ZTE is working on the upcoming innovation smartphone, most likely to be a foldable smartphone. They already had worked their devices with and foldable back in 2017. There was some new report suggest that ZTE continued to work on foldable smartphones, probably the Axon M spotted in the Patent. The device used to be quiet for missing, so let’s take a closer look at the machine and about it.

ZTE Foldable Smartphone Highlights

The first thing for the reports suggests that three new smartphones are having a complete full-screen display with and hinge support, where the device is most likely to be quite identical to the Galaxy fold having two displays with an invisible hinge.

On the other hand, do ZTE also patented smartphones within clamshell design language quite identical to the Motorola Razr Smartphone. Hence ZTE foldable smartphone most likely to be having and try foldable design language that has been showcased by TCL.

ZTE Foldable Smartphone

We do not know the complete design because it was a sketch only. Hence, we met predict that the device most likely to be shared folder design of the middle part of the design is going to be folded, but it is going to definitely a foldable smartphone. Moreover, we can expect the device could also be inspired from whom inspired by the Huawei Mate X series, but it is going to be more improved with and thicker chassis.

Unfortunately, there is no for the details available about the device on the same. Still, we might expect more details to be revealed soon as it is not going to be finalized until the final decision taken by ZTE and it was an alien leak so we can only expect the device to be real.

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