After adopting the Chromium project, Microsoft has released many features and combined all the functionality and experiences of using Edge to become one of the best browsers to use on Windows 11. It uses fewer resources while offering more features than Chrome, Opera, and other browsers. Features like workspace, split-screen, Bing AI chatbot interaction, sidebar tabs, web capture, collections, and many more are available.

Microsoft is testing a new feature with the latest update to Edge 116. This is an experimental feature that allows users to take a YouTube screenshot. There is no action required from the user’s end; it is available for everyone to use YouTube Copy Video Frame. When you take a regular screenshot, it also includes the video control or sometimes Edge left, but now, with the new functionality, you can take an exact frame without needing to open Snipping Tools.

How to Take a YouTube Video Screenshot

It is pretty straightforward. Either triple-tap or double-right-click on the video to select “Copy Video Frame.”


  • Open a YouTube video in your browser.
  •  Next, pause the video or triple- or double-right-click on the video.
  •  Now click “Copy Video Frame,” which will be copied to your clipboard.
How to Take a YouTube Video Screenshot
  •  By copying, you can either send it directly to someone or attach it to your document by pasting it. Alternatively, save it by pasting it into MS Paint, MS Paint 3D, Adobe Photoshop, or other software to save the image. It would be cool if Microsoft Edge “Copy Video Frame” were saved to the Screenshot folder like what we used to take a screenshot by snipping, through the shortcut key for a screenshot (Windows + print), or by double-clicking on Prt.
  •  That is it.

With this feature, the video frame comes in high-quality resolutions. This is significantly better than taking screenshots of a browser or screen, as Edge Copy Video Frame has a reliable way of taking screenshots of YouTube videos. It captures the quality of your YouTube video’s resolution. For example, if your monitor is 1080p and the video on YouTube is 4K, the screenshot will be in 4K.

The company has yet to announce this feature. There is also a new feature called Windows Edge Sidebar, similar to Windows CoPilot in Windows 11. Edge is designed for productivity, and this feature enhances the overall experience. Many functionalities are coming, but at the same time, the company is also removing some unwanted features like the math tool, which could be more useful for users.