If you bought a gaming smartphone and want to get more out of it, then today, in this article, we will suggest the best ROM for gaming that you can flash on your device to get the best performance out of it.

Moreover, you don’t need to do any custom kernels, root, or anything else. Instead, you only need to flash the ROM on your device and start enjoying it. You will not find any problems with this ROM, and the battery performance is also great. Without further ado, let’s get into this.

What is the Best Gaming ROM for a Gaming Smartphone?

The ROM we recommend is LineageOS 17.1, which runs on Android 10. Despite being an older version of Android, it regularly updates to the latest security updates. As for the kernel, it has a PUFF kernel, and SafetyNet is enabled by default, which means there isn’t much to set up after or before installing this ROM on your gaming smartphone.


Here, you will have a Google Camera. You won’t find any problems running this on your device. If you want to download and install other Google apps besides the existing GCam that comes with this device, you can check out GCam Hub.

Google Apps

Apps like Google Dialer and Feed work as expected, but no Google Assistant exists on this device. However, your device can flash custom GApps based on your requirements. There is one perk to using Google Dialer with this ROM: you can do call recording without any announcements.


Another thing is that Linux Status is enforced, but there will not be any spoofing in Google Photos. With this ROM, you will get almost 64% RAM usage; however, it will depend more on your device has a configuration. All apps run smoothly, and app opening is quite light compared to other custom ROMs.

Gaming performance

As we mentioned, you do not need to flash any external kernel because it performs great on the stock kernel. If your device has a great configuration, it will perform much better. As reported, the Android 13 ROM has a lot of issues, but this fixes them.


You won’t have a tonne of customization features. There are limited customization features. However, you can do basic things like set default apps, change the launcher, hide or lock app functionality is available, dark mode/light mode, reading mode, auto-rotation, font size, ambient display, double-tap to wake or lock, sounds have normal things, don’t expect per-app volume controls. There is no face unlock for security.

This ROM has quick-torch functionality, a partial screenshot, a speed indicator on the status bar, and all the other basic things you can expect. Its primary focus is speed and performance, so do not expect anything apart from this.

Battery Backup and Charging

As for the battery, you do have battery saver functionality, and the battery backup of the device is 10 hours of SOT. Meanwhile, the battery charging is about 8.5W for the basic device. There is no battery throttling.

The installation process is quite similar to others. For this, you must first download Firmware 87 and then wipe the device’s system data. First, wipe, use Firmware 87, and lastly, flash your GApps for Android 10. That’s it. Hopefully, this article remains helpful for you. Thanks for being with us. Stay tuned for more updates on the same in the future.