Gapps better Known as Google Apps, which comes in-build with Android Smartphones, which brings Google Mobile Services such as Google Play Store, Gmail, Google Plus, Google Earth, YouTube, Google Search, Google Music, Hangouts and much more. However, if you use Huawei Device or Installed any Custom ROM these don’t come with preinstalled Google Apps because of license restrictions.

Gapps are the core of the Android environment, thankfully you can flash those on your device manually, you can find a lot of Gapps Packages with different sizes. In this article, we have included all well-known Gapps distribution.


It is more like an Add-On for the custom ROM, During the development of Custom, Rom developer keeps in mind that users should be able to flash the Google Apps later. Meanwhile, Gapps Developers keep updating Gapps Build using automated creation.

Types of Gapps

There are different types of Gapps available online, which include Pico, Basic, Full to satisfy the taste of the user. Gapp’s developers also release architecture-specific packages so older Android devices should not be left behind. So without further ado, let’s check it out.

List of Popular Gapps Maintainers

Check out the following Gapps Distribution: Based on your requirements, you can download Gapps from the respective distributor.

Download Open Gapps

Download NikGApps

  • OS: Android Go Support, Android 10, Android 11, Android 12
  • Platform: ARM64
  • Download:

Download FlameGApps

  • OS: Android 9, Android 10, Android 11,Android 12
  • Platform: ARM64
  • Download: FlameGApps

Download BiTGApps

  • OS: Android 7.1.1 or Higher
  • Platform: ARM64
  • Download: BiTAPPS

Download MindTheGApps

How to Install Gapps on custom ROM

Once you choose which Gapps package you want to flash on your device, if you face difficulty with compatibility then check the architecture of your device. You can execute ‘getprop ro.product.cpu.abi’ command on your smartphone to check CPU architecture.

Afterwards, hence you have flashed the custom ROM you have already installed TWRP installed on your device and have ADB and Fastboot on your PC. 

so will guide you through TWRP.

  • Download Gapps Package
  • Turn off your Device and then Press the Power + Volume down button to boot your device into TWRP
  • Click on Wipe and then Factory Reset, tap on Format one by one to remove all internal storage, remove encryption and files.
  • Revert to the menu and then Click on Advanced
  • Choose ADB Sideload, Connect your device with PC
  • Open Terminal on Mac, CMD on Windows and run the following command ‘adb sideload’ (Ex: adb sideload
  • Revert and execute the action by running the command ‘adb sideload’
  • Check your device where you can check the installation progress.
  • Once it finishes, Reboot your device.

Gapps Update

If your Gapps received the update, you don’t require to re-flash the Gapps on your device until you flash another Rom. You can update your Gapps from the OTA update.

We believe this article remains helpful to you and has successfully flashed Gapps on your device. If you have any query, please share with us in the comment section down below.