Microsoft did start rolling out CoPilot (formerly Windows CoPilot) in Windows 11 with the recent September 2023 update following Windows 11 23H2. It is a replacement for Cortana, the Copilot AI-powered assistant that adds the capability to interact using natural language to answer complex questions.

The company aims to offer a chat-based UI within Windows 11, allowing you to access AI anywhere on your screen. Microsoft has also updated its CoPilot logo to make it more appealing to everyone. In this article, we will share more about how you can enable Windows 11 CoPilot. It is helpful, as it allows users to access AI from any window with a search box with minimal help.

What is Windows 11, CoPilot?

This is the latest AI-powered assistant for Windows 11. CoPilot is still in preview and brings a lot of AI capabilities, including the ability to answer complex questions and perform actions like enabling dark mode, taking screenshots, summarising websites, recognizing photos, generating AI art images, and more.

Under the hood, Windows 11 CoPilot leverages OpenAI’s latest and exclusive AI model to accomplish these tasks. The company will also offer third-party plugins to add to your Windows 11 CoPilot.

Apart from AI-powered CoPilot, more AI functionality is yet to be integrated into Microsoft products and services. Apps, including Microsoft Paint, recently announced AI integration powered by DALL-E, which allows users to generate images with natural language text prompts. Furthermore, you can edit, view, and expand with Microsoft Paint Co-Creator. Not only Windows 11 but also Microsoft 365 products and services and Teams with CoPilot to further assist users with productivity.

How to Get Windows 11 CoPilot

Updates for CoPilot have started rolling out gradually, with an optional update to Windows 11 22H2 in September, and this update will reportedly be available to everyone in the coming weeks. You can check for the update by navigating to Windows Settings (Ctrl + I) > Windows Update > Check for Updates, then installing the routine security update and the optional update on your computer.

Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 23493 adds Copilot preview, new settings, native RAR support, such as RAR, TAR, 7z, and other archive support, and lots more for Dev insiders.

After updating to the latest version of Windows, it will ask you to restart your computer, and after that, CoPilot will appear on the taskbar panel next to the search box. You can also launch Windows 11 CoPilot using the essential Windows + C shortcut.

Optionally, you can also download the Windows 11 23H2 Preview on your computer by joining the Windows Insider Preview or sideloading using the ISO tool. Microsoft has said they will further improve CoPilot and continue adding more features over time.

How to Enable Windows 11 CoPilot

You can start using the Windows 11 CoPilot after updating to Windows 11 23H2 or the Windows 11 22H2 September 2023 update.

  • Open Windows Settings (Ctrl + I).
  • Go to Personalisation.
  • Click on the taskbar and then toggle to enable CoPilot.

If, for some reason, your Windows does not show Windows 11 CoPilot, you can still enable it from the Registry Editor or with the help of the Group Policy Editor.

How to Use Windows 11 CoPilot

After that, the CoPilot will start appearing as a flyout interface, which works similarly to the web and mobile interfaces. Users also can ask questions in voice and perform actions like changing settings, restarting, and disabling features.

Get precise answers and set parameters.

There is an option for users to tweak the tone and choose the temperature level from Balance, Creative, and Precise.

  • Open Windows Copilot.
  • Next, choose the conversation style you want. Click on Balance, Precise, or Creative based on your requirements.
  • After composing the prompt, it will provide you with an answer.

Generate an image with Copilot.

Microsoft is leveraging OpenAI’s DALL-E, for which the company has announced Microsoft Designer and Image Creators with text descriptions.

  • Launch Windows CoPilot and start writing at the prompt.
  • Start the prompt description with the keyword “Draw” or “Create an image.”
  • Then, hit enter to start generating images. It will generate at least four images.
  • Clicking on an image will open it in Microsoft Image Creator, where you can further modify and download it to save on your computer.

Voice search

You can perform a search with your voice when you launch CoPilot. In the text area, click on the upper-right corner of the text box in CoPilot, then write your prompt to compose. CoPilot will start processing the voice by transcribing it into text to begin getting answers.

System Settings and Launch Apps

CoPilot is tightly integrated to assist users in performing tasks and configuring system settings.

  • To launch Windows CoPilot, type a prompt like “Enable Dark Mode” or “Turn on Bluetooth.”
  • You can also launch apps by typing a prompt like “Launch Word,” “Open Microsoft Edge,” “Start OneNote,” and more.
  • After that, CoPilot will ask you to confirm your action by clicking the “Yes” button.

Note: CoPilot cannot edit the registry or change the policies in the Group Policy Editor.

Take a screenshot.

You can also take a screenshot with Copilot. These tools make things easier for new Windows users, as they allow them to explore and discover the features of Windows 11.

  • Open Windows Copilot.
  • In the text area, type a prompt for taking a screenshot using the keywords “take a screenshot.”

This is how you can take a screenshot. CoPilot will open the Snipping Tool, through which you can capture screenshots.

Summarise Web Content

This is one of the primary features of Microsoft Edge. You can quickly summarise website content, helping users understand the topic easily. CoPilot will continue to monitor your screen to gather insights and summarise articles or documents.

  • When you are reading an article on Microsoft Edge, launch CoPilot.
  • Next, ask it to summarise the page or use keywords to create a summary of the web page.
  • CoPilot will check the currently active page and create a summary of it.

Additionally, CoPilot is also available to use in the Microsoft Edge web browser. You can ask questions, get insights, summarise pages, ask queries about PDFs, compose, rewrite, change tone, and more. Microsoft has implemented several safeguards for privacy to avoid generating harmful bias, misinformation, and more.