Samsung has released its new AI-powered image editing tool for the Galaxy S23 series. The app comes with some crazy features that will allow you to edit images like a pro. With this latest tool powered by AI tech, you can improve the quality of the images, making it easier for everyone to use and fixing issues with images with just a few taps. This app is currently limited to the Galaxy S23 series, and it was first announced back in July last year.

This app will use the powerful processor of the Galaxy S23, and it is in beta testing. So, it requests advance image processing with the AI complex processing ahead of stable release and to expand to other generation Galaxy smartphones. For advanced users, the company has also released Adobe Lightroom for Galaxy, which is available in more regions and supports professionals to improve the quality of the images.

You may find this app quite identical to the Photo Remastering, which already comes pre-installed on the device, this app gives more functionality over the Photo Remaster. Photo Remastering is ideally used to restore old images, as the AI will automatically detect the AI engine that needs to be remastered to create the best image, where the Galaxy Enhanced-X will select the remastering engine to remaster photos by using various AI-based image enhancement engines. Samsung also has an expert RAW app, which can be used to edit RAW images that you can further edit with Adobe Lightroom for Galaxy.

What’s Samsung Enhanced-X Image Editing?

This app comes with some nifty features that will help users to have the ability to edit images to improve their images. With this tool, you can turn your image imperfections into images by adjusting the sharpness, lighting, HDR, color, adjust facial features, and more of any images.

This app will offer help to improve the quality of the images regardless of their photography skills. Let’s check what features are coming with the Galaxy Enhanced-X image editing tool.

  • Wavy (Moire): You have seen this. Our images have a wavy line when we take images from the TV or monitor screen. With the new tool, it will remove the blurry and sitroring of the images, giving users clearer images.
  • AI Upscale: It will upscale the photos to higher resolution. It will even work if your images have been compressed. With the advanced removing compression noise for the images, it will deliver upscale images.
  • HDR: This will allow users to create a more dramatic effect by enhancing the contrast and brightness of the image.
  • Blur Fix: As it sounds, remove blur from your image and give the image more details and sharpness. This will come in quite handy, especially when taking pictures in difficult lighting conditions. This will use enhanced image quality expression by adjusting the highlights, shadow, overall brightness, contact, and other different factors to the dynamic range of the images.
  • Brightness: Improve your image’s brightness and make it more vibrant.
  • Sharpen: Gives your images more crisp and defined. It will increase the sharpness of your photos.
  • Remove Shadow and Reflections: It will make your photos cleaner and professional. Also, remove shadow from your images by making them look brighter and more fully lit. Shadows taken darkly make the images unrecognizable sometimes, but with the greatly increased enhancements, it will remove the shadow if you want.
  • Portrait: With this, you can make your normal images create a portrait mode effect by blurring the background and focusing on the subject.
Samsung Galaxy Enhance-X AI Image Enhancement photo editing app is available to download on the S23 Series.
  • Face Section: With this, you can smooth your skin, color, jawline, and eye size based on your preference. This is a beauty function.
  • Photo Remaster: This will use AI to improve quality, which includes the sharpness, contrast, and color.
  • DeNoise: It will remove the noise from your image.
  • Color Enhancer: To improve the colors in the photos.

Magic: One of the most useful features of the Galaxy Enhanced-X app is the Magic Button that uses AI to analyze the image and fix issues with the functionality we have shared with you. Samsung is using AI to make improvements in picture quality. It will automatically detect errors in the images like noise or details and will use algorithms to improve quality.

Download Galaxy Enhanced-X

This app is available for free. To use this app, you need a Galaxy S23 Series (S23, S23 Plus, and S23 Ultra). This app weighs 85MB and requires Android 12 or higher. The app is available in different languages, including English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Korean, Chinese, and Japanese.


Galaxy Enhance-X

The app does offer a wide range of tools to take leverage, with the artificial intelligence-based techniques which Samsung has understood over the years. This app only works on Samsung Galaxy smartphones and will not work on other Android smartphones. The app is expected to be available on devices running One UI 2.5, One UI 3.0, One UI 4.0, One UI 4.6, and One UI 5 or higher.

The app is competing against Google’s Photos app, which now requires users to have a Google One subscription to use tools, but this app is free. Google is one of the leading AI image optimizing apps with the Google Pixel device, and Samsung AI enhances images, looking to take some pie from their experience to improve Galaxy users’ experience.

How to use Galaxy Enhanced-X App

It’s quite straightforward to use the Galaxy Enhanced-X app. Simply launch the app and then select the photos and use the function that you want to use with the given adjustment settings according to your preference.

Samsung Galaxy Enhance-X AI Image Enhancement photo editing app is available to download on the S23 Series.
  • First thing first, download and install Enhanced-X on your device.
  • After that, you can launch the image and then select the photo that you want to edit.
  • Selecting photos and then click on more and then select the edit option that you want, like clicking on Remove Shadow, and that’s it!

After you finish editing, the image you expect will be saved in JPEG format. Your original images will also be saved.


Samsung Editing Tool

This app is also expected to come to older versions of Galaxy, which includes Galaxy S22 Series in the coming weeks. This app is currently in beta testing and will be available to Galaxy S23 users to test ahead of stable release to older generations of Galaxy smartphones. Galaxy Enhanced-X aims to improve the quality of the photos with a variety of features to make the images more appealing. That’s not all; this app is also going to arrive on Galaxy A-Series smartphones, and the new enhancement feature can also be used on older devices.