YouTube Music is one of the music streaming services initiated by YouTube. Being a part of such a giant, users here get ad-free music listening along with videos and lyrics. YouTube Music has a wide range of songs, specifically 80 million songs categorized into pop, rock, hip-hop, and other genres. Alongside that, creating your playlist is an all-time feature.

However, concerning creating playlists, yesterday, YouTube Music rolled out a new update featuring speed dial, live lyrics, and, above all, “creating custom AI playlist art.” As you can see, they have added numerous features, but custom AI playlist art holds great importance in terms of personalization, discovery, branding, engagement, and more. Here, we would like to explain everything about this feature.

Unleash Your Creativity: YouTube Music’s New Feature Allows Custom AI Playlist Art

The Role of Playlist Art

If you have noticed, visual appeal plays a significant role in playlists. This is because when there is specific art for a particular class of songs, it attracts your attention, conveys your mood according to that art, creates a cohesive and professional look, increases engagement, improves brand awareness, and so on. But still, some Not only that, custom AI playlist art helps to avoid the lengthy process of creating playlist art.

If you, the traditional playlist art creation comprised numerous steps ranging from thinking of ideas, creating a sketch, choosing materials and tools, and creating the final artwork to the exporting step. But AI has made things easier, helping us eliminate all those things that need to be done in traditional processes. Now, creating custom AI playlist art is a piece of cake.

Understanding Custom AI Playlist Art

YouTube Music has introduced plenty of new features; among them, creating custom AI playlist art is a majorly attractive one. With this feature, users can select an image generated through AI and customize it according to their needs. Not only that, users have the option to select from different themes, including travel, fantasy, landscape, humor, or any other. Furthermore, users can do more customization and save it to apply that art to such a playlist.

How Custom AI Playlist Art Works on YouTube Music

This new feature from YouTube Music uses a machine-learning model to generate images based on user input. Since the model is trained on a massive dataset of images and text, it can generate visually appealing or personalized images based on user input. You have different ways to use this feature. You can either give input and make edits to the AI-generated result, or you can also take advantage of predefined themes. Of course, being a feature, it offers many benefits to users, such as ease of use, personalization, scalability, and creativity.

Creating Custom AI Playlist Art in YouTube Music

With YouTube Music’s custom AI playlist art, we have a lot of customization features and creative options. The foremost attractive customizations include various artistic styles, color schemes, art elements, incorporation of image sources, text customization, AI recommendations, preview and edit, social integration, templates, and many more. After reading this, you look forward to learning how to use such a feature. So do not worry; follow the steps below and enjoy this new feature.

  1. Launch the YouTube Music app.
  2. Then, select the playlist that you want to edit.
  3. Afterward, tap on the pencil icon next to the playlist artwork.
  4. Next, select “Create AI playlist art.”
  5. Now, select a theme for the playlist art.
  6. Then, enter a prompt describing the playlist art you want to generate.
  7. Next, tap on “Generate” to generate images.
  8. Select the image that you want from the given choices.
  9. Edit the image per your preference (e.g., brightness, contrast, saturation, or anything).
  10. Lastly, tap “Save” to apply the playlist art to the playlist.

Advanced Options in YouTube Music Playlist Art

Undoubtedly, we have various customization features with YouTube Music Custom AI Playlist Art. However, one unique feature that I like is the ability to create custom playlist art using AI prompts. Aside from that, we also have the option to create art based on your listening history and preferences. This provides a more personalized experience, as the AI model generates art that aligns with your previously selected preferences.

Similarly, another feature that has won my heart is combining different elements from different images to create a new image using the “image blending” feature. This allows us to select the best elements from different images and combine them into one, resulting in an amazing and unique visual experience. Although there are endless possibilities, these two options are the ones we found the best.

Enhancing the Music Experience with Playlist Art

With custom AI playlist art, we can significantly enhance the music experience. This can be done by creating a visual identity, helping listeners discover new music, enhancing the emotional impact of music, and much more. Meanwhile, users find this feature a valuable tool for their music enjoyment, as it helps them save time and effort, promote their playlist, and, above all, help them stand out from the crowd. This new tool has significantly impacted users and musicians alike.

Conclusion: YouTube Music’s groundbreaking feature lets you personalize your music experience like never before. You can create custom AI playlist art that reflects your music taste, mood, and personality. From selecting artistic styles to adding text, the possibilities are endless. This innovative feature seamlessly integrates music and visual art, enhancing your listening experience. Take advantage of the opportunity to elevate your playlists; try it today and experience music in a new light!

Frequently asked questions

Q1. Can you use AI art for music?

Ans. Previously, we used to rely on third-party tools, but now YouTube Music has its own AI tool for such purposes.

Q2. Can I legally use AI art?

Ans. You can create AI art, but it is not subject to copyright laws.

Q3. Is it okay to sell AI art?

Ans. You are free and allowed to sell art created by AI.

Q4. Can you change the picture on playlists on YouTube Music?

Ans. With the recent announcement, YouTube Music has added features to change playlist art and create custom art using AI.