Samsung’s Expert Raw application enhances the RAW image and utilizes the power of Samsung’s Camera hardware. One of the most-awaited Expert Raw Support for the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, and Galaxy Z Fold 2.

However, It has been rolled back after some users complained about the app’s issue. Samsung acknowledges the issue and works on it to fix the issue. Now Company finally released the update with the support of Expert Raw.

You can download Expert Raw on your Samsung device from Samsung Store or manually install it on your device from the download section below. Even though Samsung fixed the issue, you may still find minor performance differences due to the AP and Sensor limitations.

Download Samsung Galaxy ExpertRAW

   Download Expert RAW

   Download Samsung Expert RAW APK

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The new update comes with two new handy features, which include the User define custom preset for the frequent use of camera settings and the ability to save preferable format in either RAW, JPEG, or Both format.

Expert Raw significantly improves image quality with the latest update, especially during low-light conditions. Galaxy Z Fold 4 might not have the custom preset feature, Which has been available with the previous update.

Samsung Expert Raw allows full manual camera controls, HDR Multi-frame capture, histogram, 16-Bit Lineage DNG RAW, and lossless JPG Format support to use your device’s powerful camera hardware. You can also adjust highlights, shadow, saturation, and tint.