After updating Microsoft Paint with Dark Mode and adding modern elements, Microsoft is pushing another new update to give more power to Microsoft Paint. The new feature is auto-background removal. This feature is currently available to Windows Insiders in Canary and Developer builds.

MS Paint has become quite useful with recent updates, becoming a more advanced image editing tool. This makes Microsoft Paint on Windows 11 the most convenient way to remove backgrounds from your images.

Microsoft Paint Background Removal Feature

To access the latest MS Paint background removal feature, available in the latest Canary and Dev builds, you can remove the entire background of an image with just a simple click. After thorough testing, MS Paint will be released to stable Windows 11.

Currently in beta, it needs further improvements. With this feature, you can easily remove the background surrounding the subject and object within the image. Before proceeding, update your MS Paint from the Microsoft Store.

Removing a background is a complicated task. For precision, there are third-party editing tools that do the job best, but this feature could be handy for some users.

How to Remove Backgrounds from an Image Using MS Paint

You can use Microsoft Paint to remove the background from images. With the new option to detect objects in an image and then remove the background with a single click, it is easier than ever.

  • Launch Microsoft Paint. You can find it in the Windows Start menu or by searching for it.
  • Import the image from File Explorer.
  • Click on the background removal button in the image section of the ribbon. It will process the image and remove the background.
How to Remove Background Using Microsoft Paint
  • After this, there may be some edges left. You can optionally zoom in to enlarge the image and then erase the edges with the eraser tool.
  • That is it! Now save the image. It will have the background removed.
How to Remove Background Using Microsoft Paint

This native feature makes the experience better and more powerful with built-in image editing features. You can remove the background from the images. You may encounter some issues, such as the tool sometimes failing to detect the edges and having some inaccuracies. However, it is intended for basic usage rather than to replace professional editing software.

If you do not want to apply background removal to the entire image, use the selection tool to select and erase the background.

  • Open MS Paint and import the image from which you want to remove the background.
  • Use the Select button to choose the area where you want to apply the background remover.
  • Now, use the Remove background button from the image section in the ribbon.
  • Once applied, you can use the erase button to fine-tune the removal or fix any leftover areas.
  • When you are satisfied, click on the Save button. That is it!

Auto background removal is quite popular, especially on mobile devices. Recently, Google announced its Magic Eraser, which allows users to remove certain objects from their images. This feature is helpful for many users. With such a handy feature, you do not need professional editing tools like Photoshop or similar editing solutions for such tasks.


Note that this version of Microsoft Paint could be better, as users may need to do pixel cleaning around the object due to some residue left behind.