YouTube announced several AI integrations for creators during the YouTube event. There will be some new generative AI tools coming to YouTube Studio. These features will only be available to some. Currently, a few selected creators have access to this feature, and they reported in a survey that about 70% of them liked it.

The generative AI feature will be available to everyone next year. The company makes onboarding and video creation easier for beginners and established creators.

YouTube Studio AI Feature

There are a few new features announced today, one of which includes suggesting video topics to help creators with brainstorming.

YouTube unveils an AI tool to suggest music, backgrounds, dubbing, and video topics.

AI Insights for Creators

This feature analyses your existing data to generate ideas and suggest topics for making a video. For example, suppose your audience loves watching specific things on your channel. In that case, it suggests making a video about that topic to attract more people interested in hearing from you about it.

Finding a topic on which you want to make a video is challenging. After selecting the topic, you must produce the video and save time. Overall, it speeds up the process and gives creators more ideas and insights.

Find music for videos and add dubs.

AI Creator tools are now available to find AI music for videos and add dubs easily. These tools help creators search for songs, specific artists, or music genres. It works like a music concierge, where you can type in descriptions of videos.

Creators can tag a specific track in the right place. They can look for tracks based on their budget and either buy a licence after reviewing the terms or opt for a revenue-sharing agreement.

On the other hand, there will be new AI-dubbing tools announced as Aloud. These tools will help creators generate dubs in other languages with just one click. Before publishing, creators can review it and add it to their videos.

Generative AI

Another area where generative AI is said to be introduced is short-form video. Shorts creators will now use AI to create videos. There is also a new feature called Dream Screen, which allows creators to create AI-generated video or image backgrounds using prompts.

With this feature, YouTube aims to encourage more people to post videos online without understanding YouTube analytics editing or production studios.

Effects and more

Lastly, a new app launched for creators called YouTube Creators will be helpful for both short and long video formats. This includes the ability to edit, but creators can also use stickers, GIFs, and effects. During its development, YouTube is said to have consulted with 3,000 creators and gathered feedback.

This app claims to bring royalty-free tracks, meaning users can use this new editing app on mobile to monetize their video edits. It also offers beats for syncing the song to the video clip, which seems to be highly inspired by TikTok.

Furthermore, creators can use this tool to remove unwanted background sounds and generate captions that can be added to videos with a button tap. They can then export the final product to their YouTube channel.

Once creators are satisfied with the editing, they can export and upload it to YouTube or any other platform. The app is expected to be first launched for Android and will undergo beta testing in selected regions, including the US, Germany, France, UK, Indonesia, India, Korea, and Singapore.

Reportedly, Shorts has gathered 70 billion views and is expected to increase in the coming years. Since this feature is still in development, it might generate inaccurate information and make mistakes.