can inspire. While custom prompts are limited, this is still your best choice. Alongside mobile devices, Google’s Generative AI Wallpaper is expected to be released on the Chromebook Plus device in the coming months.

This does not work with older generations of Pixel smartphones running Android 14 Stable. This only works with Android 14 QPR1 Beta or higher, and Wallpaper Picker did crash on the non-Beta build, probably due to a protection crash. It is currently working on Google’s Pixel 8 Series and should expand to more devices as Android 14 progresses.

Under the hood, it is powered by COMPany’s Imagine Text to Image Diffusion model to generate a personalized wallpaper set. Read Also: Download Google Pixel 8 and 8 Pro Wallpaper with Generative AI.

Download Google Generative AI Wallpaper APK

You can download Google’s Generative AI Wallpaper app to use these latest wallpaper-generation tools. It takes your visualization experience to the next level. Check out the button to download your device’s Google Generative AI Walllaper.

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Download: Download Google’s Generative AI Wallpaper APK from Android 14

Users need to download this APK running at least Android 14. This feature is only supported on the Pixel 8 Series. Also, if you are running any other wallpaper app, you may need to uninstall other wallpapers before proceeding with Google’s Generative AI Wallpaper APK.

How to use Google’s Generative AI Wallpapers


  • Long-press on the home screen.
  • Then, tap on Wallpaper & Style.
  • From there, choose More Wallpaper.
  • After that, tap the AI Wallpaper button, which will appear alongside the Emoji Workshop in the top-right corner.
  • Next, you will find seven themes to choose from and choose the wallpaper based on your preference.
  • Now, it will start generating the promo to finish generating wallpaper, which you can apply to your device.

Further, depending on your generated wallpapers, you can customize the different parameters, including aspect ratio, materials, color, and subjects, according to your preference. After this, it takes some time to process and will generate a unique wallpaper, which you can apply after choosing the wallpaper you want to set. Before saving, you can save the wallpaper, and shuffle options, sorts, and mix promos appear in the Your AI wallpaper section of the main page.

The Pixel 8’s generative AI wallpaper feature is SO COOL!

You can create brand new wallpapers that nobody else has ever seen just by choosing a few topics and colors from some preset options. While you can’t go wild with custom prompts, you still have a ton of choice!

After you create and apply a wallpaper, it’s saved to your device so you can change to it at any time. You can also tap the pencil icon to modify the prompt used to generate it.

The wallpapers you generate have metadata added to them that lists the AI wallpaper version, the prompt used to generate it, the transform matrix, and a “credit” line that says “AI-generated with Google.”

Under the hood, Google’s generative AI wallpaper app uses an AI-generated text-to-image diffusion model to create wallpapers. (I believe at one point it used Parti, but that may have changed.) All the processing is done server-side, so it takes a few seconds for it to work.

The generative AI wallpaper feature is coming first to the Pixel 8. Since it works entirely server-side, there’s no reason it can’t come to other Pixels in a future update, like the upcoming December 2023 Pixel Feature Drop. (It’s being tested on the Pixel 6 & Pixel 7, in fact.)

Source: Google News | En

If you encounter another wallpaper app, uninstall it and try again. On the other hand, if you still have issues, clear the cache for the AI Wallpaper APK, try again by running the application to start creating, and then apply the wallpaper accordingly.

After creating the wallpaper, users have the option to apply the wallpaper to Home, Screen, and Lockscreen. Not only this but once the Generative AI wallpaper is created, it is also saved, so you can apply the wallpaper later and further modify or share it.

In addition, Google has also announced the Cinematic Wallpaper and Emoji Wallpaper Upgrade. Not only this, but Google has also upgraded the ML that incorporates transforming the photos into 3D images. Android 14 also has the option to try new monochrome colors, which can be applied across their entire phone experience.